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Didn't think about it, but would agree that if anyone's parents were handy they would let them know at the least about looking for an apartment (and probably anyone supposedly as mature as Alexis would be aware of Pi friction and offer up the looking as a way to chill out her father). Likely she wouldn't imagine he'd be against it and be surprised there -- but to defend it by suggesting she's smarter than him afterall, uh does any teenager tell their parents so matter-of-factly (perhaps in the heat of a passionate argument) that "All of us know I'm smarter than you"? Won't miss her for awhile, anyway.


Anon, love is a funny thing! agree with the rest of your comments. I don't think the writers are at their best with the Alexis situation.

for anyone interested I write about why Marlowe portrayed Beckett as stupid and selfish in the final arc of Series 5 and the first arc of series 6.

I applaud him for this as Beckett has clearly learnt from her many mistakes and grown enormously as a person.

There was method in his madness!

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tten an apartment without talking to my folks first. And, final thought, I lost all respect for her taste when I found out she's been with Pi for over a month. Honestly how could an intelligent person stand being around such a loser?


Re Alexis, I'm a grad student and through that am in contact with undergrads. 19 or no, I don't know of any who would get an apartment on their own without consulting their parents., In most cases they would need a co-signer as well (does Pi even have a salary? What's his credit score? That would be an immediate no where I am). I know Alexis more mature (as a character) than most regular teens, but it strikes me as pretty inconsiderate to not include him on this important aspect of her life, especially when he has brought her up and is presumably paying for her education. And maybe because she should know he would want to be involved? Plus considering that she was stalked, kidnapped, and ransomed, I imagine safety and discussing things together should be a priority. Remember her stupid idea to post her life to the world on a blog? It was directly because of that that she was captured, and that her father had to put his life on the line! In any case, I know I would never have gotten an apartment without talking to my parents.


Look I can understand the alexis finding some dope and she falls in love with him. hey that is teenage years but a responsible child doesn't suddenly turn into an ill mannered brat.
and that was what Alexis was.

We still do not know why, how and when this occurred?

This is quite irritating for intense shippers!

Please just give a a very brief explanation next episode.

you are a hard man to please Captain Cook. I thought the episode was a hoot.


Daren. The issue I have is, the sheer inconsistency and continuity from one episode to the next. If Kate was happy to wear her engagement ring around her neck whilst working in DC, and we could see that she was, why is she not wearing it around her neck, when back at work at the 12th? This is just poor attention to detail, IMO, especially, when the vast majority of fans want to see it!!


hey ukno1stanafan she was wearing the ring when she didn't have a job. When Castle goes to talk to his biggest fan she was looking at it on her finger on top of the car. She only wore the neckless to keep her fingers clear.


Finally Castle speaks up about the living arrangements. The last show where he walked in the bedroom when Castle and Beckett still in there was too much since they had the door closed to begin with. Alexis will learn the hard way but I was glad to see she didn't ask for money that was very grownup.


not enjoying the alexis and pi storyline. I'm a big castle fan but could not get with this episode


Kate the senator, and three kids!?! cooiio!

the Alexis scene was overdue, she's growing up like all children do - break to the Beatles "She's leaving Home"

Joshua Gomez was terrific - good actor, very committed to the part and the plot; he really sold the time travel
Very good episode - Ah I love New York.

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