The Vampire Diaries Exclusive: Ian Somerhalder on "Dark Underbelly" of Mystic Falls, Trouble for Delena and More!

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Damon Salvatore is 172 years old and Elena Gilbert is only 18.

But this wild age difference actually will not be the biggest obstacle in the way of the couple's happiness on The Vampire Diaries Season 5, not according to Ian Somerhalder.

We sat down with the star on the show's Atlanta set last week, asking him about the state of Delena as we head into new episodes this fall... what may get in their way as time moves along... whether Damon will be on to Silas masquerading as Stefan... and how fans can help with his ongoing charity efforts.

As always, it was an engaging, entertaining, informative interview with the affable actor. Watch now:

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Love that Man, so beautifull and smart, and wonderful Human Being. Damon is My Favorite Character, and ians phenamonal Portrayal of that complex and multilayered character has a lot to do with that.


Whoever wrote the subtitles for this obviously doesn't watch the show...Stephen? Catherine? Alana? ...just annoying, fyi.


Such a great guy inside and out. Down to earth, genuine, funny, lovable. What i do to meet him!!!


jeremy and damon together,not dat bad i lyk it...jst wanna see elena and damon together as one,am tired of caroline/tyler boring relationship,but its perfect if she can just adjust to the hybrid.and pls nomore the triangle relationship i.e stefan-elena-damon.elena and damon pls be together always an for ever.


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Spindae 2o

He is such a nice guy. Unbelievable he is so down to Earth. Really great guy, love his action Damon, not mouping after Elena one. Hopefully he get´s more action in S05!


can't wait for Season 5. Ian is as gorgeous as ever. Jeremy and Damon living together should be hilarious. There had there problems, but somehow it seems, that jeremy is always drawn to Damon, and he was so proud when Damon let Him help, in season 4,.He said to Damon, see, I told you i can be a badass:-) and of course I can't wait for Delena.


When have Jeremy and Damon ever gotten along? They haven't since season 1 pre-Jeremy getting his memories back.

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