Suits Summer Finale Review: A Perfect Pair

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Has Louis finally stumbled on to the unimpeachable evidence he needs to get Mike booted from the firm?

In an unexpected turn of events, just when you thought things might finally be okay, the tables turned in true Suits fashion. And if Louis' latest revelation becomes an all-out investigation, it might take much more than confidentiality agreements and crafty concealment to ensure Mike can "Stay" at Pearson Specter.

Jessica Finds Out

But before we get into that, we have to go back and trace all the intricate threads that wove their way into that heart-stopping final 60 seconds.

As is his way, Travis Tanner, played by the brilliant Eric Close, made his way back into the fold and stationed himself squarely opposite of Harvey. It seems Ava Hessington knows how to engage in malpractice as well as the most cunning of legal eagles. Why not retain the arch enemy of your former firms' top attorney? Seemed like a brilliant move. And I think we all know we're a little more than lucky that Harvey didn't deck Tanner on more than one occasion during this installment.

That's what I think is most important to recognize about all of Harvey's actions this episode: He avoided his typical behaviors, which would have seen him acting out and making the rash moves that put the firm in the crosshairs of a lawsuit in the first place. My jaw almost dropped to the floor when he looked Ava square in the face and apologized to her so sincerely. In fact, he did a lot of apologizing this installment.  

Harvey made some pretty big, rather juvenile mistakes this first half of season three, starting with his decision to cast his lot with Darby in "The Arrangement." Ever since he's been fighting to get back in Jessica's good graces, getting his name on the door, and using different aspects of Hessington's case to fight personal battles both internally and externally, not to mention fending off Stephen Huntley, Darby's attack dog. The whole experience has clearly humbled him to some degree, which is shocking - and yet refreshing.

Which is why I almost fell out of my chair each time Harvey swore up and down to Scottie that he really was deeply affected by Tanner's attacks on her. Don't even get me started about him admitting to Scottie that he wanted her in his life.

While this puts the kibosh on the possibility of Donna and Harvey having a thing just yet - maybe we should just let them assume a brother/sister relationship status and put the romance to rest - I am really liking the prospect of seeing Harvey deal with emotional investment in another human being. I can't help but wonder if something about his conversation with Mike managed to stick. Maybe he realized he wasn't as big of a fan of the road he was on as he thought and decided to try something new. I am certainly hoping so, and wishing him and Scottie all the best.

Harvey wasn't the only one dealing with seriously heavy relationship stuff, as Mike and Rachel certainly bore their fair share. The contentious Stanford/Columbia debate was weighing on this pair heavily enough that Jessica had to swoop in, in all her infinite knowledge, and slap Rachel with an affidavit stating she was aware that Mike was a fake. I am still asking myself why this was the time to have something like this signed. And why does Jessica keep referring to it as "her business?" 

Anyway, the real point is that Mike and Rachel's relationship is probably going to be stronger than it ever was now that Rachel has not only signed the affadavit, but also managed to get Jessica to waive the Harvard rule, which I know will play into a future plot. Rachel gets to go to law school, be with her man and has practically secured her legal future with Jessica. That's definitely wins all around.

What I think I most appreciated about this most recent snag in their romance was watching Mike work his way through it. He went to Harvey to ask for advice, and really struggled after Jessica tasked him with making her sign that stupid piece of paper. I swore he was about to cry when he was expressing his frustration to Harvey about losing little pieces of happiness. I have never felt more connected to Mike than during that short conversation. It gives me no greater joy than to see everything work out - at least for now - between those two love birds. 

Speaking of connections, it appears Louis has made one with our favorite female Louis, Sheila Zasz. They're going steady now. It doesn't surprise me that he misread the signs about Sheila suddenly pulling the rug out from under him when he refused to take the day off, unleashing her vengeful wrath. Their relationship has always been a fun thing to watch, the few times we've seen them interact. Now that their an item, one wonders if we won't see her a bit more often.

Was the only one terrified when Louis started looking through those files? I am pretty sure I heard a collective gasp when he set his sights on the "R" portion of the alphabet. I know it will take him forever to put the pieces together. It's already been two seasons and he's just barely bumped up against the possibility before and been misdirected. But what more might he find to lead him to the truth, and more importantly, will that affidavit Rachel signed have anything to do with it?

I know there's one person we likely won't be seeing again, and that Stephen Huntley. In a much deserved moment of awesome, Donna got the ultimate revenge on Stephen. Not only was she there to see the rat put in jail, she also got him to confess that he'd perjured himself in his affidavit that implicated Scottie in the murder plot. Why is she so awesome all the time?

One has to wonder, though, now that Jessica and Harvey are the only names on the door, does this mean all is well that ended well? Of course we know that Louis will be thoroughly investigating the possibility of Mike not having attended Harvard, which is the whole premise of the show. But now that there is no middle man or foreign partners, might we finally get to see the firm as it was in Suits Season 1? That is to say, will we have a case of the week each week and a heavy dose of character development to look forward to?

Overall, I really enjoyed seeing so many characters return for the finale in their various capacities, and can't wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us when it returns this winter.


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You write very well!


I am starting to bore with this show now. The first season was great but since the mid way point of S2 it has pretty much turned into a big bore fest with people double crossing everyone etc. Whilst I am a fan of longer story line arcs, this Ava one has dragged on way too long and like someone else has said I have often found myself doing other stuff during the episodes (goggling new shows, Facebook etc). Similar to S2 ending, it was all a bit of an anti climax. Mike started the show off as the main act (along with Harvey) but he is now nothing more than a mid card player (now a rather annoying arrogant one at that) who's only real story line this season was an awkward and uninteresting relationship with Rachel. They went with this hook up far too early and its now redundant. I remember S1 with the girl Jenny and Trevor. That had some mileage in it yet they ended it far too quick just to hook up Mike/Rachel. Sorry to the girl who plays her but I just can't take to Rachel at all. Even the blonde associate is more interesting. Jessica...annoys me now! Her constant one lines and 'big girl' attitude just seem constantly forced. Harvey I still really like but I just think he has been 'wooden' this season. Maybe giving him Scottie will bring back his swagger. Louis...well what can I say. He is the man!! Plain and simple!! By the sounds of you would think I hated the show, I don't I just remember how good it was and how far it seems to have fallen.


LOVED IT !!!!! I agree with other comments about the season focus on 1 case too much. But I loved this finale ! The changes in Harvey are welcome ( even though I expect him to go back to his old self).
Ava BE GONE ! The way Harvey bitch-slapped Tanner was awesome ! Come on The guy did EVERYTHING to keep her from going to jail and she turns against him. Sure his personal feud got in the way but nah, the blame was not on him.
Donna just nailed it ! Stephen BE GONE !
Rachel going to Jessica was brilliant ! She is her father's daughter ! She'll make a fantastic lawyer ! Mike and her though... we'll see !
Louis... him and Sheila make me laugh ! They're so good together. Hilarious when he did not pick up the signals and Mike had to tell him. But the ending,
that was BAD ! I cannot wait to see what happens next !


Really tired of Mike/Rachel whining & arguing and then Mike moping around. I was hoping she would go to Stanford & be gone. I really don't know what Ava thought Harvey did to her but he busted his butt to get her off. I wish Louis would leave the Mike/Harvard degree alone. Love that Donna got Stephen's confession for Harvey. As usual Jessica is a witch. I don't know if I want to see a softer side of Harvey. I like his edginess.


I agree with a number of the comments regarding the Hessington case. With the exception of episode 2, I thought this season was on the dull side. Too much focus on Eva and too much focus on one case. The first season was the best. The general USA network formula-good banter, light romance, likable characters, and interesting cases every week. Second season - a couple of good episodes but generally a couple shades darker than the first season and the writing lost some quirkiness. The third season tried to be edgy, but really lost my interest after the second episode. Not sure if there should be in bred dating already on season 3 with Mike and Rachel. Generally tv shows do not go there until season 5 or writing staff has run out of ideas. Harvey was a likeable guy from past seasons, but is he still Harvey with this romantic side with Scottie? Same question with Louis. Hope the winter episodes are better than this third season openers.

Sarah silva

Just when I was starting to like Louis, he has to go and riffle through the Harvard files AFTER he was told not to touch anything.
I love Gabriel Macht, he was especially sexy this episode! So has Harvey finally opened himself up to love with Scottie? Personally I would rather see that with Donna but still it was nice to see Harvey realize a relationship will not make him weak.
I am glad that Rachel decided to go to Columbia. Rachel will make a great lawyer and I love that Jessica does not intimidate her. She had no issues going to Jessica and negotiating a deal to work there after she is done school.
I do not like Jessica, never have and never will. She has her moments like when they were in the deposition and she was putting Teddy in his place BUT then she turns around and threatens Mike again!
I can not wait until January.


Worst season ever. I could barely stay focused for an entire episode. I kept doing other stuff cause I got so bored with the case. every week, Ava Hessington, blah blah ... okwe get it, move on!


I couldn't stand this season or even understand it! Every week people switched sides and liked the persons they hated the week before. I want the show to go back to Season 1 style where there are different cases they work on each week together and stop all the confusing conspiracies which are boring.


I really hope Pearson Specter & Litt is not what they are going for although it does have a nice ring to it :))))
Louis may be a good lawyer but I don t think he is anywhere near Harvey/Jessica's level Also I don t want another season with the same issues of "I want my name on the door"


So is Tanner Charlie Brown to Harvey's Lucy? The keep bringing him back he goes for bad thinks he will beat Harvey only to get beaten each time. Honestly I would like to see Tanner beat Harvey at leas once. I understand originally that was the plan when the character was first introduced. I'd like for Tanner to find out about Mike and they have to hire Tanner to keep him quiet, Eric Close is kind of being wasted on Nashville.

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