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James Spader is always great but he seems to be replaying the mannerisms and intonations of his last role on Boston Legal. And I wish he'd let his hair grow. This style makes him look just plain pudgy--not a good look for a master criminal. Also I am growing weary of all the conflicted but highly competent beautiful young women in law enforcement. This week I recorded Hostages and watched The Blacklist. Next week, I think I'll reverse the process.


I thought it was great, and most people on the Blacklist Facebook page also think it was great. It's mixed amongst posters on the IMDb boards, but I would say it's about 65% like it, and only 35% dislike it. I think James Spader is a terrific actor, and it is wonderful to have back in a show worthy of his talents.


I liked it. I think he's her real father, too. It did sound to me like she was abused by her criminal father (and not sexually, but that he intentionally burned her to hurt her). I also got the impression that he wasn't a true criminal, but only accused of being a traitor and giving secrets away and that while he was wanted he was compiling hist list and making the contacts he can call on now. Lot's of possibilities. But what I hope is not the case is that every single person turns out to be some kind of enemy agent and no one is what they seem at all.


Very poor.


Man, this is terrible.

And guys, pro tip: if you need to make a criminal very, very smart, don't go around doing that by making all of the cops who come within a half mile of him interminably stupid.


Im calling it now he is HER Father.


delphincik i dont no what show you watched. I thought it was very well written & the whole thing it was based on non sense is a non starter what did you expect??? Them to drop on us why he turned himself in etc straight away?


I liked it! Of course I was busy becoming a pile of mush over Spader... But besides that, the mystery really sucked me in!


didn't like it, a pilot based on non-sense, poorly written, in my opinion
it's not going to see a second season

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