Alexis Castle: Love Her or Hate Her?

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Alexis Castle first graced our screens as one of the most mature, responsible children seen on TV in years.

So it's a little surprising to hear fans using words like selfish, irresponsible and foolish when speaking about Rick Castle's teenage daughter.

Below, we look at both sides of the Alexis Castle debate. After six seasons, it's time to decide if Alexis has become a barely tolerable spoiled brat... or simply a typical young lady going through some growing pains. Weigh in now!


Who's Had Enough of Alexis Castle?

Oh, how things have changed.

Over the years Alexis Castle has been given everything by her overly generous and incredibly loving father... and yet more and more we watch her push the limits. This season her behavior may have pushed us to ours.

Who is this girl who wanders home from her jungle adventure (one which Daddy paid for) with a freeloading boyfriend in tow? Who replaced our well-mannered teen with this inconsiderate brat who doesn't even consult her father before having an annoying moocher take up residence on the sofa?

Is this really the same Alexis who diligently weighed the pros and cons of a long distance relationship? Are we now suppose to believe she'd move in with some guy she just met because he can't afford a place of his own?

And when her father questions her decision, she throws it back in his face, reminding him of his own past mistakes and how he's always said she's the smartest person in the family, not him.

Although Alexis claims she can pay her half of the rent with her work/study job, we're guessing she still has Daddy's credit cards in her purse.

Our favorite TV teen has gone from loving and responsible to self absorbed and inconsiderate. Alexis' behavior is reminding us a lot more of her mother, Meredith, and we're not the least bit pleased.

Bring back the old Alexis…because the one on our screens on Castle season 6 is simply intolerable!

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We'll Always Love Alexis!

These are challenging times for Alexis Castle.

Let's face it. She's led a bit of a sheltered life as the only daughter of the famous Richard Castle. The two have always been an inseparable team. No woman - not Alexis' mother nor ex-wife Gina - ever came close to the depth of love and devotion Castle held for his only daughter.

Until Kate Beckett walked in.

The type of love may be different but the feeling runs just as deep… and that's virgin territory for Alexis. Whether the girl realizes it on a conscious level or not, that's having an affect on her behavior.

So in walks Pi who is cute, fun and doesn't understand boundaries. Remind you of anyone? Plus, he seems to need some taking care of... perhaps the way Alexis used to take care of her dad before Kate took over the job.

Yes, Alexis is a smart girl who's main focus has been her studies and, yes, she once researched the pros and cons of long distance relationship before jumping in. But this is also the same girl who decided to cut her senior year short to follow her boyfriend. And she once considered being an Economics major simply so she and Ashley could spend more time together.

What I'm saying is that perhaps Alexis hasn't changed as much as we think. She may have moments where she appears inconsistent and inconsiderate but don't most teenagers from time to time?

Alexis is finding her way, growing up and figuring out who she is. Is moving in with Pi a mistake? Most likely but we all make them and Alexis is smart enough to learn from hers. And hasn't Castle always pushed Alexis to take more chances and have more fun?  Well, be careful what you wish for.

Whether Alexis has found her one and done or it all falls apart, both she and the audience know that she'll always have Castle there with open arms, no matter what.

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Answer our poll and then give us your thoughts on the Alexis debate in the comments below.

What's happening with Alexis Castle?

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I used to like Alexis; not anymore. I don't know why the writers have turned her into an ungrateful, disrespectful, and stupid young woman (she certainly could have picked a better boyfriend). I remember when she cried just because she had lied to Castle. Now she brings home a leech without asking her father for permission, gets in his face, disapproves of him (!) then gives him the cold shoulder for months. I hate her "new" character, and so does my husband.


Has anyone thought that maybe that is not Alexis? This girl has gone from being an extraordinary mature young woman to an ordinary immature spoiled rich brat in a very short period of time. Some say she is just growing up but if she has gone from mature to a brat how can that be? She is unhappy that her father is getting married to someone that he loves and has been in his life for years? What is the alternative, she grows up and goes her way and daddy spends the rest of his life alone? Now there is a loving intelligent child for you. Who is paying for the brat and Fruitboy to play house? Daddy and or a nice fat trust fund? Does anyone know who Pi is, does Alexis know his last name? I would have had his finger prints and DNA running through several data bases long before he spent his second night on the couch. Alexis could yell foul all she wanted but you can't trust someone who is no longer trustworthy. If that really is newly wild child Ally then let her and the fruity one move to Berkeley and sell t-shirts on street corners.


Alexis is intolerable and I don't even watch scenes with her in it any more. When Pi comes on the screen, I get up and go to the powder room or the fridge. I hate what the writers have done with Alexis' character and the idiocy of adding this mooching fruitcake character. I will truly stop watching if I have to keep watching this stupidity going on week after week. I know I will not be buying the season 6 DVD if things don't change. Between the DC storyline and this freeloading fruitcake, I don't want to watch the shows again. Marlow, fire the new writer and get rid of the crap.!


I have an 18 and a 16 year old daughter who are bright, insightful, and mature for their ages (and beautiful) . I was always so glad that Alexis' character was depicted as a young woman who tried to make good choices and weigh consequences. My daughters also appreciated this about her. It is upsetting to me that she has turned against her father and is making him apologize for his feelings about Pi and about her choices. My daughters would never presume to allow someone to live in my home without asking, or ignore my feelings of disdain. It seems unrealistic that she is behaving this way as she seems to suddenly have no love or compassion for her father.
I wish the writers would use this as an opportunity to show a healthier way to move into adulthood where there is compromise and respect. When my daughters have made decisions that I didn't agree with, I didn't have to lie and tell them that I approved. They knew that even though I disagreed, I would still be there to help navigate and advise and no matter what, they know I come from love and genuinely care for there best interest. Because they know this, they are willing to at least weigh my point of view. It would just be nice if writers could depict a healthier daughter/parent relationship. I feel like her character had the unique position of being someone that other young women could look up to and emulate. Too bad that is no longer the case.


If Alexis were my kid and being snarky about whether or not I accept her boyfriend. I would remind her who is paying for her college and see how well she can manage when I stop paying. The last episode just totally annoyed me. Please, please, please writers...give Castle a backbone and have him put his foot down.

@ Frankie

Make a petition for a 3XK comeback since his story was hijacked into a crap heap with everything from rubbish writing to the directing of photography. Bring him back from the dead and just to snuff out the mean pimple girl.

@ Frankie

Do we know for sure that Castle is paying for Alexis college? She was class valedictorian at an exclusive NY High School. She could very well be on an academic scholarship which has little to do with need, so dad's money wouldn't matter. It's never been stated only assumed. We do know that Alexis stated that moving into the apartment would save Castle money on the dorm. Food for thought!

@ castlefan1212

She couldn't have gotten a scholarship because she's too busy playing with her friends after school to be that high up there in her grades. Competition sucks.

@ castlefan1212

I think that her even bringing up that it would save him money on the dorm implies he's paying for her schooling -- but I don't think that whether or not Castle is paying for anything should make any difference to the minimum amount of respect that the overwhelming majority of kids would show either of their parents. I really suspect this is all just the Hollywood in crowd being clueless.



@ Your Mom


@ Your Mom

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Faceplam and joyeful
I agree they give her far to much of a pass. She lies about where she's going to town (in the episode where she pays for her friend's shoplifting), but Castle is in the wrong for using the GPS app to catch her in her lie. How's that again? She brings this idiot she met on a trip (paid for by her father) to live in his house without ever telling him and the idiot proceeds to insult the father's line of work (the snark about spelling), trash the place, empy the fridge, feels free to walk into someonelse's beadroom without even knocking and according to Alexis, Dad's the one not giving the idiot enough time to grow on him? I'd have had him arrested for trespassing the day I found him in the house. I've put one child through college, out of town, and one currently in school who is living at home. Neither of them had any doubt that my wife and I set the rules until you are fully paying your own way. We are open to reasonable discussion, but moving in with girlfriens was off the table. You want to take that step, you do it on your own. The last scene should have been Castle telling Alexis he finds it unacceptable that she has been so inconsiderate and that she is living with an irresponsilbe idiot, but it's her life, so yes he'll let her. By the way, that means you're paying for your own school and expenses, so the credit cards are canceled and I've changed the locks on the apartment, have fun now.


I love the show, but the way Alexis has always been written has always rubbed me the wrong way. No matter what, she's never wrong, and there are never any negative consequences for her actions. Castle is the only one who the writers seem to feel needs to learn something every time a conflict arises.

@ Facepalm



It's a case of the character becoming the actress as opposed to the actress becoming the character. Even at PaleyFest she came across as being more than a bit spoiled. The writers haven't a clue of what to do with the character and she's clearly no longer the precocious girl who played mother hen to an immature father in the first few seasons.


If I spoke to my father like that I'd have been kicked out the house. Castle just takes her cr*p and then he has to apologise? He didn't handle the dinner the best, but stacked up against what a self centred little b*tch Alexis is right now, I can hardly blame him.

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