NCIS Season 11: Our Wish List

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It's been a long, hot, difficult summer and NCIS fans have had to deal with some unpleasant news.

(SPOILER ALERT ahead if you've been living under a rock the last few months.)

As much as it breaks my heart, Cote de Pablo has chosen to depart the show, with Ziva David is saying goodbye to her NCIS family following next Tuesday's premiere. That leaves the show, the fans and all of the hopeful Tiva shippers with quite a conundrum: What do we want to see this year on NCIS?

Here is our wish list (without delving into fantasy land) for NCIS Season 11:

Vance, Tony, Tim and Ziva

Closure for Tony and Ziva - These two characters have danced around a possible romance for years. They've been friends, partners and occasionally adversaries but their chemistry has been undeniable. Tiva fans wont get a future for their favorite couple but at least they want an appropriate wrap up to their story.

Bring back the Dads - Gibbs, Tony, McGee. When their fathers visit it adds a depth to our core group. We hope they come back for more visits this year.

A love interest for Gibbs. - The guy deserves to be happy. He's had a few romantic partners over the years but have we ever seen him really fall in love? I know he's wounded but it's been many years since his wife and daughter were killed. We want to see someone who can truly make Gibbs smile.

More Ducky. The good doctor is great as the moral/psychological support for the rest of the team but watching him be taken hostage last season was such fun, we hope he gets an episode or two with his own story.

Which of the following make the top of your NCIS wish list?

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. What's missing from this list and what are you hoping to see when NCIS returns with "Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot" on Tuesday, September 24?

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I would like McGee to stick with Delilah at least she sounds as if she could be fun and different. Abby is such a child sometimes (more rather than not)and even Gibbs encourages it .I also want Gibbs to get a life with someone really nice so that they stay for the season in spite of all the screaming and crying.
as for the McGee/Dinozzo partnership. If the writers can do another item as good as the Psychiatrist scene in series seven and better than the plastic surgeon scene in series ten (it made me shiver)then that would be great but I feel that woman have to make an appearance in peoples lives because that is life. I liked Ziva and Tony not so much in a Tiva way but those little five minutes at the end of each episode kind of cheered me after watching the distress of some poor guy or woman or a break in some kind of search. Yes I will miss Ziva mainly because I like the character. I would like to see Dr Hampton again and I would also like to see Ducky with someone close to his age.I think he needs someone.If Vance is going are we stuck with that winging guy that showed up in Canary which was otherwise a great episode for everyone.


FORGET the love interests. They're boring and just drag down the episodes. When Tony was involved with Jeanne Benoit, I just ffwded through all their encounters. TV shows that are on their way out often add a "love interest" which generally just ends the show even faster.


I think Ziva should take one for the team and confuss for all the murder she did


I think they should bring back some of the recurring characters from the earlier seasons, like Dr. Hampton or M. Allison Hart.


You missed an important option. A love interest for McGee. He isn't a kid anymore. Besides, unlike everyone else on earth, apparently, he is my favorite character. Maybe now that Ziva is departing Tim could get a life. And, please, did he write anymore books? And fire whoever is responsible for McGee's wardrobe, although it is getting some what better.


We will miss you Ziva and wish you wood not leave the show.But I wood like to see Abby find love as well as Ducky and McGee


Persuade Ziva to come back for special appearances. She adds charm to the team and sense to the team. There were times when Tony was to immature for Ziva even tho there was chemistry. Too bad she is departing.


If Tiva is coming to an end, maybe we'll see more of McAbby.


@Tory: You captured my feelings almost perfectly! Especially concerning Abby and McGee. Also, it's seemed to me that by trying to strike a fair balance between serving both sides of the Tiva issue, the producers did the characters (and the viewers) a disservice. It held them in a weird sort of limbo and neither could grow or develop organically. As much as I will miss the earlier, kick-a** Ziva, at least now maybe Tony can become a better-rounded, layered character.


#zivagone...Yay! Maybe the endlessly boring Mossad storylines can fade away with her too. I would like to see a happy Gibbs. Not sure if it is romance or family he needs tho. I do think that the silent Gibvs/Tony moments have been lacking tho. Those moments....anywhere from talking about the rosé bushes Gibbs planted in his yard to the informative, speaking looks they have exchanged to Tomy reminding Gibbs about Ahab. Those are the keys to the most important emotional relationship on the show. I agree....let Abby grow up some. She needs to be that quirky, bright, funny woman and less the silly, child we've been seeing. I love both Ralphe Waite and RJ Wagner, but enough is enough. Let the family stay on the background. Well, maybe a bit more about Abby and her brother, but not as the main focus of the show. I'd love to see more of McGee in the field and the return of the McGee/Dinozzo partnership/bromance. I want Abby, Tony, McGee to,all find love....but in the background. No Tony pining for,his "twu-love Ziva" and no ,ore jealousy between McGee and Abby. Happiness outside the Navy Yard for them all please. Finally, no ,ore long arcs featuring villains that are supposed to be the biggest story yet. This show has only once or twice been able to successfully carry out the extended story in an interesting manner. As for Jimmmy Palmer and Ducky....I love,them both, but not in overwhelming doses. It's the same with Abby. By virtue of their quirkiness, too much of them onscreen is like serving chocolate sauce atop chocolate pudding. A little of,their characters goes a long way. Finally, Ziva,who? It's time to let this character rest in Israel and become a fond memory. I'm soooooooooooo tired of reading the Tiva fans crying about how mean the actors are for loving their jobs and not committing professional suicided to support their beloved s departure

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