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if you thought having Darby out of the way was the key to turning back the clock on all the changes that took place throughout Suits Season 3, then you don't know this show!

From Louis' failed negotiation attempts to Mike, Jessica and Harvey's attempts to put the ball back in their court, it seems everyone acted in "Bad Faith" at some point during this installment.

Dissolution of the Partnership

You almost thought from the cheery beginning - which found Rachel and Mike playful at her apartment and Harvey picking up Donna for breakfast and a shopping spree for a new handbag or two - that things were going to not only go back to being what they were, but that relationships would be stronger and moving in new directions.

By the end of the hour, that dream had been shattered, and the dissolving Pearson, Darby, Specter was slapped with a malpractice lawsuit by Ava Hessington.

Talk about a complete turn of the tides....

I think we can all agree that we expected at least some conflict regarding the dissolution. I had full confidence in Jessica's choice to put Louis in the drivers seat for these negotiations, only to have Harvey swoop in and capitalize on Louis' advances. What I wasn't expecting was for him to completely drop the ball at one mention of Nigel's prized cat, to which Louis is clearly attached to send the whole thing into a death spiral.

I struggle to remember another instance during which I literally thought Harvey might come across that desk and deck Louis over the outcome of a case or negotiation, but I was fairly certain he was on the brink of doing so. This negotiation was life or death for the the firm in a lot of ways, though, and I was really disappointed that for such a savvy attorney that something as frivolous as a cat would cause Louis to veer off course.

Then again, Harvey wasn't necessarily above veering off course when it came to the negotiations either. His interactions with Scottie demonstrated a similar lack of his normal prowess. If anything, Harvey's tendency to become very stupid, very quickly when it comes to Scottie wasn't too far off from Louis' indiscretions. It seem like anytime Scottie comes around Harvey has to have some inner dialogue or all out disagreement/discussion with her over whether or not he should trust her - 9 times out of 10 she manages to screw him somehow.

This time around, Harvey played heavy hitter and, capitalizing on the groundwork Louis laid for him (which I think Jessica intended all along) managed to simply compensate for potentially losses by doubling down on a client they already had a relationship with. I was pretty impressed by the teamwork. However, I suppose if Harvey had not gotten real with Louis for a second and let him know what an assets he is, which we all know he's been dying to hear for a while, we might not have been able to see things seemingly work out for the moment.

In the next moment, everyone was getting slapped with a major malpractice lawsuit by the same client they have spent a majority of the season trying to vindicate. The most interesting thing about it is that the whole time Pearson, Darby and eventually Specter had the case, they were using aspects of it to fight their own internal power struggles, which in my mind would definitely constitute malpractice.

It's these kind of twists that make me love this show even more each week. That twist forces everyone, even on their bad terms, to perhaps regroup and come together a bit to fight this, lest it ruin all of them at once. I am really looking forward to seeing how that comes together.

The same goes for the Stanford bombshell that Rachel dropped at the episode's conclusion. We all knew it was a strong possibility. Though when she was accepted to Columbia I thought maybe we'd dodged the Stanford bullet. Clearly that was my mistake. To be honest, I thought she was going to tell Mike she wanted to break up or something. Mike almost deserved it over the crap he pulled with her dad. I was dreading that more than the unexpected Stanford news. In a way I'm relieved as a result. I guess we'll have to see where the chips fall.

There's a lot in store for the Suits Season 3 summer finale. Have any predictions for what might befall our favorite legal eagles?


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I loved the whole thing. Louis loosing his cool, over letters to a cat PRICELESS !! Btw, I want that mug !!!!! Awesome that was ! Also Harvey acknowledging Louis , magnificent ! The tissue part was hilarious. But I still hate the fact that people take him for a joke. After that failed negotiation, I would too though... Scottie... that woman, I just can't.
Now, Rachel and Mike, as much as I like them, that couple has to go. I can't believe he's gonna give her an ultimatum about Stanford... I hope that trailer at the end was misleading.
Ana Hessington doing that to them was a HUGE slap ! Though I've gotta admit, the way they handled things, they had it coming !
Cannot wait for the summer finale !


I thought the letters to the Cat were too FUNNY ! it fits Louis ! He is a bit off ... the whole season has been great, as usual! I can't wait to see what happens between Mike & Rachael???


I loved the episode over all. However, the idea of a Harvard educated person writing letters to a cat was just ridiculous. I think the writers should have tried a little harder to find something serious that would send Louis over the edge.


Rachel interviewed for Columbia in an earlier episode, she had not gotten in at that point.


Good episode. S3 Harv has been a bit much for me. I just wanted Jessica to push him off of the roof or give him a sample of Ava's medicine (she slapped Darby). But E8 Harvey says those magic words to Jessica "I'm sorry". E9 we see Harvey at least acknowledging he has to think differently since his name is on that wall, thanks to good peer coaching from Jessica. I don't expect Harv to be a nice guy, wouldn't want him less than edgy, but his leadership skills have to be honed so good for you Harv.
Fav bits between Jessica, Harvey, Mike:I beat you to it. Maybe but you didn't have Harvey holding you back. That's a fair point. ok I'm right here. (Priceless)
Not into the whole Harvey/Donna thing-whatever works but was glad Donna checked Harv about the bag he bought her not entitling him to disrespect her.(about time)


In spite of the comedic moment, I cannot believe Lewis royally screwed up the negotiations - great that he redeemed himself. He is truly a hilarious character.
I don't see a future for Rachael and Mike. Can't believe he thought using his relationship with Rachael to get leverage w/her father was going to win him any points with her - not at all. She's been ambivalent about a relationship with Mike from the outset of the show.
That was a shocker for me that Anne not only sued Darby, but Jessica and company as well. I guess that paints her - truly ticked.


I thought the back and forth with Mike/Rachel was probably mostly about deeper issues. For Mike, seeing Rachel live out his dream of going to law school that he (but mostly Trevor) screwed up is probably tough. Add in the fact that she helped him get over his Grandmother's death and that's where he wants to live with her... it is a lot to ask of someone and handl. For Rachel, knowing Mike is a fraud and despite her love for him, maybe wanting some distance at Stanford to clear her head and get a great education at the same time. Meanwhile Harvey has some deep seeded trust issues from his own mother's actions that he is laying directly on Scottie all the time. Why didn't he just call? Donna was right, fool.


Loved this episode! I really want one of those "You just got LITT up" mugs!


daniel.... she got into stanford first then louis pulled some strings and got her into columbia

Sarah silva

This was probably my most favorite episode so far.
I loved every moment and could talk about each but I will just talk about a few.
First the Louis and Harvey conversation in Louis' office was super funny, I know there were serious moments but I laughed so hard and still do thinking about it when Harvey said: "he tortured his cat".
Then I also liked when Louis gave Harvey that file and Harvey told Louis he respected him. I also like when they went to Giannoplis together.
I liked when Katrina gave Harvey the mug and I also really liked the scene at the start with Harvey and Donna.
I can not wait for next week.

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Louis: Can I use your pocket square?
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Louis: I'll be fine.

I got into Stanford.