TV Ratings Report: Premieres Plummet, Betrayal Bombs

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This just in: there was actually television on last night aside from the Breaking Bad finale.

Not that many viewers were aware of that fact, considering the noticeable low numbers for a number of returning programs.

Once Upon a Time and Revenge both returned down on ABC, while Betrayal opened to 32 percent less of an audience than greeted 666 Park Avenue a year ago. It's already on the cancellation clock. Scroll down for a look at the overall figures and keep in ind that CBS shows are likely to be adjusted due to football overruns...

Down Goes Emma?

8 p.m.
The Simpsons: 6.2 million total viewers/Bob's Burgers: 4.4 million
Once Upon a Time: 8.4 million
60 Minutes/The Amazing Race: 8.7 million

9 p.m.
Family Guy: 5.2 million
Revenge: 8 million
The Amazing Race/The Good Wife: 8.9 million

10 p.m.
The Good Wife/The Mentalist: 7.9 million
Betrayal 5.2 million

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it was bad idea for them to premiere new stuff last night, everyone was watching breaking bad.
I liked Betrayal but that may have to do with me liking Stuart Townsend though.


I thought Betrayal was really boring. Once upon was good and I never could get into Revevenge. I loved The Good Wife.


Revenge and Once were actually way up from their spring finales. Revenge went up almost 2 million and .7 in the demo. Be more accurate and do your research please.

Sarah silva

Well I guess I will stop watching Betrayal anymore then. Why can't ABC get a show on Sundays that lasts?!?!?!? First Pan Am then 666!