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"Time Will Tell" continued one of Castle's best season to date. It was classic Castle with a sci-fi twist, some Casketty future goodness and a father/daughter moment that broke my heart.

Let's start with the sci-fi…

A Time Traveling Killer

Castle finally got his time traveling killer. Simon Doyle was exuberant and determined enough to sell his story, yet crazy enough to make me question it too.

The thought of future Energy Wars was just believable enough to be scary and I appreciated Castle asking the questions about the butterfly effects of changing the time stream and Doyle's explanation that while some minor changes were self-correcting, others could undeniably change the future.

As usual, Beckett was the skeptic but I liked that. Someone has to look at the evidence logically and not get swept up in the fanciful theories. As a cop, that's her job. I was relieved when Beckett pointed out that the way Simon knew the numbers 1258 were because he'd been to the crime scene and seen the victim's watch stopped at 12:58 a.m. 

For every crazy sci-fi theory, there was also a logical explanation, if you were willing to look. 

The story also explored the ripple effect of not only time but people, as Dr. Wickfield wasn't the person who solved the energy crisis or stopped a supposed future war but his work may have inspired the kid who one day would.  The effect you have on those around you is something you can never predict. 

And for us sci-fi geeks, how cool was it to have Tim Russ who played Lt. Commander Tuvok on Star Trek Voyager as Dr. Malcom Wickfield? (Yes, I really did yell out, Hey it's Tuvok! when I saw him on the screen.)

Also, who would have guessed that Espo was a Dr. Who fan?

On to the Casketty future goodness…

Beckett got tackled by the creepy Garrett Ward and Castle came to her rescue, only to be almost strangled to death but the super soldier from the future. I was hoping for more of a moment where Castle and Beckett made sure the other was OK after the attack but with so much going on it wasn't meant to be. 

Instead, we got something even better.

Simon not only told us that Rick and Kate would indeed get married but that Castle eventually begins writing serious literature (Hey, I like the mystery novels.), she becomes a senator and they have three kids. I found it telling that Castle focused on Beckett becoming a senator while she appeared more shocked by the three little rugrats they'd be having. I would have loved to have seen a more private discussion about that one later.

And yes! I really did want to know the kids names.

However, I did love it when Beckett spilled the coffee on the note and made the connection between her actions and the picture from the future. Even the most logical of us have to believe that there are some things in life we cannot understand.

And I know Castle was still reeling from Simon's apparent disappearance but when your fiancee mentions a plan for a warm, cozy bath I believe the expected response is, Can I join you? Of course poor Castle had other things on his mind.

Like Alexis…and Pi…and the future coming too soon.

Thankfully, this episode answered some questions that have been lingering all season. First, that Alexis is at the loft because the college semester hasn't started yet. That made some sense if you figure at the start of the season Beckett had been in training for two months. That would have started us off somewhere in July in the Castle time line. 

I was also glad to hear that Alexis wasn't expecting Castle to pay for her new place with Pi. That would have been too difficult to wrap my mind around. 

It was good to see that Castle finally hit his limit of having the free loading boyfriend sleep on his sofa. Even the most patient parent has their breaking point but he wasn't exactly thrilled with the resolution as he told his daughter in this Castle quote...

No Alexis, I do trust you I'm just saying deciding to share an apartment with someone you met on a banana plantation a month ago just doesn't strike me as the smartest decision you've ever made. | permalink

I also loved Castle's response to Ryan when he broke the news…

Ryan: And you're letting her?
Castle: Well apparently the only way to stop her is by locking her up but according to Miss By-the-Book here that's unlawful imprisonment. | permalink

The final scene where Castle had to watch Alexis walk out the door was truly heartbreaking. The realization that all those moments between he and his little girl were long over flashed through his eyes and boy did it hurt. Having her go off to college was one thing. Having her move in with a guy clearly had a deeper impact.

For Castle it was far too soon. For Alexis it was time to move out on her own.

The good news for Castle is that Pi doesn't seem truly harmful, just kind of goofy…and a guy. And if it all falls apart, she can always come home.

The good news for fans is that Castle and Beckett should have a lot more privacy for the Casketty romance we all crave more of. 

Once again, Castle managed to engage my brain with a brilliant mystery while tugging at my heartstrings with amazing characters. That's why I call them #HappyCastleMondays


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castleguard; I commented on the double standard as you stated it. Think you missed some of the shows premise. Furthermore I think most viewers realize that Ricks playboy image has more to do with his public persona, than who he really is! Both Rick & Kate have insecurities, period! Probably why it took them 4 years to get together. Obviously, we see things differently and that's just fine with me. Enjoy!


castleguest. Good points about the double standard. That scene in 5x10 with the Kate and Meredith conversation presented for me as unusual probing on Kate's part. If she had issues with the prior Castle marriages, she should have asked him directly about it. This couple had miscommunications issues all over the place in the past, but things seem more open now in Season 6 since the engagement.


As far as the Kate 'married man' scenario, that is just a theory. Recall that Kate went through a wild phase in high school including some greasy biker/rocker bad-boy she ended up staying with a long time because of her parents protest. In hindsight, I'm assuming that is whom she is talking about as the 'first guy'� and Castle does know about that. However, the phrasing "the first guy she moved in with" does sound like different guys which doesn't fit. Her longest relationship outside of high school is around six months which is Will Sorenson. It sounds like they did live together, but that is it. It could just be her phrasing if it was actually two guys she has lived with, then the first one� is technically right, but it does make the whole living together thing sound like everyone does it. It just seems like maybe lazy writing in order to connect her with the current Alexis/Pi situation.


castlefan1212, lastly, it seems hypocritical to me that you say that "Kate also stated that for the sake of a relationship some things are better not discussed," yet Kate has gone behind Castle's back to ask both Meredith and Sophia very personal questions about their relationships with Rick. And again, fans seem to think that Rick MUST discuss his ex-wives with Kate. When he asks her personal questions about her past, we get the above answer. When she asks him about his past (like Jordon) and he doesn't wish to answer, then he is supposedly hiding something. So is the past in the past, or isn't it? I just want all goose issues to equal gander issues!!!!


castlefan1212, besides, you totally missed the point of that post and only picked out one tidbit to comment on. The point of the post was to ask why there has been such an immense focus on Kate's insecurities about Rick and his past, when he has been practically an open book to any question she has ever asked. But on the other hand, Rick does not have the same mountain of insecurities, even though a vast majority of questions about Kate's past are never answered, and the excuse is that 'she keeps it close to the vest." There is a fan uproar that Rick needs to talk to her about his ex-wives. Didn't you say the past is the past? Why doesn't Kate have to talk about her ex's?


castlefan1212, you missed the point. The label of 'playboy' for Rick has been consistently used as a negative remark about his past behavior, ie, he was a man slut. But regardless of the number of men that Kate has been with in the past (maybe more men than RC has had women), she is never labeled as loose, slutty, promiscuous, etc. Why? And why is Kate allowed to be so insecure about Rick's past women but Rick is never insecure about Kate's past men? My point is: if they were both with a lot of previous partners, then they should be portrayed as equally 'slutty' and they should be equally insecure. Got it?


castleguard, first and foremost, if sleeping/living with someone at 19 makes you a "slut" then both Rick and Kate qualify. Of course to me it sounds like the school of thought that states a man can sleep with as many women as he likes and he's a hero/stud. A woman does that and she's a slut. Furthermore, past relationships are just the past. If there are specifics that Kate or Rick need addressed, I'm sure they'll do that. Can't remember the episode where Rick wanted to know Kate's number and she, they want to know but they don't want to know. Kate also stated that for the sake of a relationship some things are better not discussed. What happened with my spouse before we met is none of my business. I'd rather put the effort into our relationship, not the past.


nonono. Beckett was not the willing partner far from it. She probably only discovered this late. the cad was a Vaughn type character. We do know she has been scorned and emotionally hurt. and she must have had experience of being used and rejected to believe Castle was about to do that! go to my Google blog and look up Beckett an update. it is all there! Thee are two articles on the possible caddish married man in her life around 19. I think it is the french blue blood myself! see you all. have cricket all day Saturday and Sunday


It seems ridiculous to me that there has been such focus on Beckett's insecurities about Castle, when most of his past has been practically an open book. If she asks, he answers. On the other hand, Beckett's past is mostly buried in hastily covered up murky tales that we rarely hear about. When Castle asks, Beckett usually refuses to answer. Everyone chalks it up to 'Beckett keeps it close to the vest.' Now pops up a new tidbit about a man that Beckett lived with when she was 19. The fans who find it incredibly hypocritical for her to judge Castle as a playboy in the past, when she was a slut in the past, are right.


If we consider the theory of nottrampis, that Beckett had a relationship with a married man when she was younger, someone that Castle has not heard about, the writers could use that to really upset the Caskett picnic. We know that Castle is very sensitive about being cheated on by Meredith and he has a very low opinion of people who cheat on their SO's in general, so if he were to discover that Beckett was a willing party to having an affair with a married man, it may destroy his ability to trust her completely. I think Beckett's past may blow up in her face.

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