Arrow Spoilers: Felicity's Parents! Diggle's Past! The Black Canary!

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We are just one episode into Arrow Season 2.

But the scoops, spoilers and revealing teases are already flowing. To wit: we already know that Seth Gabel will return this fall as Count Vertigo.

And now The CW has given us our first look at Caity Lotz as The Black Canary, a casting that's left many fans confused because they assumed Katie Cassidy's Laurel would be taking on this persona. And she still may very well be.

Producers have said Lotz is simply playing the first incantation of this comic book favorite and she'll debut on the fourth installment of Arrow Season 2, "Crucible." Get a glimpse at The Black Canary and Oliver now:

Caity Lotz as The Black Canary

Elsewhere, executive producer Marc Guggenheim recently spoke to TV Guide and offered up a couple intriguing tidbits for what's on tap.

"We're definitely going to learn something pretty big about Diggle... in Episode 6," Guggenheim previewed. "And we're hoping to meet one or both of Felicity's parents at some point during Season 2."

Let the casting suggestions flow and tune in to The CW tonight at 8/7c for a new episode of Arrow.

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Looking forward to Felicity and Diggle background.


i dont remember how Sarah looked. is this her?


Black Canary is a massive part of Green Arrow's (Oliver Queeen's) lore in the comic books. There have been several incarnations of the character in the comics but the most well known is as important to GA as Lois Lane is to Superman or Mary Jane Parker is to Spiderman. However, in saying that Arrow hasn't always followed the comic book lore. I'm sure BC was mentioned by fans on sites like this in S1 as they were wondering a.) when she would arrive and b.) whether she would be an already established character or not. Cryptic I know but non readers of comics tend to get upset if you "spoiler alert" something that has been in the comics for 30 odd years and they have no idea about. Diggle and Felicity as awesome as they are were created exclusively for the show. Roy Harper, Black Canary, Laurel Lance, Malcolm Merlyn, Slade Wilson, Shado are all from the comics & well established in the Green Arrow Universe


How come in season 1 i never heard mentioning anyone speaking about Black Canary? I mean for me it is the first time I heard of this character. In Season 1 who mention the character first?


Dean Norris and Anna cump?

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