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Like I said: they were definitely going to start fighting again this week.

But ill-defined threats to stay at a hotel under an assumed name aside, I thought "Nerd" finally gave us a full, vivid look at how Jess and Nick function as a couple. And how do they function as a couple? Surprisingly well!

Jess Dresses to Impress

Though Jess's story was a pretty straight-forward gag about middle school teachers acting like mean, cliquey students, I thought it presented a pretty compelling mystery: how did Jess the adorkable, emotionally conflicted know-it-all and Nick "Julius Pepperwood" Miller come together to form such a healthy, well-balanced couple who just want to look out for each other? I have a theory.

There is a (very) slight tendency in New Girl to kind of re-tool Jess a bit each season. The Jess of New Girl Season 1 was a barely tolerable manic pixie pain-in-the-ass, whereas the Jess of New Girl Season 2 was funnier, less bizarre, less uptight and more likely to join the Three Loft-migos in a hare-brained scheme for the hell of it (or because she didn't know any better herself).

"Paradise Jess" aside, New Girl Season 3 seems to be presenting us with a newer, improved-er Jess who splits the difference between the two older models - though the Jess who drinks until she dances inside an open toilet is pure Season 2, the first few scenes of Jess struggling to impress her new co-workers were so Season 1, it put my teeth on edge.

This new, fairly even-keeled Nick and Jess pairing is possible through this slight re-tweaking of Jess, which has left us with a character fun and relaxed enough (a la Season 2) to love Nick as an equal, but someone still dorky and lost enough to occasionally look to Nick for guidance.

Nick's character has been more realistically inconsistent through the years; sometimes he takes charge and leads the way, and sometimes his roommates are afraid he is going to accidentally drink himself to death or forget to feed himself, which makes his rising-to-the-occasion of protecting Jess as her "old man" totally in character.

Or, you know, maybe this was just two people organically maturing into more competent human beings.

Either way, it was a nice surprise to see that Nick and Jess can really stick to this whole "intense, all-encompassing love" thing, especially after how hard they fought last season to not fall in love. So far, all their concerns seem to have been for naught...but, of course, we still have a whole lot of New Girl Season 3 left to go.

All the night's best New Girl quotes belonged to Schmidt, as usual - though his "two girls, one office party" move seemed to me more reminiscent of Three's Company's Jack Tripper than Don Draper.

And though Winston's turn as a failed cat murderer wasn't exactly what I was looking for when I hoped they'd give Winston meatier parts this season, you know what? I'll take it. And I'll take that frickin' adorable cat, while I'm at it.

Do you think Jess and Nick are going to keep working this well as a team? Do you think Schmidt will be left alone when his romantic charade crumbles? Do you think they'll show more of that cat? (I really loved that cat.)


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New Girl isn't working for me now. I was thinking that somehow, something had changed in me. But after watching the new episodes for all my favorites this week, I now know that it's not me, it's the show. I had a great time watching all the episodes over the summer. I even subscribed to Hulu because Netflix didn't have them yet. I was all set to buy the New Girl box sets. Then something changed. Now, it's not very funny at all. I have a feeling that season 3 is going to be a wash for me. Oh well, at least there's still Big Bang Theory and The Crazy Ones.


I adored this episode. Every single element was perfectly written, given just enough hilarity and sincerity to pull it off. But what I've gotta say I'm LOVING the most is that the writers are letting us ENJOY N&J's relationship right along with them. They are both so excited to be with one another romantically at last, that it's a great time just having fun WITH them. Thanks so much to the writers for making their relationship fun and funny and sexy as hell. Woo-hoo!


Oh my god, that was the cutest cat ever! I hope we'll get to see him again on the next episodes too.
This week, Winston's storyline was -again- the funniest. I love how irrational he is when it comes to pranks and revenge.
I also liked watching Nick taking care of things, trying to handle both Jess and Winston - "I don't know what to do!!" - hilarius.
The nipple thing was amusing too.


I agree while it wasn't the funniest episode it was very good. I really like the idea of flipping the tradition of sitcoms where the main couple works while the side couple doesn't, so i think this season should be more about schmidt navigating his dilemma while Nick and Jess have their bumps in the road but generally make it work. will this be the case, highly doubtful seeing as Nick and Jess are set-up to fail, but i'm still hoping. Winston has gone off the deep end i thought wearing a hoodie as pants whilst doing a puzzle was bad but trying to murder grumpy cat that's too far sir, takes some velum smoke a joint and chillax.


Though it wasn't the funniest episode for New Girl, I think it was another great, solid showing! I love to see Nick and Jess's relationship progress as I am a huge supporter of theirs! I wish this little love triangle with Schmidt would end already, and that he'll pick Cece. Though now we'll have to go through the inevitable various episodes of their separation and working to forgive him. We've been doing this for the last season already. I just want them together already!


I like when we get glimpses of the Nick who was implied to be the guy he was before he fled for college at his dad's funeral. It actually weirdly makes his and Winston's long term friendship make total sense. That cat was so freaking cute (I read an interview and apparently Ferguson is a fairly permanent roommate but they are going to treat him just like a regular cat - you might not see him for a couple episodes just like the less food in the food bowl is your only indication of your cat's existence every once in awhile, I think when I woke up this morning finding my cat on my bed was the first time I saw her since yesterday morning. I have no idea where she goes, there are two rooms in my apartment). I also really like when they remember some of Jess' quirks and how they do actually push people away and that she really only has CeCe (there are the other two friends too, but we don't see them very often) before the guys.


I think that Nick and Jess should move forward. I think Shmidt should not be left alone.


it was different seeing insecure jess being taken care of by responsible nick. my heart totally melted when jess said she was gonna hang with her old man and looks out the window and sees nick sittin on the hood of the car. reminds me of jake sitting outside the church waiting for molly ringwald's character in sixteen candles! sorry to see daisy go though but really ready to see what winston's character evolves into. as for schmidt, i know its a long shot and i'm in the minority, but i want elizabeth to stay. but since she just won an emmy for another show i guess chances are slim she'll become a regular on new girl...darn it!


Oh my goodness!! Nick is the only roommate with any sense now?! I sat through most of the episode with hands on my face, chin on the floor, eyes wide open. This episode was definitely one of the crazier ones.

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New Girl Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Schmidt: No sig oths.
Cece: Just say "significant others."
Schmidt: Maybe you have that kind of time, but I'm on a tight sched.

I wouldn't even begin to know how to steal a swag.