Alexis Castle: Love Her or Hate Her?

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Alexis Castle first graced our screens as one of the most mature, responsible children seen on TV in years.

So it's a little surprising to hear fans using words like selfish, irresponsible and foolish when speaking about Rick Castle's teenage daughter.

Below, we look at both sides of the Alexis Castle debate. After six seasons, it's time to decide if Alexis has become a barely tolerable spoiled brat... or simply a typical young lady going through some growing pains. Weigh in now!


Who's Had Enough of Alexis Castle?

Oh, how things have changed.

Over the years Alexis Castle has been given everything by her overly generous and incredibly loving father... and yet more and more we watch her push the limits. This season her behavior may have pushed us to ours.

Who is this girl who wanders home from her jungle adventure (one which Daddy paid for) with a freeloading boyfriend in tow? Who replaced our well-mannered teen with this inconsiderate brat who doesn't even consult her father before having an annoying moocher take up residence on the sofa?

Is this really the same Alexis who diligently weighed the pros and cons of a long distance relationship? Are we now suppose to believe she'd move in with some guy she just met because he can't afford a place of his own?

And when her father questions her decision, she throws it back in his face, reminding him of his own past mistakes and how he's always said she's the smartest person in the family, not him.

Although Alexis claims she can pay her half of the rent with her work/study job, we're guessing she still has Daddy's credit cards in her purse.

Our favorite TV teen has gone from loving and responsible to self absorbed and inconsiderate. Alexis' behavior is reminding us a lot more of her mother, Meredith, and we're not the least bit pleased.

Bring back the old Alexis…because the one on our screens on Castle season 6 is simply intolerable!

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We'll Always Love Alexis!

These are challenging times for Alexis Castle.

Let's face it. She's led a bit of a sheltered life as the only daughter of the famous Richard Castle. The two have always been an inseparable team. No woman - not Alexis' mother nor ex-wife Gina - ever came close to the depth of love and devotion Castle held for his only daughter.

Until Kate Beckett walked in.

The type of love may be different but the feeling runs just as deep… and that's virgin territory for Alexis. Whether the girl realizes it on a conscious level or not, that's having an affect on her behavior.

So in walks Pi who is cute, fun and doesn't understand boundaries. Remind you of anyone? Plus, he seems to need some taking care of... perhaps the way Alexis used to take care of her dad before Kate took over the job.

Yes, Alexis is a smart girl who's main focus has been her studies and, yes, she once researched the pros and cons of long distance relationship before jumping in. But this is also the same girl who decided to cut her senior year short to follow her boyfriend. And she once considered being an Economics major simply so she and Ashley could spend more time together.

What I'm saying is that perhaps Alexis hasn't changed as much as we think. She may have moments where she appears inconsistent and inconsiderate but don't most teenagers from time to time?

Alexis is finding her way, growing up and figuring out who she is. Is moving in with Pi a mistake? Most likely but we all make them and Alexis is smart enough to learn from hers. And hasn't Castle always pushed Alexis to take more chances and have more fun?  Well, be careful what you wish for.

Whether Alexis has found her one and done or it all falls apart, both she and the audience know that she'll always have Castle there with open arms, no matter what.

Now it's your turn, TV Fanatics. Answer our poll and then give us your thoughts on the Alexis debate in the comments below.

What's happening with Alexis Castle?

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I'm done with her and so very close to being done with the show too because of how they are writing her. She wants it both ways. Her dad to accept and support her choices, no matter what, with zero consideration for any one else but what she wants. She compares her 5 minute relationship with Pi to a 5 year relationship with a women Rick is engaged too? Selfish teenage brat.


Have just watched the latest episode... I say that Alexis is reacting to the fact that she is no longer Castle's number one - he has Beckett now, and she is feeling a little left out. Without spoilers for those that haven't seen it yet, let's just say that the early logic- driven Alexis has left the building and the emotional, b1tchy Alexis has moved in! However, Rick hasn't handled things the best either, so to be fair it's not over the top that she is acting out. She is trying to find a new anchor considering, in her mind at least, her father isn't there for her anymore.


(sigh) Just saw this week's episode - we get it a day early in Canada. I officially completely dislike her now.

@ Robin Harry

Oh man, joyeful! Don't say another word. I won't get to see it until tomorrow night. I can't wait to see if I agree with you.

@ Christine Orlando

No spoilers from me :-) But I do think that it will make the fans even more divisive about her character. Looking forward to the review tonight!


I think it would be really funny if it turned out there was some conspiracy theory worthy of Castle himself.
For example maybe Pi actually has some amazing unarmed combat skills, and was hired by Castle's father to keep a watchful eye on Alexis while she was in Costa Rica. Maybe he was supposed to keep a respectful distance, but Alexis noticed his interest in her and rather liked it. Anyway, just as Pi totally annoys me, and Alexis' behaviour does too, I've been so impressed with the great plot twists Andrew Marlowe and his amazing writing team have come up with so far, it's hard to imagine that there's not something in the wind.

@ worromot42

I've been leaning towards this theory - simply because the show has never really wasted a character. I actually don't have a problem with Pi at all - he's a bit annoying, but I'm interested to see what they're going to do with him.

@ worromot42

I've been entertaining this theory for awhile. No other recurring character has lasted this long. There must be some type of payoff coming up.


...disrespectful, dismissive and inconsiderate to her father, and that really angers me.


The problem with Alexis is the inconsistency in her character. The reason I loved Alexis Castle is because she wasn't like any other angsty teenager on television, and I really related to that. When we first met her, she was more mature and wise than most teenagers, and as she got older, that continued. The thing is that now she's become a "typical", run-of-the-mill teenager, and that's the inconsistency. We could explain/defend her behaviour saying that any teenager would act like she would, but that's the problem. Why is she now a typical kid when she never was before? When and why did her maturity suddenly stagnate? It feels contrived and unnecessary. My other annoyance with Alexis is the way she treats her father. Say what you want about Richard Castle and his maturity level, but the man has ALWAYS been an excellent father, and continues to be. But now it's like Alexis has suddenly become unaware of that. For the past two seasons she's been absolutely disrespectful, dismissive and inconsiderate to her father, pretty much all the time, and that angers me.

@ Robin Harry

THIS....I think that is why we liked her in the beginning of the series..she was NOT the typical teenager. It was like a fresh of air, to see someone so put together and intelligent enough to help out when needed. Now, she not only lost some of her brain cells, she is like any other teenager you see on screen. This is not character development. I can't stand her now and want her gone. Also, why hasn't she been in any scenes where she even speaks to Kate. I have no idea how she feels about "Caskett". If she isn't a fan...she really needs to go. lol


I'm a little shocked at how some people are assessing her character. She's blithely oblivious to someone else's feelings (have we ever seen Martha or Rick like this? oh, yes.) But I'm not seeing insulting, or dismissive. She's just plagued with blind youthful optimism. She'll either get through it or wind up following Phish from gig to gig or, in the world of TV drama... well, who knows? :-D I grew up in an affluent community and around this age, most of my girlfriends did exactly what Alexis did. We had a lot of advantages (although none of us were drop-dead gorgeous ;-) ) Although one of us was a class valedictorian and another had her own wet bar and jukebox in her personal rec room, and we all looked like 'good girls', we experimented. We found seedy boyfriends whom we thought we could save from poverty or themselves; we lived in crappy apartments and share-rentals; we called on our parents to bail us out because that moment came when we discovered we were not actually smarter than they were. We experimented with drugs, because we thought we could handle them, and guess what? drugs suck. (I will bet you a penny Pi didn't go from Amsterdam to costa rica for the zipline tours. And that this will get him into trouble).(By the way, if you are 19 and planning on doing any of the above things, please don't bother, it's not anywhere near as fun or rewarding as you might think.) I should start to question my overuse of parentheses. Alexis is being a little arrogant and unrealistic, and she's 19, and she's right on time.
What's fun and interesting is watching poor Rick reacting to it. And... is he going to want to go through it all again when Kate's biological clock starts ticking? A moment will come when he asks himself, "Am I too old for this?" Some of us came through ok; some of us came out great; the one who looked Most Likely To Succeed has had more troubles than Job. I'm very interested to see where Alexis' character goes, and I trust that the writers know exactly what they're doing. I have a feeling they set this up pretty carefully.

@ Alana

I suppose that's one of the drawbacks of growing up with privilege. When everything is handed to you on a silver platter you learn to expect the world to revolve around you (when I say you, I'm not attacking you personally, only generalizing). You move with a sense of entitlement and rarely go out of your way to do something for someone else without expecting any benefits in return. You're taught to be selfish instead of selfless and that moral principles and ethics are secondary to your own happiness. Though I grew up in poverty, I was miraculously able to be reared in the fear and knowledge of God at a private school surrounded by wealthy people. Thankfully, a strong component of my tutelage consisted of obeying and honoring my parents and those in authority over me or else there would be consequences. The two poorest students in our graduating class ended up becoming the most successful because they had to work hard for everything they wanted. And I never had a desire to do any experimentation with drugs (ever) or sexuality (unless you count being sexually molested at the age of 10). This character Alexis has been spoiled rotten by her father and now her father is paying for it with her over-whelming selfishness (even though she started out being the daughter every father probably dreams of having); the Esposito and Ryan characters pretend to be Castle's friend but anytime he needs there help, they want something in return (which is not what true friendship is); the Beckett character wants the career and man of her dreams but as of yet remains unfamiliar with the sacrifices required to correctly balance both of those; and Castle's mom......her semi-flighty/insouciant attitude combined with Castles sense of humor keep me watching the show for the time being.....

@ Alana

Ita, I have an 18 yo daughter who is an only child & Alexis reminds me so much of her. I feel Castle's pain. Not a fun age.


I've always loved Alexis and I always will because she's a fun character and I've wante to see more of her these last couple of seasons but not like this I don't like what she's doing. Pi doesn't really make any since and seems random. One of the thoughts that goes through my mind about Pi besides him just being there to create drama is that it will lead up to a bigger story where he's some sort of psycho killer but I really daubt it he's probably just here to create drama and give Alexis a little more story.


If Marlowe persists with Alexis to be in the show, the writers need to use her in a better way. Pleas use her in scenes with Beckett to make Beckett and Castle's relationship seem that much more solid. Her character is irritating and superfluous. Alexis is not important enough to the storyline to justify her being used for so many episodes in this kind of ongoing drama over her relationship with Castle. The Pi story is badly done. It's not that Alexis is leaving and growing up. She is running off with a guy she met a month ago in a foreign country who has no passport. She is moving into her own apartment, but she is still using her father's money, which the writers are just ignoring. Pi makes no sense as a character which makes her 'growing pains'� appear forced and unrealistic. I'm really thankful the writers have at least kept Kate out of this mess, because there is no real foundation to the Alexis/Pi story.

Sue ann

The inconsistency is the fault of the writers. In fact, it is ALL the fault of the writers. The actress is a lovely young woman. That said, I have seen have seen Alexis's attitude towards her father go beyond inconsistent and inconsiderate, to insulting, dismissive, and contemptuous. The character is being badly written just now. Perhaps they need to let her rot in her apartment with Pi for a while until the show runner figures out just where he wants to go with her. Right now, she is downright unpleasant to watch. It has not just been this season, either. It started last season.

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