The Newsroom Review: Tomorrow's Too Late

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I'll admit it. Last year about this time I was watching The Newsroom just waiting for the season to end. As much as I'm an Aaron Sorkin fan and I loved the cast, the stories just weren't clicking for me.

Fast forward, though, and as I'm watching "Election Night, Part I" I can't get enough of The Newsroom season 2. My only true disappointment is that there's just one episode left.

Jim's Realization

The aftermath of Operation Genoa is the gift that keeps on giving. As Charlie Skinner lamented last week that ACN had lost the public trust, Leona's order to get it back won't be so easy. Charlie even feels for Will in this The Newsroom quote as he's about to anchor six hours of election night coverage...

Someone has to endure the soul swallowing humiliation of having their name and face broadcast next to the ACN logo for the next six hours. | permalink

Yeah, to say spirits are low is an extreme understatement. And what does it mean when the unhappiest guy in the building appoints himself morale manager? Nothing good can come of this.

As bad as things are for the News Night crew, MacKenzie takes it the hardest. Obviously not sleeping, she looks like hell - or as Will puts it…

You look like you were grown in an environment where it's dark and damp. | permalink

 It's pretty bad and in some ways it's only going to get worse.

Mac is begging to be fired. She wants to be put out of her misery and due to how Will had her contract written up, he's the only one who can do it. It's a little unclear whether that fact leads her to push all of Will's buttons or she's just so consumed with guilt that she's wrapped this career debacle around the personal one she created when she cheated on him.

Mac accuses Will of being a bomb waiting to detonate to which he responds…

Will: I'm sorry I didn't explode for you.
Mac: It's a long night. | permalink

At that point I knew he'd fire her before the hour was up and I wasn't wrong. The dialogue combined with the performances of Emily Mortimer and Jeff Daniels made for a riveting scene. Mac and Will share a painful history and it infuses everything they do and say six years later.  

As much as I root for their happy ending, I also love watching them step through the minefield of their entwined personal and professional lives. 

But theirs isn't the only story of the night. Charlie is having a full on meltdown as he begs for anyone close to Leona to get her to change her mind. It's hard to say which is better: watching him banter with Rebecca, beg Reese or go off the deep end as he hears about the General Petraeus story. 

And Jerry is suing Don Keefer for calling him a sociopath, for which he wants an additional $20 million. As much as I think Don's rant against the little weasel (and can one be sued for calling him a weasel?), I feel like at Don's professional level he should know better than to give such a scathingly bad recommendation. Of course anger has been known to shove common sense out the window on many an occasion. 

My only issue is with Sloan, who comes off like a bit of an idiot during the election night coverage. As amusing as it is to watch, was the book signature so distracting that she couldn't do her job without making a fool of herself on camera?

Of course Will's, “I apologize. I was trapped by my own sentence structure” line had me smiling so hard that I came close to forgetting my annoyance with anything.

So who thinks Mac will leave ACN? Will Jim's screw up come back to bite him? And am I the only one both looking forward to the season finale and not wanting The Newsroom season 2 to end?


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My favorite episode of the season. It had a bit of the Season 1 feel to it - with the team collaborating on a newscast about a 'real life' event. I've missed the actual newscasts and all the craziness going on around them. I personally have had enough of Genoa so I was glad to see if not take front & center quite as much. Also nice to see more of the focus back on Will and Don has become a favorite this season.


Suits has more than 10 episodes though


@Terrie I think the point is not that the show is expensive (though I'm sure they are very expensive with the production and personnel quality). I think the 9 to 13 episode seasons are a choice made by the network and creators in order to provide a concise, well-written storyline without the useless plots and side stories that go nowhere that tend to plague network television shows. In fact more shows (even those on network tv) have said that they are moving to a similar "limited-series" format. Additionally I believe the creative process (concept, writing, filming, editing, reshoots) for some of these shows (specifically Game of Thrones and Newsroom) takes almost a full year just for 10 episodes.


Great episode. I was happy with Season 1. But Season 2 has been very solid and very strong, addressing all of the criticism of last year and providing little to legitimately complain about this year. Jane Fonda basically secured a second consecutive Emmy nomination next year with her performance in Episode 7, and based on this season there should be more nominations issued next year than the Daniels and Fonda nods this year.


I'm really sick of these quality series(True Blood, Newsroom, Suits, etc.) only having damn 10 episodes and have to wait a year or longer for more!!!!! That is ridiculous!!!!! It must be getting ridiculously expensive to produce these shows.......... The show last night was awesome........I can actually imagine what happened on the show happening in a REAL newsroom...........and am sure it just don't hear about it as much.

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The Newsroom Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Will: It was a great story.
Rebecca: If only it had been true.

Hallie: You believe I would violate our trust for a story.
Jim: I believe you'd sell me into slavery for a story.