Nashville Season 2: First Look Photos!

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The Nashville Season 2 premiere airs on September 25.

But new episodes will not mean a new beginning for Gunnar and Scarlet, as the former's proposal will clearly cause problems between him and Avery. Can the twosome live happily ever after? Or will Scarlett's feelings for Avery get in the way?

As we saw for a brief moment in the trailer for Season 2, someone else is kissing Gunnar... so that could also be an upcoming complication for the country music up-and-comers. And with more romantic stories coming from other characters - such as the announcement that Will Chase is coming in to romance Rayna - the writers are definitely going for the drama in Season 2.

We'll have to wait until the season premiere for the complete context into what's going on below, but these FIRST LOOK photos from ABC hint that a happily ever may not be happening any time soon for Gunnar and Scarlet.

Check them out now (click to enlarge) and feel the tension through your screen between two men who have eyes for the same woman:

Gunnar vs. Avery
A Nashville Showdonw

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Was there only 10 episodes for season 2?


Oh thanks for the pictures and scoop, Jim!
Sad that Gunnar and Scarlett are going to be full of angst again this season, and that the engagement is apparently a no-go. But I'll always be rooting for them! So, I'll wait I guess till' their happy ending comes to be lol.


Avery's mom and sister?
Gunnar's dad?
Teddy's dad and brother?
Scarlett's mom, sister and brother?
Lamar's dad and grandfather?

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