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"Get a Clue" was a classic Castle episode. It featured an occult style murder, a felonious monk and even a sword fight thrown in. But it was the very end that took away some of the fun.

Inviting Dad

Let's review some of the most entertaining moments first. 

The murder of Susanna Richland was pretty awesome mystery. Why would an accountant end up with stigmata type wounds and a sword stabbed through her throat? Add in some religious icons, pagan symbols, the Freemasons and a treasure hunt and you've got the makings for vintage Castle.

Castle and Beckett were at their best with lots of good natured joking along the way. When Beckett started weaving a crazy theory, Castle looked confused…

Castle: What are you doing?
Beckett: Making stuff up. Just like you do.

He was so completely appalled. She's Beckett. Her role is to follow the evidence. She's the yin to his yang and now she was messing with the natural order of things. 

And is there really a blacksmith shop still in existence in NYC or is that just creative license? I may need to go look that one up. 

The sword fight was epic. Looked like all of those fencing duels with Alexis finally paid off. Still I was grateful to find out they were stunt swords. Thinking they were real made that scene much scarier. 

I also really loved the Raiders of the Lost Ark moment when Castle grabbed the bag of half-dimes and the door shut behind them. But on the flip side, I had a little trouble believing that no curious kid ever stuck their hand through that hole in lthe ast couple of hundred years. 

But it all led to one of my favorite Castle quotes…

This is not my idea of going to the chapel with you.

We definitely all expect a lot more romance and a lot less dust when that day finally happens. 

As for the killer, I expected it to be the director, Nolan Burns, until he mentioned the family connection. Then it was obvious it was Henry. Sometimes family just can't be trusted.

Esposito and Ryan also had some great moments. How funny was Ryan as he tried to shake the filth off his hand after he touched that banister, followed by him muttering…

This place, you can get hepatitis just breathing the air.


I always love watching Espo and Ryan work as a team as they go through the door during a takedown. I sincerely hope that one day we'll see a spinoff with these two detectives.

And I couldn't help but laugh a bit when Beckett told Ryan to impress her and he groused…

You know, there are times I wish she'd stayed in D.C.


We all know he didn't mean it but Beckett was giving the surveillance genius an impossible task, and of course he came through. 

However, I was disappointed when Beckett sent Javier down to the morgue. I really got my hopes up that we'd get a substantial scene between he and Lanie. Are they lovers? Ex-lovers? Friends with benefits? At this point we really have no idea and this scene told us nothing. Felt like quite the missed opportunity to give the audience some information concerning one of our favorite couples. 

Finally we get to Alexis.


I've always loved Alexis. The father/daughter relationship on Castle has been one of the highlights of this show since the pilot. So now that we're up to Castle Season 6 Episode 6, it's hard to see that bond beginning to fray.

First, I'll acknowledge that even the strongest relationships have their rough patches and Castle and Alexis are no exception. Is this rift uncomfortable? Yes. Is it realistic? Also, yes.

Was Castle less than gracious at their dinner? He could have done a better job of hiding his displeasure but what father is happy that their 19 year old daughter has moved in with a guy…any guy?

That said, Alexis is old enough to make her own decisions and that includes choosing her own relationships. 

OK, that's the rational side of my brain. Now on to my rant…

She wouldn't let her father in the door!?! Are you kidding me? He came there to apologize and talk things out and she made him stand in the hall!

Then she brought up that she learned about her father's engagement through her grandmother. Well, I love Martha but perhaps she should have kept her mouth shut until Castle had the chance to share the news with his only daughter. And Alexis being hurt over that slight would have played better if we had seen any hint of it over the first five episodes of Castle season 6

She went on to compare her two month relationship with Pi to Castle's five-year relationship with Beckett. Being that she's looking at things from a 19-year old's perspective I suppose I can let that one slide.

But it's not as though Alexis has always welcomed Kate with open arms. Seems to me there were a few times she was more than a little cool towards her father's muse. Alexis felt she had her reasons then as Castle certainly does now for disliking Pi.

When Alexis turned down her father's offer for ice cream and shut the door in his face, I have to admit I felt like I was done. 

Alexis speech about acceptance would have carried a lot more weight if she would have shown a little bit of kindness towards her dad. The entire exchange made Castle's once extraordinary daughter look like an insolent, spoiled brat.

More than angry, it made me sad. Almost as sad as Castle. I'm hoping to see some glimpse of the old Alexis on Castle Season 6 Episode 7 (previewed below.)

So can Alexis Castle be saved in the eyes of fans or is it simply too late?


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To bonmagg; absolutely agree with you, finally a voice of reason! I've parented 2 kids and have 2 grandchildren. Parenting is done in many ways such as communicating, discipline, mentoring, and being an example to name a few. Castle did none of these. Yes, Alexis met Pi and brought him home to the loft, without asking which wasn't good. He was there a month until Alexis and Pi got their own place because Alexis knew her dad didn't like someone she cared about. Regardless of Alexis age, Castle was rude to both of them in THEIR home, he's a little old for payback. Frankly, I'd have asked him to leave. Alexis was hurt that her dad did not tell her about the engagement to Beckett. She clearly stated that she accepted the engagement because she knows Beckett makes Castle happy. That's whether it turns out to be the right choice or not, she's accepting that it's his right to make that choice. That’s exactly what she wants to do make her own choice and have Castle accept her right to do so. When you’re with someone you care about, you don't want them embarrassed and treated poorly. Then Rick wants to buy "make-up" ice cream...Alexis isn't 5 and I think she stood up for herself. Both Kate and Martha have tried to guide Castle and he doesn’t listen. Both have stated to give it time, it will work itself out and I’m confident Alexis will learn. That’s what most 19 year olds do! It’s also about the Castle family dynamic changing; all parties will have to figure out the new dynamic.
Face it: Alexis is trying to find her way and grow up. Castle is having a hard time letting her go and it hurts. Loved in the beginning when Castle was talking about Pi being a charming man child and Kate basically stated something to the effect of that sounding familiar (Castle anyone). I sure this will all be resolved in the next few episodes, Alexis and Castle just need to continue to communicate. I think Kate and Martha will continue to help him.
I am perplexed about how anyone could comment without viewing the episode. Oh well, to each his own. Still trust AWM & Co to tell their story!


Agree with all the comments about the Alexis character destruction. She is a secondary character. She has a very small fan base. I have ignored Alexis as an important character ever since the 4x7 “Cops & Robbers”. In that episode, she was real nasty with Beckett for no reason in the bank parking lot as if the hostage situation was Kate’s fault. She is the least popular of the support characters with the viewers, but the writers persist with a seven episode arc about a spoiled child who doesn’t grow up. They are writing her as if she is doing nothing wrong. Alexis simply doesn’t care if Castle likes Pi. Alexis should have a reaction over the KB/RC engagement, but not in this way. She is just acting out. Also, it was so ridiculous in the end scene that Castle did not respond to the Pi and Beckett comparison by this immature brat. After her putting out such gloom in the end scene about Beckett, it is hard to believe there could be any real Kate/Alexis conversation now. The writers have created a big disconnect with the viewers, but Marlowe doesn’t care. He loves to make Castle look like a beaten down puppy. It is such bad writing. Mixed families are always complicated, but the writers want to keep Castle in two separate worlds. You can’t marry someone and not be involved in their family. Kate’s presence in their lives should have been established by now. Castle and Beckett need to face something together in their personal lives as well as in the criminal cases. The writers can’t handle having two storylines going at once. If this arc doesn’t end soon, the series will start to lose the LIVE audience. I still think that the Pi twist to the story has something to do with Castle’s wealth.


Balaji,your a welcome addition as a regular here,i must suggest if your not familiar with the renowned bloggers here Nottrampis,and the queen of castle lore Tonya B among others your in for a treat,they know the series from the very begining and offer great insight and will on occasion give it to the writers if needed!


Someone said the reason for Alexis acting out was explained more on twitter and the internet ,well I for one would like to have it explained on television seeing Castle is on television and we shouldn't have to go to the internet to get the reason for her bad behavior .If there is a reason for treating your Dad badly it should of been made very clear to us who watch it on TV from the minute she was seen in season 6 ,let's hope we get more clarification in episode 7 because right now she's not very likable .


well my problems were supposedly rectified but they haven't been. Big thanks to Our tony A class and Keith for attempting to guide me to greener pastures. Bon Magg you are entitled to your opinion but i am with the others with regards Alexis


I'm baack and thanks to the people that helped me sort this mess out.
I'm looking at tonya and Keith!!
bon Magg you are entitled to your opinion but I am with the others. alexis is seriously off putting these days.


Balaji,2 words RIGHT ON!If castle was some dead beat dad we would be all over him and frankly we should as critics -but thats not the case,not sure i have seen a more forgiving,generous man than he,all of us would be giddy to be treated as "bad" as castle treats others.

@ pete

Thanks guys! I love the Castle community on TVFanatic. So many great discussions to be had here. :)

Castle's an absolute sweetheart. He's displayed so much patience that it beggars belief. I am not sure any of us would've even thought about apologizing to Alexis after all that she has done. But Castle being the "mature man" (take a note Alexis) that he is, went over and apologized for the sake of his daughter. And what does he get in return, a door slammed in his face. I couldn't bear to look at his heartbroken face in the end. I uttered a whole lot of curse words that if I said here would get me banned.

As I said, there better be a payoff at the end of this. Otherwise this is a huge miscalculation on AWM's part, and one of the worst character assassinations I've seen in TV history. They've taken the sweetest teenager ever conjured up on television and turned her into a total brat.

Tonya b
@ pete

Amen Pete. I can't help but think that these people who are complaining that Castle has behaved badly must live in some fairytale glass houses and they must have lived spoiled, charmed lives. I would be just tickled pink to have someone to treat me as 'badly' as Castle treats everyone around him. He is an incredible father and Alexis should be humbled to be lucky enough to have him.


You know what I hated most about the episode, Alexis closing the door on her father. This a man who's always held his open for the women in his life.

Plus it showed the amount of disrespect she had for her father at that moment. In our country, we don't close the doors on any elder person, let alone our own parents. Such contemptuous behaviour will and should not be tolerated.

bonmagg, Read some of the wonderful comments below. What about Alexis barging on her father's apartment and overtaking the loft? What about Pi's absolute lack of manners, eavesdropping and entering uninvited to a couple's room? What about the fact that if it weren't for Papa and Grandpa Castle, Alexis wouldn't be alive today? Who's paying for her education? Who's always looking out for her best interests?

Was Castle's behaviour not all that great. Absolutely. But you have a daughter who shows as much disdain for your support that Alexis has shown for Castle this season, then you'll be spanking her and kicking her out of your house. Castle's been more supportive than any father I can imagine.

@ Balaji Sivaraman

And lets not forget that when Alexis ignored her meddling dad's rude and offensive involvement in her personal life with her video blogs then she got herself KIDNAPPED AND LOST IN ANOTHER COUNTRY that required her Dad spending a small fortune to rescue her from. Castle has proven on numerous events that everything he does is out of love. And if anyone is familiar with having a parent that loves you then when they give a negative opinion then it's most likely something worth considering. After all, who loves Alexis more than her dear old Daddy.

Tonya b
@ Balaji Sivaraman

Amen Balaji! I think you have a much better grasp of the real world than bonmagg.


I disagree with the majority of posters. I have adult kids and we do not always agree with their choices. But Castle was horrible and critical at their house for dinner. Alexis had a right to be angry, and not to accept his word that he had changed his mind- he has not yet changed his mind. It was not about Beckett as much as it was about Alexis supporting his choices- even when they have put his life at constant risk as he tags along with NYPD. Castle was the baby- not Alexis.
Someone needs to be a grown up- or he will lost her to Pi

@ bonmagg

So Alexis, the 19yr adult who's entire life of luxury, private schools, top tier colleges and jetsetting around the world, is the one who is acting like an adult. Castle pays for EVERYTHING in her life. That doesnt mean he should get to control it but if you want to take charge of your own life without interference then dont have someone else fund your life.

Tonya b
@ bonmagg

Seriously dude? What planet do you live on where a grown child can display such contemptuous behavior towards her father because she doesn't support his choice to work with the NYPD or to get engaged to Beckett? Wow, Castle raised this ignorant brat as a single father who became rich and rather famous, but he never dumped her off to nannies or boarding school. He recently risked his life and his fortune to save her irresponsible ass. So you seriously think you want him to be called a baby, or not a grown up, because he dares to express his displeasure over her appalling behavior? Well, we'll see who the grown up is next time she finds herself in serious trouble and she cries, "Where's my daddy?"


Looks like Alexis comes running to Castle for help next week. How'd that go, you brat? It does look like this whole plot could reach to some sort of conclusion next week. That's one thing to hope for.

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