The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Tub Time for Delena

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With less than a week to go until The Vampire Diaries Season 5 kicks off, The CW has released the first clip from Thursday's "I Know What You Did Last Summer."

And it features Elena and Damon in a bathtub. Really, what else do you need to know? Watch now:

The opener picks up three months after events from the May finale, with Delena going stronger than ever.

But, despite the allure of a nearly naked Damon Salvatore in her bathroom, Elena does, indeed go off to college. And she and Caroline are in for quite a shock when they arrive at Whitmore.

What else can fans expect from the premiere? A threesome, two deaths and Silas on the rampage.

Tune in next Thursday and we'll meet you in our Vampire Diaries forum for a full discussion of the episode.

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Hay that is nice and a cute couple with Damon and Elena just as delena so I just wish if I can meet u gys love u and mostly my favorite movie about vampires this looks like its real v ampire instead of the other movie about vampires.


Damon and Elena.


HOMAGE-I never knew how much love I had inside me……….13 year old book.13 years have passed. I am still romancing with this vampire . I feel must be out of print now. I still remember my review.......I was so young then and madly in love with this vampire but could not admit to myself...... This is the story of a vampire, Al, who falls in love with a mortal woman, Roshani. The story developed very well, telling the tale of Al, the vampire and how he grew to accept his new existence. That all changes once he sees Rosahni. Even though, she is not an immortal, he can not prevent himself from falling in love with her. That love leads to his ultimate downfall as he physically and mentally transforms himself into a human. Such sacrifice depressed me entirely. . . Everyone knows (especially if you read my other reviews) that I have a weak spot for vampires. Not just for any old vampire but for the ones who are quite happy being immortal and who find a love strong enough to last throughout eternity. This story was good but I would have preferred a different fate for Al and Roshni. Oh, why did it have to end in such a way?? What can I say, I am a helpless romantic for immortals! :)- Rainbow by Dr. Makarand Fulzele (Author) ISBN-10: 0595192319


Waiting for TVD !!!

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That pit is called guilt. You feel terrible because you broke Stefan's heart. And that nagging feeling is your brain waking up to tell you that you've made a horrible, yet completely reversible, mistake.


You brought a panini press?

Elena [to Caroline]