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The latest Castle was all about who had the greatest "Need to Know" and who got left out in the cold. And the final results were not nearly what I expected. 

Rick and Kate looked incredibly cozy laying in bed... hundreds of miles apart. How can these two still look so darn adorable even when they're not sharing the same space?!? Even their virtual kiss, which in lesser hands would have been nothing but cheesy, made me smile.

Back Together at the 12th

Unfortunately, Pi was still hanging around the loft. If he has such a talent for making smoothies, perhaps he should get a job. I loved Castle's disgust with his house guest, as he lamented to Martha in this Castle quote

Half the time I don't know if I'm smelling our new compost bin or my daughter's rotting ambition. | permalink

Alexis does appear to be losing IQ points the longer Pi sticks around. But for the most part I agree with Martha. The more they fight it, the more Alexis will cling to her new boy toy like any other rebellious teenager. Eventually her better sense should kick in and send her freeloading boyfriend packing. 

I just hope that moment is sooner rather than later. I'm not sure how much more Pi I can take.

A crowded loft and a cool murder (the hook through the body was pretty awesome) drove Castle back to the 12th. And can I say, thank God! It's only been two episodes but I've really missed the precinct and Esposito and Ryan. It was great to have them back in the mix. 

Ryan's love of Too Cool For School just added to the fun as he did his best to defend the cheesy sitcom and Esposito was right there to mock him, as any good partner should under such circumstances. 

Although I didn't mind the addition of Detective Sullivan, it was kind of painful to see what he'd done to Beckett's desk. Her cute little elephants would have been lost in a sea of trash and fast food. But it was nice that he knew of the famous Detective Beckett and respected her work and that she was willing to step aside and admit the desk was no longer hers. My guess is that magnanimous gesture may come back to haunt her in the near future.

Speaking of Beckett, she looked honestly uncomfortable being on the Fed side of things and taking over the case. She always hated it when that happened to her in the past. Now she was the bad guy in the eyes of her team.  

Everyone got territorial and even who could share in a cup of coffee came into question…

Esposito: We are not serving them coffee. You bought this espresso machine for the NYPD. This is NYPD coffee only. | permalink

The case had some unique twists and turns as the death of an actor turned out to be the murder of an undercover informant trying to take down a Russian gangster for the CIA. One of my favorite moments was when Beckett and Esposito compared notes on how they all ended up at the warehouse…

Beckett: How'd you guys get there?
Esposito: Chicken poop.
Beckett: Oh, whatever works. | permalink

I couldn't get over how proud Javier looked when he told her chicken poop. I also loved when Castle balked at pushing his boundaries with his now fiance Agent Beckett...

Ryan: Castle, your whole relationship is built on the foundation of your boundary pushing.
Castle: Good point. | permalink

How true. Basically the entire premise of the show has been Castle pushing his limits.

And did I hear that correctly? Did Heat Wave the movie go straight to DVD?!? That's so wrong? But I suppose that's a way of explaining why we never saw an episode highlighting the movie premiere. Overall it feels like quite the lost opportunity for a great show.

Back to the case, and Agent Beckett. Throughout, it was easy to see Kate's doubts over her new job. She took the job believing she could do more. That if she were solving cases on such a large stage that the results would be even more satisfying. On the surface that made sense. Handling issues of national security could mean saving hundreds if not thousands of lives.

Unfortunately, she was finding out that solving cases on such a grand scale sometimes meant overlooking certain details…like one victim, or one murderer. For a woman who always put getting justice for the victims and their families as her top priority, that was a reality that was hard to swallow. 

As Capt. Gates told McCord about murder victim Charlie Reynolds…

Capt. Gates: He may not have had a grieving mother or a wife waiting for him but his killer should not go unpunished. | permalink

And that injustice led Beckett to break the rules, more than once. She snuck information to the boys so that they could find the killer and then leaked Svetlana's name to the press so the CIA couldn't use her. Even I was a little shocked that Beckett would break the rules of her job so blatantly, despite her personal beliefs.

Back at the loft I was thrilled that we got another cozy Caskett moment. There can't be enough of those to keep me happy. 

The moment Castle turned serious and began to talk about how their long distance relationship wasn't working you could see the fear cloud Kate's face. It looked like she was afraid he was about to break off their engagement. Her expression clearly said she feared the worst.

As did her complete joy and relief when Rick offered her that key to their new place in D.C. where they could live together. I'm surprised it took him so long to reach that decision. Have we ever seen Kate Beckett look happier? And then we got the surprise twist. 

I honestly thought Beckett would reach the conclusion that this job wasn't for her. That if she had to bend the rules to feel justice was done that being Agent Beckett was the wrong decision. 

Instead McCord showed up to tell her she'd been fired. 

As much as I would have liked Kate to have made the decision herself, this might be even better. I doubt Kate Beckett has ever been fired from anything. This could really send her reeling which might be fun to watch…at least for a while. 

Will Gates make her grovel to get her job back? Will the boys haze her for leaving in the first place? Will the overcrowded conditions at Castle's loft drive everyone over the edge if Kate now moves in? And when the heck will we see Lanie this season?  

All of the above has me counting the days until the next Castle.


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It was good to see Espo and Ryan have more air time.. But where the heck is Lanie!? They could at least say something about her!!! Last night's episode was the best yet so far I'm glad that the DC job is over, Kate never seem to fit in, and it is time to get rid of Pi..I agree with Joyeful.. it does seem that the older Alexis gets..the dumber she's getting...


I'm wondering if they didn't make a conscious decision to change Alexis's character this year to a more typical teenager/young person. Castle, himself, was (especially early) played as the ignored child of a self-centered actress, left to his own imagination growing up and more mature than his own mother, despite being so interminably playful (and thus likable). Well, Alexis was sort of the very mature answer to her own father (but they made him both juvenile and a devoted father, correcting with his daughter how he was raised). Well, this year, Alexis is stealing food and can't see through Pi and "Grandma" is suggesting if you say something, she'll do the opposite -- so did they remake Alexis to keep her around??


I think Kate did realize that she had made a mistake in taking the DC job. During the last interrogation of Svetlana by the CIA her statement about the picture being "very clear" meant, to me, that she too had seen the light about the compromises she would be expected to make in this new job. And leaking information to the press was her way of "getting justice" for the victim and preventing Svetlana from becoming a second victim of "the system" in DC. McCord's comment that she would like to think that at one time she would have done the same thing only magnifies the reasons this was not the job for Kate. This latest twist should open up immense story telling opportunities for the writers, should they chose to go there. How Kate is able to return to the 12th would make for an interesting plot, not to mention how she and Castle can continue to work cases now that they are engaged. As Stana stated in her interview on this episode, Kate's "core values" remain intact. And that is why she (Kate) did what she did, even knowing there would be repercussions. I look forward to the return of the Castle-Beckett tandem on future cases.


The ep. was more castle like,yet felt strange seeing kate back at the 12th but working the feds.For the ist since still rick was more authoritative with kate,really wondered if we would see that side of him.I was glad that espo.&ryan showed some ill-will towards kate,thou they got over it quickly,unlike start of season 3 where they cold shouldered rick for a ep. or two.Yet not going to get all warm and fussy,because one thing we have seen with marlowe is a good ep. is usually followed by a couple or more of pathetic eps.Jury is still out on kate,will she be content back in ny,or will she consider work else where?After her taking the fed job,who really knows!


THIS was the best episode of Castle in a long, LONG time. FINALLY!! 1. There were several laugh-out-loud moments. Ryan: "Oh thank God, my arm." 2. SO glad to see everyone back at the precinct, and I like that new detective - poor guy still trying to prove himself and get into the group. 3. Great interactions between Castle and Beckett, Castle and Ryan/Esposito...for once in ages, the episode felt more about Castle than anyone else. 4. SO glad Beckett got fired - I thought that was a great way to handle the Washington angle. I'm not feeling Pi - but I'm still holding out hope that he won't be wasted. I don't understand how Alexis gets LESS mature as she gets older, she was such a wise kid at the beginning. Oh well. 'Twas a good episode.


too many characters. we only saw them together at beginning end and once in middle. castle never provided any useful assistance in case. no mention of her going away - zip. anybody can write this because the substance is made up in your mind


We almost have Our Castle back. This was much much better han Valkyrie and now the DC job is kaput we can finally get back to what we should have had in the first episode.


I agree, Christine, I also would have liked to see Kate leaving on her own, but this turns out better...and IMO she, in a twisted way, left on her own...I don´t think she is naive enough to believe she wouldn´t get caught; IMO, doing what she did was a way of, unconsciously, forcing someone to make the decision for her and not think of herself as a quitter or a loser...actually I´d love to see her discussing this with Dr.Burke, but probably that´s asking too much!:)
I LOVED every Castle/Beckett scene (the chemistry between Stana and Nathan is better than ever, if you ask me), but the opening, being so different than what looked like, was my favourite!
And, altough I miss Lanie (I assume her absence is due to Tamala´s schedule) I love Perlmutter! That line "Mr. Castle, you are back...but not by popular demand"? Fabulous!


i'm sorry the job NEVER made sense.
Beckett completely lacked any self evaluation with regard to the job.
Her emotional and psychological empathy with homicide victims was always why she was a great homicide detective. Having Castle made her a great homicide detective. take both away and there were always issues to be settled the basic problem was she asked no questions and therefore was totally unprepared for the job. so the writers has shown her up as one stupid woman. well done guys! Gates is still showing she is no Captain as well. Marlowe really knows how to write those female roles well! The biggest difference between this episode and Valkyrie to me is too much beckett without castle is dead boring. however too much castle without Beckett is still quite interesting!


I loved this episode! First of all it gave us the sweet Caskett we were left longing for last week - amazing scenes. Also I particularly loved the boys' scenes at the Precinct even with new guy Sully. Beckett was completely in character fighting for justice in her own way, I know people wanted her to realise that the job was not the ideal fit for her but I think being so focused, she would have kept on giving it her best as she always does and just hope the shades would darken somehow. As for Pi I am hoping they are using him to drive Alexis out of the loft, I would imagine Kate does not have an apartment in NY so she has to join the Castle B&B right? Can't wait for more!

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Half the time I don't know if I'm smelling our new compost bin or my daughter's rotting ambition.


Pi: We're making smoothies.
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