Sons of Anarchy Review: Gunning for SAMCRO

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Shots may have been fired at school children on the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 premiere, but the fallout from this horrific act started to be felt on"One One Six" - and it's clear who the target will be for Lee Toric and company:


Indeed, Kurt Sutter didn't use the controversial premiere ending to push any kind of political agenda, that much is certain. He used the event to highlight an issue Jax has been clamoring for since he was elected President: getting the club out of the gun business and into things that are a lot more trashy than bloody.

But it won't be easy.

Showdown with Jax

There's Galen, who isn't content to simply take his business elsewhere; and there's Toric, who is well aware of just what business SAMCRO is wrapped up in and is intent on bringing it down at all costs, actual signed confessions or agreements be damned.

The character is a little too one-dimensional for my liking at the moment. Yes, we learned a bit about his past this week and how his unorthodox methods resulted in the highest arrested record in his field office. But he's now just a drugged-out sociopath who will go to absolutely any length to avenge his sister's death?

With such an actor as Donal Logue behind him, I'd welcome a few more layers to Mr. Lee Toric.

He could learn a lot, for example, from Nero Padilla. Jimmy Smits has crafted an intricate character who initially got out of the gang game... then reluctantly joined back up... and is now trying to straddle the line between right and wrong in that world.

Nero is able to justify shooting his own cousin because he turned on his family first, yet he broke down over the death of the troubled child's mother, especially when he (rightfully) believed that Jax orchestrated her demise. This is a very fine line to straddle. For the sake of the club's future, that mother most certainly had to be killed - but what kind of person wants to be part of a club that must resort to such methods in order to survive?

You can see the constant pain on Nero's face as he wonders what he's doing back in this sort of world, one in which innocents clearly will die and one in which he won't last very long in if he can't wrap his head - or his heart, to be more specific - around that fact.

It's also a line Jax has claimed time and again that he doesn't want to walk. No, really, Tara, this time we're going legit! I swear! For reals! No more guns!

Can you blame her for not believing her man? For lying to him about Wendy? For making custody arrangements in case something happens to her boys' parents? This is a marriage wrapped in untruths, making Jax once again far more like Clay than he'd ever wish to admit. It's easy to say you want to go straight, it's a lot harder to actually go straight, especially when you're lying to both your wife and yourself.

No, Jax, remaining in the club is NOT honoring Opie's memory. Opie was a family man who adored his first wife and his two children. The best way to actually pay respect to your fallen BFF would be to do the same and follow through on your one-time promise: Get Tara, Abel and Thomas as far away from Charming as possible.

And let's hope Charming soon pushes for the same fate. While I remain on the fence about SOA using a school shooting for storyline fodder, it's already out there and we need to see the town's response at some point soon. You know, the town SAMCRO has sworn to protect and all. How will citizens react to the presence of gun-toting bikers now that a few of their own have been gunned down by one of those guns?

So we're left wondering about Clay's motivations, remembering that Jax is still expected to deliver Tig at some point and also muttering one thing over and over following this solid installment:

Poor Juice. Poor, poor Juice.


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@nisan Tara in trouble. No jax is in trouble he slept with the Madame and why? Just because Tara did not want to see him. How many times jax has been in jail and Tara never strayed she stayed loyal to that male whore. I lost respect for jax when he did that. Tara knew when she got back with jax what that life would be,she ask for total honestly and she got it. But probably did not think it was going to be like that. Jax sleeping with that Madame wait til she finds out. I understand Tara. It is going to be hard for her to leave not because she love jax but because jax & Gemma will threaten her and somewhat treat her like Wendy. Having an abortion is her choice. How many times did jax tell her take the boys and leave charming and he will meet up with her later. Now she can't because she do not have that security she once had which is being a doctor. Poor juice whatever he is a pussy and he look like in this eposide that he is using again. I think juice will get killed off this season. I hope not but he is the weakest link. Nero got drawn back in the game but he plays it so well.
Clay gets everything he deserves he has done a lot of wrong. And jax ain't no different. He kept saying he wants to see his son. His son meaning Jax did anyone catch that? Jax slept with the Madame, clay slept with cherry so jax is no different than clay. Opie was right. I love opie I miss him telling jax what to do and piney. Opie slept around lyla. But his true love was Donna and he never did that to her.
Toric 😤😖he is disguiting look like he went into diosa and look for a woman that reminds him of his sister, maybe I am wrong. Maybe he wants to kill her and try to bring heat down on Diosa.


Not to nitpick your review but the school shooting happened in Stockton not in Charming. Sutter does this every season where he throws so much stuff at you in the beginning it seems like it can't all be discussed but yet by end of the season I always feel like it was successfully told. I am so glad they got Jimmy Smits on this show. He is doing awesome job. He wants to go legit and was supposed to be role model for Jax but instead Jax is going to lead him down the path to hell. He is going to end up the head on the platter for the mayor and the destruction of another soul in contact with Jax will be complete. I wish I knew where Bobby's storyline was headed because three episodes in he's said maybe 10 words. But like I said it always ends up satisfying. Just enjoy the ride.


I think this show has jumped the shark for me. I feel like it's the same thing over and over and over. Jax trying to go legit but getting caught up in complications, Tara trying to leave with the boys buy getting stuck, some new bad guy trying to take down SAMCRO, Clay going behind everyone's back... add to that the fact that this seasons seems even darker than the rest, I have found myself watching the clock thru the 1.5 hour eps. I want to love it like I used to, but so far this season, it has a different feel to me.


You want it all but you can't have it
It's in your face but you can't grab it
faith no more Those lines pretty much sum up the remainder of this season for "Jax Teller."


This episode really brought me down. ESPECIALLY the unbelievable fact that a retired cop(Toric), who no longer has legal standing ANYWHERE, has access to prisons, prisoners, & expects to still play cop when he's every bit as dirty as any member of SOA! How DARE any law enforcement agency allow him access to inmates? How can the prosecutor tale this man seriously? RETIRED means he no longer has a badge OR police powers!
Poor Juice. I keep seeing a lost puppy who wants nothing more than to be loved & wanted, yet he continues to get used. If what he's done in the past isn't enuff, Jax orders him to KILL a woman. NEVER trust a "biker" with sparkling white tennies!


So where did all the love go between Tara and Jax? Don't know who either one of them are right now. Jax keep saying he wants a legit life, she doesn't believe him, but how do you turn the love off. Jax, slept with a prostitute, WTH. How do you turn the love off like that Jax? Tara pregnant? Oh S**t, it's on. No way she gets a divorce, and wait until Jax finds out she's getting an abortion? Yeah, I know I made that part up, but you know something like that is coming up. Divorce, Pregnant OOOH Tara you in trouble.


Once again another intense ep. with 2 intense face to face moments BTW clay n' gemma and jax n' tara?! Anyways jax yet making another promise to tara she already doesn't believe a WORD he says now...... and if i'm not mistaken did hear tara's lawyer saying something about 'DIVORCE' during their talk? cause i think it's time for their short lived marriage to end.
Jimmy smits was really great. to see nero like that killing his own that was tough and was spot on knowing that jax had to kill that girl by having juice to the dirty work.
As much as i like jax i can't stand him right now and bringing up OPIE? really? he would not be down with this SHIT. Popa John Teller is just ROLLING in his grave. The club is SERIOUSLY screwed at this point.


You left so much detail out of this review

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