Sons of Anarchy Round Table: "Poenitentia"

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Is SAMCRO about to lose another member?

That's the main question on the minds of Sons of Anarchy fans following "Poenitentia," an episode that saw Lee Toric go ballistic; Tara drop a bombshell on Jax; and Tig be left in the hands of Damon Pope's crew.

Where could things possibly go from here? How happy are we with where things have been? Amanda Asseng from joins TV Fanatic staffers Matt Richenthal and Christine Orlando to answer those questions in the following edition of the Sounds of Anarchy Round Tableā€¦


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Jax confronting Toric through the interrogation window. I loved his calm demeanor. He stated his stance, he made reasonable points and he also made it clear: you do NOT wanna mess with my family.

Christine: I know it sounds sick, but my favorite was Toric killing the hooker. The way he kept telling her he was sorry made it sound as though he'd spilled his coffee on her instead of shot her. I honestly couldn't stop laughing.

Amanda: Agreed, Matt. When Jax was giving that speech to Toric, I had chills.


Should Clay be killed off already or what?!?
Matt: Yes. Although I suppose you could argue that the show has dragged out his death for so long at this point that the truly shocking move would be not to kill him. I fear, though, that Kurt Sutter is just waiting to redeem Clay as much as possible and he'll still meet his Maker, it just won't be until the Sons of Anarchy Season 6 finale.

Christine: Unless they can find something more interesting for him to do, then yes. Right now I don't see how keeping him alive is helping the story. It feels more like he's dragging it down. His talk with Jax, interaction with Toric and prison scenes weren't tense, they were boring. The problem is that killing Clay seems like a foregone conclusion. On a show where we've come to expect over the top violence, how do you keep his death interesting?

Amanda: There's really two answers to this question: yes, clay should have been killed a long time ago - but he has played his cards in such a way that every time he's all in, he comes out on top. Still, I think Clay has called his last bluff.

Lee Toric: An intriguing adversary or too bat $hit crazy?
Matt: Way too crazy. Pope was a solid villain because he actually seemed like a human being. He was both a ruthless business man and a family man. There were multiple sides and layers to him. But I rolled my eyes when Toric killed the escort and rolled them even harder when he planted her DNA in Nero's car. The guy is just a loon and that's not actually interesting.

Christine: I'm torn on this one. I really like Donal Logue but Lee Toric might just be too over the top. His scheme to frame someone else for the hooker's murder could be brilliant or blow up in his face. Time will tell. But his personal brand of craziness might be more entertaining in smaller doses.

Amanda: Toric is intriguing without a doubt, but way too bat$hit on meds and revenge. He's a smart man, yet a smart man with such a vendetta can turn into a sloppy criminal.

Is Tara really pregnant?
Matt: My first instinct was no... which goes to show how much I trust anyone on the series these days. Because why would Tara lie? To convince Jax to accompany her to Oregon? He already has two little boys. If the presence of those kids in his life doesn't prompt him to change his life, I don't know why a newborn would.

Christine: I hope not. The last thing this situation needs it another innocent child in the mix. Tara's a doctor for goodness sake, doesn't she have any clue how to use birth control? I'm hoping this is somehow a part of her plan to get out of Charming...and I wonder if Wendy is in on it.

Amanda: I want to say yes because i's hard to fake a blood test. But with her working at hospital, I'm sure it's possible. I'll say no, it's part of her grand scheme.

Will Tig be killed?
Matt: No way. Sons of Anarchy is clearly not above killing off characters (Rest in Peace, Piney; really Rest in Peace, Opie), but it's too soon for SAMCRO to lose another member. Especially one as entertaining and important to the group as Tig.

Christine: And once again I'm torn. I love Tig. He's nuts. But much like Clay we've been waiting for his demise since last season and the story feels as though it's dragged on too long. However, it could be interesting if Tig somehow got away yet knew that Jax set him up. That could lead to some scary consequences among SAMCRO.

Amanda: He's had his shares of saves, but Jax has to deliver. I love Tig and I hate to see him go, but truth of the matter that karma comes back to get you and he got his hands very dirty when he was Clay's right-hand man.


Loved the scene at the prison. I really want to see a live interaction between toric and Jax. is b BA batshiz crazy and I what that means in the greater scheme of things. Jax has learned from each of his adversaries and friends over the course of the series. Stahl, Jimmy O, pope, Nero, the cartel, the Mayans, the aryans etc., all have helped shape him both positively and negatively. What does toric bring? That's the part I don't see. You can see how Jax may learn from the madame and the docks ex cop but toric doesn't seem to be the adversary we so feared at the end of season 5. I think Tara is playing a long con on Jax and Gemma and Wendy is helping. I don't think Clay will die until season 7 and tig will and should but not until later this season


loved the episode. can't see how jax could get out of giving up tig. yes he lost his daughter, but that didn't satisfy pope. if jax had made that deal with pope tig would still be in prison. august was loyal to pope and wants to see his family get the revenge pope wanted. i think he knows jax had something to do with poes death but chooses to overlook it. it did give august alot of power. im not sure if the look on jax's face was because he thought she was only sleeping with him but that it was the port comissioner who i think he doesn't like.


Jax IS A MORON if he had give up Tig. but i DOUBT he's dead it is TOO EARLY for them to yet lose another member.
I agree w. the comment samcro lover put about Tara. I STRONGLY believe that Gemma will find out the truth and get BOTH tara and wendy.*if wendy is really involved. Gemma will kill wendy. Donal logue is awesome but Toric is getting on my DAMN NERVES.I too also think jax will WIN the game against him and the whole framing nero thing.


dumb question but I somehow got lost: why exactly had Jax had to deliver Tig? I believed that Tig has suffered enough for his mistake when they burned his daughter. His guilt was absolved by that and I don't understand why Pope's man still want to kill him (especially since Pope himself is out of the picture) *_*


I agree, Toric's craziness is annoying. He's so crazy he is predictable. Trying to frame Nero is going to blow up in his face, Jax will beat Toric in this game. I feel like Tig lives somehow, and I hope he does I like him. I think he has broken his ties to Clay. Why did you not talk about Juice or the whore banging the cop...or more importantly Jax thinking he was so special that she would only do him? Also, I'm not sure what Tara's plan is but I know she is going to lose against Gemma trying to fight her this way. And I feel like Tara might be the demise of the club in the end....or at least to some of it.
"It's always the bitch."


Tig doesn't die they got pictures on IMBD of him in the episode wolfsangel with chibbs and jax holding kg9s. granted he is wearing a blank cut with no patches on it. So somehow he gets out

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