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The ending to "Regrets," the finale of another stellar season of Wilfred, left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth.

This summer has delved into the mythology of Wilfred much more frequently than ever before. There was a stretch in the middle where three or four episode in a row were giving us new information about Ryan's issue, which of course led to viewers asking even more questions about what on earth was actually going on.


Sure, things slowed down on that end for a while over the last month, but when things ramped back up in a big way during the finale - Henry Newman finding out that Ryan talks to Wilfy, the letter addressed to Ryan with the "symbol" on it, etc. - it was easy to expect a big revelation as the half hour winded down.

I'll now reference the David Zuckerman quote once again, in which he said last July that "we have a pretty big reveal at the end of the season that answers a few questions, and raises many more."

To that I ask: what exactly does Ryan finding a stone image of a man in a dog suit the "symbol" on its stomach answer? It's interesting for sure. And it could certainly lead to some answers next season, but the latter part of Zuckerman's statement was definitely more accurate; it "raises many more."


I've said it before. When we learn what the deal is with Wilfred, Wilfred will cease to be a show, so I understand that some of these frustrations are hypocritical.

This comedy is absolutely hilarious, the characters are extremely fun to be around and the mythology is fun to follow along with... so if there aren't any answers along the way we should be fine with that from a show like Wilfred.

However, it also seems a lot like teasing at this point. Prior seasons felt deliberate in their decisions to give us mythology. It was usually at the beginning and end of its run, piquing our interest at key moments, but letting it subside for the majority of the time.

This time around, they continued to lead us on, making us need to have something answered. We were given a broken statue on the side of the road that may or may not get sidelined when we return to the show next summer.

Like I said, it was a bitter taste that I left with, which is unfortunate, because Wilfred weason 3 was once again one of the funniest, well made and thought-provoking seasons of comedy this year.

I'll leave you with some of our favorite lines from the finale. Don't forget to head over to our Wilfred quotes section, and then let us know what you thought of "Regrets" in the comments.

  • Drew: Thanks for the devagification.
  • Wilfred: There's a missing three minutes...just enough time for her to take a ride on some bank teller's moustache.
  • Kristen: Arturo wants Joffrey to spend more time with the Ramos family so he can learn Spanish. What's next, landscaping camp?
  • Wilfred: It's not gay. It's funny. It's edgy.
    Ryan: Wilfred, you put your penis in my mouth while I was asleep. Then you took a picture of it and put it on a coffee mug.
  • Wilfred (to Ryan): Your face is the saddle Jenna's been giddy-upping on?
Note: On third watch, the ending did actually reveal something. If that stone was in fact sitting there, and not just in Ryan's head, then it revealed that there is a history to this whole Wilfred thing. The symbol, the statue, and Ryan's/Mom's craziness are much more likely to have a historical significance at this point. It doesn't seem to be anything you would call "normal" mental illness. I definitely overlooked that fact because all along I never thought the answer to Wilfred would be "Oh, Ryan is just sick. That's the end of it." That would have been a lame explanation.


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I absolutely love this show and hate that I have to wait so long for the next season, but I may be coming a bit undone myself since we're getting so few clues to the mystery of Wilfred. So, I've decided to speculate what's happening to sort of satiate myself so I don't obsess too much. It's clear that at the 436 address, there once stood a home, which is pretty obvious from the steps and free-standing fireplace. I propose that it's the site of traumatizing event(s) that happened to both Ryan and his mother. For now, I'm going with some type of abuse from Ryan's grandmother to both of them, and that in the case of Ryan's abuse he endured it by focusing on the alien-like dog statue. Maybe he imagines adventures w/ the dog? Ah well, only 9 months to go 'til season 4...


*piquing. Not "peaking". Your interest was piqued, not peaked.


It all starts back during ryan's therapy when he goes into his subconscious mind and saw wilfred going into a space ship. In the series finally at one point when ryan mentions the drawing wilfred says "It's a dead end, we've looked into to everything even aliens." Wilfred holds up a piece of paper with the exact same symbol as the statue at the end of the episode just as he mentions aliens. And even before I even remembered about the space ship scene and the symbol I thought to myself "wow that statue looks a lot like an alien." I encourage you to go back and look at the statue to see how much he really does look like an alien.


If you didn't expect dead end leads and a cliffhanger finale with more questions than answers I dont know if you've actually watched Wilfred. They love to mess with our heads and leave us guessing.

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Thanks for the devagification.