Suits Season 3 Report Card: Grade It!

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USA just wrapped up a stellar summer run of Suits Season 3 episodes.

From the merger to the new dynamics - both personal and professional - it created at the firm, we watched Pearson Darby change inside and out. So while we wait for our favorite legal drama to return this winter, let’s grade what we’ve seen so far... TV Fanatic Report Card style!

Mike's Secret

Best Episode: There’s just something about a good flashback that totally makes a season. For Suits, “The Other Time” was that episode. While we still don’t quite know what the can opener is all about, we now have a better idea of where Donna and Harvey’s relationship began and how like Mike Harvey was in the beginning.

Best Litt-ism: When Louis exclaimed "This is Litt-tastic" a whole new Litt-ism was born, adding to already colorful Suits quotes section.

Roughest Rivalry: Nigel Nesbitt v. Louis Litt. We all knew Louis adding Nigel to his efficiency list was a big mistake, but I don’t think we learned how big a mistake it was until it was too late. If only Louis had kept his cool about the bran bars and his Uniballs.

Best Firm Name: It only took 10 episodes for Pearson Darby to change names three times, but I think we can all agree that Pearson Specter is by far the best!

Makeup We Needed the Most: The merger took a terrible toll on Harvey and Jessica's relationship, only made worse when Harvey chose to cast his lot with Darby. It's really rough when Mom and Dad fight, so we were more than happy to have the fences mended between Harvey and Jessica.

Best Comeback: Season 3 has seen the return of many characters of seasons past. The return that owned them all was when Harold appeared as a surprise witness during Nigel and Louis' mock trial in "She's Mine." I forgot how much I missed that guy! It was only made better by his sparring with Louis in "Endgame."

Hopes for 3.5: It would bring me no greater pleasure than to watch the firm recover from the internal turmoil that plagued it during the early stages of season 3. Though as we saw in those final few seconds of "Stay," a whole new controversy is brewing within Pearson Specter's walls, and it may result in another name being added to the door.

Overall Grade: A.

Your turn, TV Fanatics: What grade would you give Suits Season 3 so far?

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I love Suits, Harvey, Donna and Louis are my favs and I like that Scottie's back and Katrina was more likable this season. Mike's situation needs to be resolved. I'm tired of it and I also think he would never get away with the disrespect he has shown Harvey and Jessica at times. His whiny butt would be on the street. Hope Rachael goes away to school because I'm over she and Mike and all the whining and drama. All in all though I enjoy the show. My biggest change has been from disliking Louis at first to loving him now and waiting for his next Littism.


Since we've seen the personal side of other characters, would be interesting to see my favorite character, Jessica, revealed a bit more.
1. New Pearson/Specter tradition - monthly casual fridays- What would Jessica wear (WWJW)?
2. meet her parents played by Phylicia Rashad & Edward James Olmos.
3. Two very successful men, Benjamin Bratt/ Idris Elba types) are seriously involved in Jessica's life and vying for her hand. When Harvey stumbles upon one or both of them he has serious issues with it and Scottie notices Harvey's angst over Jessica's personal relationships (maybe Tanner was right). That would shatter the "all to familiar mold" and Suits S4 would be must see tv.


They've gotta do something to get Mike's secret out of the way and get him a law degree. He can't go on almost getting caught season after season. And they could all lose their law licenses if it ever comes out they knowingly allowed him to practice law without a license. I can't figure out how they can get that done, but this show's writers are brilliant and I'm sure they can.


Gabriel Macht is the shit!!! The man's got swag for days!!brilliant!!the walk,the talk,the fit of the clothes!sexy!!acting out of this world!he is the shit!!


Best episode: Definitely the finale "Stay". But "The Other Time" got an honorary mention too because everyone just rocks their past roles. Plus: Nana Ross! Miss her so much!
Best Litt-ism : "You just got Litt up!"
Roughest Rivalry : Definitely Harvey vs Cameron. They got this father-son dynamic and I'm really glad they kinda 'make up' at the end by having Cameron put aside his hatred for Harvey and pursue justice.
Best Firm Name : Aha! I still remember the scene when Donna jokes "Pearson Paulsen sounds good!". It's from last season but I love that name.
Makeup We Needed the Most : Yep. Hating when Jessica and Harvey fight, but you can see Harvey clearly regrets what he did and try really hard to make up for his mistake. Mike and Katrina's working together is kinda awesome too.
Best Comeback : Scottie, duh! I love her dynamic with Harvey and she seems to be the only one Harvey's not being a total jerk to. So, stick around Scottie. Keep Harvey on the leash!
Hopes for 3.5 : As much as I love all the drama, I'd love for them to return to small cases, one per episode. Also, I hope at the end of 3.5, Mike's cover is blown wide open and got arrested or something and next season is about Pearson Specter fighting for him. I mean, it's time right?


-Best episode...besides the finale is probably Endgame. Jessica and Harvey made up and took out Darby.
-You just got litt up will always be a fave. I want that mug.
-Mike and Jessica. The others were ...whatever but Mike's lack or respect and disregard for authoritative figures annoys me. There is a hierarchy and chain of command. He doesn't have to like Jessica but respect her as your boss and the complex partnership she has with Harvey, and know that she has valid reasons for being irritated by your existence. No one who shouldn't be there can get away with the attitude and such he displays towards Jessica, his boss.
-Pearson Specter
-Harvey and Jessica
-Less romance focus. Interesting cases. Less inner office turmoil. Suits back on track.


This season, even with all its flaws has been amazingly well written. Every episode was worth the second watch, including the surprisingly insipid finale. I did expect more of a shakedown. How about next few episodes have Louis do something unexpected with the revelation about Mike?


I give an A++++ to all the interpersonal scenes with the actors and especial kudos to Harvey and the FABULOUS Donna. But the the Hessington/Ava story had absolutely no meaning to me. It made no sense. So once I realized that, I just went with with all the enjoyment of this series from Harvey, Donna, Mike, Jessica and Louis. Wonderful summer fun.

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