Mistresses Review: I Choose Season 2!

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It's the Mistresses season 1 finale and "I Choose You." By that I mean I choose Mistresses for a season 2 pickup because this show has had me yelling at my TV screen (and scaring my husband on occasion) all summer long.

Did anyone else get nervous when they saw that old T-Bird or am I the only viewer who's a bit of a nut about car safety? I mean, who decided that a lap belt was a good idea for a pregnant woman? The whole trip had disaster written all over it even if I hadn't already seen the previews.

Savi's Birthday

The car accident looked nasty, as did Savi's face in the aftermath. Kudos to the makeup department for making it all look so real. You usually don't see that on network television. 

Poor Joss got mostly back-burnered as she reacted to everyone else's drama. I was a little surprised she waited so long to confess all to Savi. What were the odds that Harry stole the DNA results and didn't read them?  

Joss' fear felt real as Savi was in surgery. Being the younger sibling, she's never been without her big sister and the mere thought of life without Savi was terrifying. 

On the flip side, Harry's hospital bed confession was very sweet but I fear also fueled by terror…

I don't care who the father is. I choose you, Savi. I always choose you. | permalink

Go ahead and lambast me in the Comments below for being a cynic but I think the odds of these two making it work are pretty long. It's one thing to forgive a spouse for cheating. It's quite another to have the other man show up on your doorstep on weekends and every other holiday to pick up his child. 

I didn't doubt for a second that Harry meant every word he said while sitting by Savi's side in the hospital. It will be quite another thing all together if he can repeat the sentiment a year from now.

In case anyone somehow missed the big reveal, Dom's the baby's daddy and that revelation added to Savi's accident had him professing his love as well…

Dom: I love you, Savi. I have for a long time. I just needed you to know that. | permalink

But as Savi's life now hangs in the balance, what are the odds that the baby survives? If the show does get a season 2, I really hope the writers don't take the easy way out. I'd love to see this story continue with a baby in the mix. I'll give you it will be a hot mess but it'll also be darn entertaining.

Savi's life wasn't the only one in danger. If I had to say one positive thing about Dr. Karen Kim, it's that she's consistent. Consistently stupid, that is. So, what's the logical next step when you find out your dead married lover's wife is a psychopath? Invite her in for a chat, of course.

I found it really difficult to dislike Elizabeth Grey when she was spouting deliciously wicked Mistresses quotes like…

Did you see Tom's face when you were screwing my son? | permalink

I almost couldn't blame her for wanting to shoot the good doctor. I had no doubt that Sam would find a way into the house to save Karen. He may be creepy but he's certainly been persistent all season long. I didn't think he'd let something like a locked door stop him.

Now the big question is whose blood was that splattered all over the pretty white sofa?

There were certainly moments I wanted to shoot April in this episode. Despite how much I despise Paul, I completely understood April's lingering feelings for the man. They were married. He's the father of her child and in her head those were happy times. 

But what she was conveniently forgetting was that in reality he's the lying, cheating scum who faked his own death and ran off with his mistress and their secret love child! That thought didn't smack April in the face until she realized that Paul was about to bail on the other woman and child #2. How long would it be before he changed his mind one more time and bounced out of her and Lucy's lives once again? My guess is that would be around the time he actually had to face a prison term.

The worst part of it all was that April lost a great guy like Richard. Unfortunately she probably wasn't emotionally ready to make that leap with him to begin with and I was happy she chose herself and her daughter over both men.  Still, I've got my fingers crossed that if we get a Mistresses season 2, April and Richard will have a second chance.

And on the upside, wasn't it great when April told everyone off for being so judgmental after they'd spent the summer lying, cheating, plotting and scheming? 

Last Friday, Alyssa Milano shared that she had her fingers, toes and various other body parts crossed in the hope of getting a Mistresses season 2. Are you doing odd yoga poses hoping for the same result? And what was your favorite part of this fun, yell at your TV type of entertaining summer drama?


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Love this show. THERE MUST BE A SEASON TWO!!! By far Karen is the most annoyingly stupid smart one but I love them all. I think Savi would have chosen Dom but if she will end up with Harry. I don't think they will have an easy go of it, especially if the baby survives. I like Dom, I love Harry!! Joss needs a man that's a challenge, but actually wants her. This must be renewed. Alyssa Milano I so love you. I want to be you when I grow up, lol.


Love love this show! Please bring on season 2. My husband normally don't watch girly shows but I got him hooked on this one! "Mistresses"


I wanted Harry to be the father, not happy about Dom. The whole Paul story is going to have repercussions. He'll be in jail, April will be implicated and have to pay back the money from the insurance company.
Dr. Kim needs a wake up call (if she's still alive). For being a smart doctor she seems clueless sometimes.


Love this show never missed an episode I really hope there is a season 2 and they don't leave us hanging like that!!!!!!


Wasn't even going to watch the show, but the previews every week got me interested in what the show was really about. Since my husband isn't the type to watch tv shows like this I started watching the episodes the day after on demand. I never thought I'd get hooked the way I did. Absolutely intense show. I love it!!! Every episode had me mad bc of the way they all ended, knowing I'd have to wait 7 days to see what happens. The finale had me crying and if they don't get a renewal I just might explode! They can't end the season like that and not renew. It's unethical. LOVE the show! Season 2 please!


I absolutely love this show!! I was only going to watch one episode just to check it out and every episode has had me hooked and dying for more!! This is by far my favorite show of all time!! It was such an unexpected surprise and you HAVE to renew for many more seasons to come!! I think this show will continue to gain popularity and grow!!


what does Savi try to say to Joss just before she flatlines ????


It is hard for me to get into shows like this but I love it!!!! There HAS to be a season 2!!!!


Please have a season 2 its like desperate housewives since that's no longer on air. I love this show


There is so little left on TV anymore that I really enjoy. I started watching because I love Alyssa Milano. But I got completely sucked in! LOVE this show! You MUST have a season 2... and 3 and 4 and so on haha! Hopeful that it moving to an earlier time slot mid season is a good sign of popularity?? :-)

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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

April: It just doesn't quite feel like it does with Paul.
Savi: Like battered wife syndrome?

Did you see Tom's face when you were screwing my son?