Rookie Blue Season 4 Report Card: A-

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In the Rookie Blue season 4 premiere ("Surprises") Andy said, I don't hate change. I hate surprises. Well... she and Rookie Blue fans got plenty of both this summer. But as entertaining as the season was, that doesn't change the fact that we have to wait nine whole months until Rookie Blue returns for season 5.

To make the time go by a bit faster, we're offering viewers a Rookie Blue season 4 Report Card.

Were Sam and Andy's separate love interests an important piece of their journey or an epic fail? Did the finale cliffhanger leave you wanting more? Check out our report below and tell us how you'd grade this season of Rookie Blue.

Sam's in Shock

Best Episode: "You Can See the Stars"  This was a tough call. The 13 episode season had some great moments but my favorites were from the final two hours. Chloe being shot nearly pulled "Under Fire" ahead but when Andy told Sam in the back of the ambulance, "You are my story, Sam. You." that was the end game I'd been waiting for all season long.

Worst Episode: "Friday the 13th"   Not that it was bad, per se but this episode bothered me. I know that Sam Swarek will bend, or even break the rules to protect those he cares about but here he was willing to let a man walk who had drunkenly hit an 18 year old boy. Then in trying to cover it up, killed him and hid it for years. I know Charlie was his friend and mentor but Sam's willingness to cover up such a horrendous crime felt all wrong.

Most Surprising Character: Marlo Cruz. I expected to hate her and I did…at first. But Rachel Ancheril's portrayal of the complicated woman won me over. I think I first started to fall for her in "Poison Pill" when she told Andy what she hated most in the world was, "Two girls standing in a room shouting about a guy who's not even there."  Then we watched her struggle with her bipolar disorder while falling in love with Sam Swarek and I couldn't help but feel her heartbreak.

Most Disappointing Character: Chris Diaz. I know I'll get flak for this one but for the first half of the season all Chris did was proclaim how important being a father was to him.  It was so repetitive that we couldn't help but get the point.  Then he found out that Denise lied to him and Christian wasn't his. I get it. The losses will have Chris looking at life differently and perhaps in a darker way.  To be honest, Chris has always bored me and the dramatic turn hasn't changed that. Perhaps I'll feel differently seeing where they take him in season 5.

Biggest Ray of Sunshine: Chloe Price. I never would have guessed how much this seemingly flighty, annoying chatterbox could brighten my day, or Dov Epstein's. Chloe's willingness to always be herself kept me smiling all season long.  The only cloud was her secret first marriage. Hopefully she survives the finale to explain it all to Dov and the audience.

Most Disappointing Return: Noelle. Not because Noelle was disappointing but because we didn't get nearly enough of her. Bring Noelle back to 15 Division for season 5!

Couple With the Most Potential: Traci and Steve. These two were the surprise of the season but their mutual respect for one another and entertaining banter soon had me wanting to see more. When they were about to take down the drug dealers in "Deception" and Steve told her, "You better watch it Nash. You keep calling me on my crap I'm going to fall for you even harder than I already am."  I knew these two were my new favorite couple.

Most Frustrating Story: Nick and Andy. And the reason might surprise you. I think they make a great couple. They were open with one another and they had fun. I think Nick was head over heels in love with Andy. I think Andy was seriously in-like with Nick. Maybe she could have fallen for him…if her heart didn't already belong to Sam Swarek. Knowing this couple was never meant to be made them frustrating to watch.

Hopes for Season 5:

  • Sam and Andy working on their issues TOGETHER! Enough of the romantic angst and separate lives. We've all had enough of that.
  • More Oliver and Celery. I never would have picked the beautiful Wiccan for Ollie but she makes him happier than he's been in a long time and I want to see more. 
  • Frank and Noelle got married but it felt as though we never saw them. Bring them back into the 15 Division fold. 
  • Traci and Steve, Dov and Chloe, Gail and Holly. Season 4 put together some great couples. Let's show how the stress of the job affects them but please keep them together. Watching couples having fun and/or working things out is much more interesting than constantly watching them get together just to break apart.

Overall this season put together some great couples and introduced intriguing characters. If Rookie Blue has one downfall it may be that it has too much talent to showcase in an hour each week.

Rookie Blue Season 4 Report Card:  Final Grade:  A-

Now it's your turn. Give your grade to Rookie Blue season 4:

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-Traci and Steve. They do have a mutual respect and understanding. He knows when to let her be and when to push her. She balances out some of his lighthearted, juvenile but endearing behavior. I enjoyed them most of all. Great banter and cuteness. It was great watching them unfold.
-Nick and Andy. It wasn't long enough and because you knew it was heading to disaster it was almost painful to watch. Nick is a great guy and he and andy have an amazing relationship, but Sam and andy are endgame. I almost wish they hadn't started something they knew they couldn't finish with Nick, maybe it should have been an outsider.
-more traci and Steve. Chloe pulling through. Callaghan integrated in more. Nick on solid ground and happy. Chris having his own story devoid of fatherhood. Noelle and Frank.


-You Can See The Stars, it was suspenseful and entertaining. A great finale.Touching moments and angst all around.
-Friday the 13 for the reasons mentioned. Sam is endearing because of his loyalty, but it clashed with his sense of morals so horribly that I cringed. It felt all wrong.
-Chloe. I had no intentions of loving her by season end but I do.
-Chris. He had no story or presence. I was tired of the kid thing. He needed and deserved more.
-Steve Peck. He made me smile every time he appeared. I missed him when he wasn't onscreen. If Traci isn't in love I am.
-Noelle.why isn't she on more? She's barely been seen consistently since the first season.:(

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