NCIS Season 11: Our Wish List

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It's been a long, hot, difficult summer and NCIS fans have had to deal with some unpleasant news.

(SPOILER ALERT ahead if you've been living under a rock the last few months.)

As much as it breaks my heart, Cote de Pablo has chosen to depart the show, with Ziva David is saying goodbye to her NCIS family following next Tuesday's premiere. That leaves the show, the fans and all of the hopeful Tiva shippers with quite a conundrum: What do we want to see this year on NCIS?

Here is our wish list (without delving into fantasy land) for NCIS Season 11:

Vance, Tony, Tim and Ziva

Closure for Tony and Ziva - These two characters have danced around a possible romance for years. They've been friends, partners and occasionally adversaries but their chemistry has been undeniable. Tiva fans wont get a future for their favorite couple but at least they want an appropriate wrap up to their story.

Bring back the Dads - Gibbs, Tony, McGee. When their fathers visit it adds a depth to our core group. We hope they come back for more visits this year.

A love interest for Gibbs. - The guy deserves to be happy. He's had a few romantic partners over the years but have we ever seen him really fall in love? I know he's wounded but it's been many years since his wife and daughter were killed. We want to see someone who can truly make Gibbs smile.

More Ducky. The good doctor is great as the moral/psychological support for the rest of the team but watching him be taken hostage last season was such fun, we hope he gets an episode or two with his own story.

Which of the following make the top of your NCIS wish list?

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. What's missing from this list and what are you hoping to see when NCIS returns with "Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot" on Tuesday, September 24?

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If this is rocky last season I think its time we find out who Vance really is


Well I never thought of Tony as Zivas purse #1 and everyone on the show has had a couple of shows about each of them. Gibbs, yes is the boss and needs someone, maybe the blue eyed lawyer, and please don't tell me that Tony has not been a great agent since season 4. He has always been on top of his game when he needs to be, and as for the rest team they are all top notch when it comes down to it! This show is #1 for a reason so changing everything because Ziva is leaving makes no sense. Leave the desk empty and have guest stars fill in and that will make it interesting. Yes Tony will get closure but no one can deny the chemistry those two have and it will be hard to see him with anyone else. Maybe she leaves so when the show ends its run she will come back to him. Leave the team alone.#1for a reason!


You can not give gibbes a new girlfriend he said it him self his only true love was his first wife


I would like to know more about Abby's brother.


I'm interested in seeing Tony become the brave, competent, indispensable agent that he was in the first four seasons. I love his character and its been so frustrating to see him turned into a butt monkey so that Ziva and Gibbs could always be the bad ass superior agents instead. I don't want to have a season devoted to Tony pining away about Ziva. Puleeze! He's been her purse for far too long. I would love to see Tony in a mostly off screen romantic relationship. I would love, love, love to see Tony take on a different persona in a multi episode undercover arc. I would love to see team oriented episodes where we can see in subtle ways that they actually like and respect each other.


I want to learn more about the team's past (example: Gibbs meets Abby for the first time).


I would hate to see Tony continue to be scarred by another woman. He already carries a lot of baggage from other love interests.. let the guy love


Diane Neal


More McGee would be nice. I also want to see the team investigating a crime in a ship or a submarine (like in "Agent Afloat" or "Sub Rosa").Btw, it's nice to see a tv critic expresing her sadness about CdP leaving (thumbs up for you). Keep up the good work because I love to come here to get NCIS reviews and analysis.


Wish list for NCIS. Gibbs finds out that his daughter was not killed and she is really Abby!

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I'm positive that NCIS is being set up. Sending you out here was not about Lieutenant McBride. It was about separating you from your team.


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