Rookie Blue Round Table: "Under Fire"

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With 15 Division "Under Fire," several of our favorite (or not so favorite) couples found themselves at a crossroads on Rookie Blue last Thursday.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by Laura, Stacey, and Sarah from Two Worlds Collide: A Sam Swarek/Andy McNally Fan Forum as they try to decide what Sam will do now that he knows about Nick and Andy and whether Marlo deserves the blame for 15 Division being terrorized. Gather around and join us!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Laura: Actually, there were several scenes in this episode that I loved, and all for VERY different reasons!  However, since you are making me pick one, I'm going to go with Gail and Holly in the interview room because I actually teared up. For me, it really illustrated the seriousness of the situation, but was also funny, sweet and poignant. The Charlotte and Gail scene was also incredibly moving; she was so scared but so brave.

Stacey: The entire part about Andy and Chloe getting shot at, including the piece where Chris and Nick are on a balcony while you can hear Andy and Oliver through the radio. It was an intense and chilling sequence of events. I was on the edge of my seat and feel that it was acted and directed so perfectly. One of the very best scenes ever in four seasons of this show.

Sarah: I really enjoyed the first scene with Andy and Chloe. Chloe was hilarious when they were chatting in the cruiser. When they responded to the emergency call about the man in the park and were shot at, it really set the intensity for the rest of the episode. The acting and directing were great and I was glued to my screen the rest of the hour.

Christine: Chloe getting shot. I almost wish I hadn't known it was coming. The fact that she was still conscious and talking and terrified just added to it. Plus Andy's desperate calls for help. It was all very well done.

Rookie Blue Round Table 1-27-15

Should Dov fight for Chloe?

Laura:  At this point, I think he shouldn't give up and walk away.  He just can't.  I really hope he waits to hear her side and her reasons for not telling him she was married.

Stacey: Absolutely! Dov and Chloe have a great thing going; they are so adorable together. I feel like there's a reason Chloe has never mentioned in the slightest about being married and that even her godfather Frank doesn't know. She might wish it never happened and hasn't been able to get out of the marriage yet for some reason. Dov needs to not give up, let Chloe explain and then fight to keep her.

Sarah: Yes, Dov should fight for Chloe. They are two very quirky people that make an awesome match. Chloe's husband doesn't seem to know her very well and I think Dov has her best interests at heart.

Christine: Yes! What did Gail say? The geek king has found his queen. Dov needs to hear Chloe's side of this story. I kind of wish he had told Wes they were dating. It would have been interesting to have seen his reaction.

Is Andy right? Is Kevin Ford targeting 15 Division Marlo's fault?

Laura: I think Marlo was a catalyst for Ford's actions, and that stalking Ford, canvassing his neighbors, breaking into his house questions her ability to competently do her job, but she can't be held responsible for him taking revenge on 15 Division. He chose to respond the way he did. 

Stacey: Yes, Andy is completely right. It was only after Marlo stalked him - which resulted in Kevin being assaulted by a neighbor - that Kevin decided to take revenge on 15 Division. It doesn't matter what anyone else has or hasn't done, Kevin wouldn't have a grudge if it weren't for Marlo.

Sarah:  I think Andy is right. Kevin Ford would not have a grudge against 15 division if Marlo didn't start poking around in his life and talking to his neighbors about him. He may have not liked cops prior, or even had run-ins with the law, but Marlo's unauthorized investigation is what sent him off the edge. Even though I think Marlo is partly to blame for Ford's sudden rampage, a man who is innocent would not be doing what Ford is doing.

Christine: How Marlo handled things was wrong but in the end she hopefully helped get a pedophile off the streets. Even as poorly as she went about it, as a parent I'd be grateful. Kevin Ford is obviously a nut case. I don't think she's to blame for him targeting 15. Just being arrested could have sent him over the edge.

Now that Sam knows how serious Andy and Nick are, will he do anything about it?

Laura: I hope he does. It was obvious that seeing them kiss made him angry, but I think finding out that Andy told Nick about what happened with Marlo was even more distressing and aggravating. Ben/Sam looked extremely frustrated, hurt, and angry when he got into the car during that scene. I really hope he confronts her, even if it causes them to fight like they have never fought before.

Stacey:  I actually don't believe Andy and Nick are serious at all. They are being shown simply to be friends with benefits/bed buddies. However, I don't think Sam cares how serious or not serious they are. I think once he finally ends it with Marlo (which is long overdue) he will fight for Andy. And I think Andy needs to see that fight before she can admit to herself how much she still loves Sam.

Sarah: I really hope Sam will do something about it, but I doubt he will. He loves Andy and wants to see her happy. Right now he thinks she is happy with Nick and I think he will continue to hide his true feelings and keep quiet. Sam is also a man of action and I believe his actions will ultimately show how he feels even if he won't vocalize it.

Christine: The thing about healthy relationships is, eventually you have to open up and say the words. Nick is good at telling Andy how he feels and what he expects from her. Sam is lousy at it and I think that needs to change for these two to ever have a chance at a successful future. As much as I rooted for Sam and Andy, I'm actually enjoying the fun and lightness of Andy and Nick.

Biggest shocker: Chloe has a husband, Gail kissing Holly, Chloe getting shot or Andy kissing Nick in the middle of the Division?

Laura: Chloe getting shot was such an intense scene!!  Even though I knew it would happen, it was absolutely riveting.  Missy/ Andy was believably terrified and emotional.

Stacey: I guess if I had to choose one of these options, I'd say Chloe having a husband, since she hasn't talked about one and her actions - flirting with Dov when she first came to 15 Division - go against having a husband. However, the biggest shocker to me was three weeks going by since Sam confessed his feelings about Andy to Oliver and him not taking any action to end things with Marlo. I'm very disappointed that Sam hasn't stepped up, even if it's a hard thing to do; he's stringing Marlo along and not giving Andy any reason to think she shouldn't be trying to move on.

Sarah: The biggest shocker was Chloe's husband showing up at the hospital. That is the only scenario I did not see coming. I also think there is a lot more to the story that I would definitely like to know.

Christine: I've got to go with Chloe having a husband. I never saw that one coming. I can't wait to hear her side of the story. Hopefully she'll be able to tell it soon.

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Great JOB! I actually loved the Chloe/shooting scene the most too. It was stunning and haunting all in one.
Biggest shocker for me was the use of Celery in finding out who the suspect was!! Loved it but I did not see it coming.


Fav scene: The shooting sequence in the park. Ollie's relationship talk with Gail is a close second. Dov needs to hear Chloe out, unlike how he reacted to the bi-polar meds situation. Then he should decide whether to fight. Andy's right that Marlo was the trigger. But no one is really to "blame" other than Ford, just like no one was truly to blame for Jerry, other than Perik. I'm with everyone else who thinks Andy is NOT serious about Nick. But how Sam will react before the shooting is anyone's guess. He BETTER freaking fight for Andy next season though, or I will be beyond pissed off at the writers. Sam being passive for one reason or another is old news. They really have to make him do something different now. The shooting gives them the perfect chance to allow a big turnaround for Sam. Unfortunately, I was spoiled about all the big events, but I'd still say Chloe's hubby showing up was the biggest shock.

Sarah silva

What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Chloe getting shot! Should Dov fight for Chloe?
YES! Is Andy right? Is Kevin Ford targeting 15 Division Marlo's fault?
Yes and no, he is a bad guy and I think anything would have sent him over the edge but Marlo did a lot to fuel the fire. Now that Sam knows how serious Andy and Nick are, will he do anything about it?
IF it is true and he is shot next week I think he will confess to Andy that he loves her and really want to make a relationship between them last! Biggest shocker: Chloe has a husband, Gail kissing Holly, Chloe getting shot or Andy kissing Nick in the middle of the Division?
Chloe having a husband!


Leave Joel alone. Just because you people are LGBT does not mean that everyone has to be in agreement. I too am disappointed. It's the same thing they did with Mistresses. Joss is straight yet they had her in a relationship with a woman. They've gone back to her being straight gain. Now Rookie Blue is doing the same thing. Maybe if they had started Gail as a lesbian I might have said, well ok can't get away from it. But she is straight and I hate the flip in character. I feel the same as Joel and we should be free to feel that way without being called names by those who don't have a problem with the gay lifestyle.


I'm curious @joel, where do you live that you never encounter gays or lesbians?? RB is a realistic portrayal of life in a large city, Toronto. If the kiss bothers you, close your eyes for 10 seconds. Jeesh.


Wow, that's homophobic. I think it's about time RB has a same-sex relationship. Many fans are LGBT. I loved the intense scenes of Chloe and then Oliver/Gail getting shot at. RB brings out the intense scenes brilliantly. Biggest shock is Chloe having a husband. It's ironic the most outspoken person has a secret of her own. And, uh, since when are Nick and Andy serious? Chloe said they're friends with benefits and Andy couldn't even admit she was even seeing Nick. Plus, Chloe doesn't know the Sam/Andy dynamic. It will take something serious for Sam to admit feelings I sense. Nothing is ever easy for Sam and Andy.


Two people lof the same sex love each other. Is that more uncomfortable than watching someone get shot? If so, you may wish to consider why?
What you describe is the same thing society used to say about a black person kissing a white person. All rooted inn phobias and myths.


^ wow dude. Get over it


Guess this'll be the last of Rookie Blue for us.
We were hoping the gay/lesbian aspects would NOT show up
on at least one show we like..otherwise we love you guys.

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