Arrested Development Creator to Guest Star on Community

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Arrested Development is about to meet Community.

And the Internet may explode as a result.

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Sources confirm that Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz will guest star on an episode of Community this winter, paying it forward after that sitcom's creator, Dan Harmon, made a cameo on Arrested Development Season 4 as a desert-dwelling yurt clerk.

Look for Hurwitz to stop by the NBC series as a Greendale student/party animal named Preston Koogler. And look for him to clash with anyone who tries to get in the way of him and a drunken good time.

Community finally returns from far too long of a hiatus with back-to-back episodes on Thursday, January 2.

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Could someone please tell me if Arrested Development still has a chance. I have been watching it on FXX the same 3 seasons over and over and would like to know what I can do to contribute to getting the show back on the air. I just found this show recently and LOVE IT!

@ Jamie

It actually is back! Netflix, after realizing the huge fanbase the show had and the fact that it is simply an amazing show, bought the series from fox and now is airing it on Netflix (duh!) . Season 4 just finished and as Mitchell Horwitz said in an interview, a fifth season AND a movie is possible,even though personally I'd like another season first. But there you go! And BTW, I've watched the first 3 seasons so much, I know every episode by heart, so I feel ya!

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