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does anyone remember that Amanda’s and Declan’s deaths were anything but emily's fault, jack seems to have forgotten that Amanda was killed by Ryan, who was brought into the their lives by his own family’s mess, not Emily’s,and she taking a computer trying to save jack and going to tell conra,d and that Declan’s death was the by product of Conrad being greedy bombing his own bad plan and building, and not the result of anything Emily did?
and aiden took everything from the graysons and he just happens to get in the house,despide all the security for the "governon" ,he gets in the master bedroom and to the balcony to wait for victoria in her underwear.
there are a lot missing points from reality into the season story but lets wait to see this is for a good porpuse.


Just love Nolan.

Surprise Aiden showed up and will be teaming up with Victoria...we shall see about that!

Conrad and his death sentence...a little too much here.

Otherwise Revenge is back, yah111


i think some people are forgetting emily uploaded those huntington results, he doesn't really have it. so most characters would be none the wiser when it comes to how the results work etc, that point is kind of irrelevant.


So this may have been mentioned in previous comments, but to diagnose someone with Huntington's is a big deal. Genetic tests don't come back overnight, and you don't do them on a whim. Huntington's tests in particular are only done at certain testing centers, by specially trained doctors. To even be able to order the test, your patient has to have psychiatric evaluation, and then has to have counseling after they receive the results. There is a lot of guilt associated with being diagnosed with the disease and possibly passing it on to your children. There is also a lot of guilt if you are 'lucky' and do not have the disease and you have to watch another family member suffer through it. I will suspend reality a lot for TV shows, but like the reviewer said Huntington's is not a plot device. At least on the way this show has presented it.


I didn't like the show very confusing love nolan but him parachutting into the party was just insane. I thought in the beginning of the show emily had confessed to jack that she was the real amanda!!! then the kiss like he really loved her and then all of a sudden he says he feels nothing.!!!! I don't get it at all. I guess emily was dreaming that she got shot or is that what is about to happen? what do you think everyone?


also, emily couldn't possibly die. she is the show after all.


The ending was mindblowing and yes, i agree that charlotte was a bit irrelevant and i was wondering where her baby went.
Jack just hurt emily's feelings. i don't really like them two together but come on. he's just lying to himself saying he feels nothing for her.
double infinity. august 8 is officially my date for everything. fan theory, aidan shoots her. i cant even believe he would even wanna take down emily ugh. looking forward to the entire season.


The previous season to some was convoluted, but it had enormous emotion and style. This seemed like a disclaimer, choppy, and fell flat.

The strength of the show has been in Emily's now tainted relationships. The kiss then, no he feels nothing, just poorly done timing. Nolan in a parachute seriously? Emily living with Daniel 6 months and still plotting? Too much proximtiy for mystery.

The setting of the houses, are self portraits, important imagery, not shown. We need the billowing white curtains and Victoria's plotting tower.

Worst, the photography, missed the conceptual lighting work. Mostly flat daylight and visuals just gone.


Huntington's cannot skip a generation, so if Conrad really had it (I know that he doesn't and Emily is only trying to make out that he has) then one of his parents had to have had the disease, not just his grandfather. Also the disease manifests itself at around age 30-40 so IF Conrad had it then it would have shown up before now. It is not something that can be hidden. Children of parents with Huntington's have a 50/50 chance of getting it. It is also a terrible disease, and now, thanks to Revenge, there are going to be a whole lot more people who are seriously misinformed about it.


My oh my, what an interesting was rather chaotic, but it was still good fun, and I was especially pleased to see the wonderful Nolan get back on board with Emily's revenge! I loved his skydive into the party, and I was thrilled that Em bought him a nice house. Good job, Em!
I was kind of crushed when Jack threw Emily out and was cruel to her after she'd shown him her heart. But the good that came out of it, with her getting a deadline for the wedding, was great. Now I am wondering why they're doing a "Who Shot JR," ala "Who Shot Emily" kind of thing this season, and why they called the hotel the Southfork Inn like JRs ranch in Dallas, when there are so many better storylines they could have copied than the one from that crappy old tv potboiler. And Aiden is suddenly Benedict Arnold? Really? What a jerk! I was also glad to see Emily and Victoria team up to get rid of that skanky assistant.

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