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Awkward Review: The Retelling

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Awkward Season 3 Episode 12 examined the question that is on all of our minds:

Did Matty and Jenna break up?

Keeping Secrets

As the pieces of the story finally started coming together, my only wish was that Matty wouldn’t get back together with Jenna. But, after all of it, he’s still willing to give her another shot.

He just needed some time to get past it and it was Jenna who ended up breaking it off with him:

Jenna: I can’t go back.
Matty: Are you breaking up with me?
Jenna: No, we’re breaking up with each other because this must have happened for a reason, and I can’t look at you and wonder if you still see me as the girl you fell in love with before this happened.

We’ve watched Matty grow and mature over the course of the series, going from this idealized crush in Jenna’s mind to a strong and caring man. Jenna is Matty’s first true love, and those feelings might be playing a part in his willingness to move past Jenna’s indiscretions.

But pinning his reaction solely on his feelings is a disservice to Matty; this is the man he wants to be: kind, caring and willing to help those he loves move past their mistakes.

The split puts Matty in this new element of having his heart broken and wondering what to do next. In a way, Matty and Jenna have flipped. Matty is the person we’re all rooting for and Jenna is the idealized girl that the guys are drawn to.

I’m glad Awkward Season 3 decided to blowup Jenna’s situation with Colin early on. With Jenna’s lies out in the open, I can get back to this middle ground of respecting her decisions but acknowledging that she’s making some poor choices. It’s part of growing up, even though at times Jenna feels far beyond a 17-year old girl (especially when she’s writing).

Jenna needs to work through the consequences of her actions and gain experience from them and that means making very personal decisions that are selfish, out of character and can potentially hurt other people. Jenna chose Matty over Jake, and now she’s choosing Colin over Matty.

Does Jenna like the courtship, but not the relationship? Jenna's heading to a very personal, reflective place.

A Few More Thoughts:

  • Tamara being the one to punch Colin makes life so much better, and with all the drama that’s happening I’m happy to see Awkward is still very funny.
  • Are chips and guac the new bagel and cream cheese? Is Lacey the new Sandy Cohen?
  • Now that Jenna’s made her choice, I want to learn more about Colin. What is it about him that draws Jenna so close? He’s been written pretty thin so far aside from a few key personality traits that Jenna likes about him in comparison to Matty.


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I love Jenna, and yeah she screwed up but I agree with the writer of this article. Does she not like the actual relationship aspect? I couldn't believe that Matty would give Jenna another chance, I found this very endearing and it showed the viewers that Matty has changed, but it was too late. He was embarrassed of Jenna before and lied about it, which really hurt Jenna's feelings. I think her best bet would be to stay single and figure herself out for a change, but of course she will most likely go out with Colin now. Her friends really need to be better to her though and support her choices even if they aren't something they would choose. I love Tamara and Ming, but if this promo turns out to be true and they ditch out on Jenna for choosing Matty then they aren't being true friends.


I like this show more when it was about Jenna. Not Jenna and how great Mattie is. The truth is Jenna does not have any real friends. Because real friends don't ditch you because you screwed over a guy.


Real dissapointed with Jenna. Thought her break-up excuse too self serving. Opens door for her to continue relationship with Collin. Matty should ask what would have happened if they had not been there for surprise party.


At least they aren't together anymore, that was a good call. Jenna, i never liked her character tbh, i rooted more for ming and tamara. they're more likable. matty bless him but he should have known there were issues in the relationship long before colin