Beauty and The Beast First Look: Who is Nigel?

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On Monday, Beauty and the Beast Season 2 roars into action.

Yes, Monday. Note the time slot change, TV Fanatics.

Look for an interview with showrunner Brad Kern to be posted first thing Monday morning in anticipation of the major installment.

In the meantime, The CW has sent along an exclusive photo from Episode 3, which will air on October 21 and which will feature Vincent hanging out with... an unidentified individual. He'll be played by John Boylan and the character's name is Nigel, but that's all the information we can pass along at the moment.

Look for Nigel to be closely related to a mysterious beast Vincent and Cat are tracking, meaning that duo's romance is back on track? Get your first look at this scene and tune in to find out!

Jay Ryan and Guest Star  John Boylan

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Love this show..season 2 has just hit the ground running.If you not watched any of season 2 catch up on CW and enjoy.Its well written,the cast are awesome as their characters.Its got action,suspense,mystery,humour,fun and two leads who sizzle aka Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan.Amazing what a new front runner can do.Dont miss a great show join in the BatB fun


Season1 was addictive (in a positive way) enough, and Season2 even more intriguing, action-packed and exciting. Let's welcome more male gender audience!!


EEEE! This is my fave show!!! Can't wait! Thanks for the coverage!

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