Castle Round Table: "Get a Clue"

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Castle and Beckett raced to Get a Clue this week, as they hunted a murderer and followed a scavenger hunt to hidden treasure.

In this edition of the Round Table, TV Fanatics Chandel Charles and Christine Orlando are joined by Ginger from the Castle Fan Forum the 12th to debate their favorite adventure movie reference and whether or not Alexis anger towards her father was justified.

Check it out below and then join in on our discussion...


There were a lot of movies mentioned or alluded to in this episode. Which was your favorite reference?
Chandel: Probably National Treasure. I am a huge fan of those movies for some unknown reason, so hearing it get a bit of shout-out from Kate was a hoot.

Ginger: I loved the tomb scene that was reminiscent of Raider's of the Lost Arc. The set design was fantastic. You would think by now that Castle and Beckett would pay more attention to doors that may lock them in.

Christine:  I'm a huge Raiders of the Lost Ark fan so I've got to go with that one. The moment Castle removed the bag of coins I knew that was a bad sign. I would have loved it even more if the floor opened up onto a pit of snakes.

Castle RT - depreciated -

On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rate Castle's behavior at dinner?
Chandel: It was probably a 5 in my mind. It could have gone a lot worse, and I have seen it get worse in real life.

Ginger:  I understand why Castle is upset and concerned. But, he wasn't really even trying to make an effort. I'll give it a 7.

Christine:  Maybe a 4. Let's recap. Alexis brought Pi home and planted him on the sofa for over a month without even asking her father or giving him a heads up she was bringing a guest. Then she decides to shack up with him at 19. Personally I think if all she has to deal with is a little snarkiness on Dad's part, she's darn lucky.

Was Alexis justified in being angry with her father?
Chandel: Yes, she hit the nail on the head when she said even though she wasn't always sure she agreed with her father's choices she accepted them. She's not asking a lot from her Dad here.

Ginger: Alexis is excited to be making her first independent choices. Clearly her father disapproves of her decisions. Even the most mature individuals would have trouble hiding their disappointment. That being said, she should have allowed her father in to discuss their issues rather than keep him in the hall and shut the door in his face. Hopefully the rift will repair soon.

Christine: She's allowed to be disappointed but I think Pi needs to earn respect and acceptance from Castle. So far all Castle has seen is a freeloader who has eaten his food, slept on his sofa and taken his razor. I really think Alexis was naive if she expected her Dad to throw his arms around Pi and congratulate him for moving in with his teenage daughter.

What was your biggest disappointment in this episode?
Chandel: Probably that Castle and Alexis didn't make up. Then again, we have to remember that Alexis is growing up and into her own person now, which is why I'm willing to let it go.

Ginger:  I'd really like to see family scenes include Kate. Alexis seems to have some concerns about her father's relationship, but the audience has never seen that developed. Was Kate not invited to dinner or could she just not attend?

Christine:  I've always been a fan of Alexis but I was incensed that she wouldn't let her father in the door and then shut it in his face. Maybe his apology wasn't what she had hoped for but she could have talked to him about that without coming off like a self righteous brat.

What was your favorite scene from this Castle Season 6 episode?
Chandel: When Castle discovered that the symbols went together as a larger message. The sparkle in his eye was unmistakable! He actually managed to find real treasure for once!

Ginger: The sword fight scene was fun and entertaining. But how did Kate not hear that ruckus?

Christine: I loved it when Beckett told Ryan to impress her with finding the cab and he shot back that there are times he wished she'd stayed in D.C. It had that big sister / little brother vibe to it and I love that this team is so much like family.

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.


1 - "Raiders of the lost ark", I love Indiana Jones movies...but thankfull there were no snakes, I hate them:
2 - About a 4; I thought his behaviour wasn´t much better than Pi´s at the loft.
3 - I can understand her points, but she lost me when she made her father stay in the hallway:(
4 - I´m with Christine on this one.
5 - Definetly, the sword fight!:)


Love your reviews Christine! I thought this episode had a fun, if not entirely believable, case. Sounds like we are all definitely riled up about the Alexis/Pi a recent "empty nester" myself, I can see where it is very painful for Castle to adjust, regardless of whether or not Pi is really a good guy for Alexis. However, I find it hard to believe that since Alexis has always been portrayed as a mature and loving daughter, that she would suddenly rebel like this and be quite this rude and hurtful to her Dad. I guess we'll see what happens! By the way, have you thought about reviewing all previous seasons of Castle on the Rotten Tomatoes site? I've noticed that other reviewers are adding new comments on previous seasons, and it would be interesting to see what you think too.


1. Favourite reference was definitely Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Indiana Jones trilogy (yes, I said trilogy) is one of my favourites.

2. Meh, I'd say 6. He was quite passive aggressive, but I've seen SO much worse!

3. She was right to be annoyed with his behaviour at dinner, but he's done nothing else to deserve the kind of ire she's throwing at him. There's nothing righteous about her indignation.

4. I'm with Christine. Everything about the final scene. Alexis' level of disrespect towards her father was just reprehensible.

5. Hands down, the sword fight. I was literally cheering for Castle!


I still cannot comment as nottrampis. Its a Marlowe conspiracy I tell you. Look at the Alexis thing from Castle's perspective. Alexis does not even tell him she is coming back home at all and with a boyfriend who to all evidence is a freeloader.
Just Remember She is his only child!
The manners and behaviour from the both of them are appalling. Then Castle is invited to dinner without the woman he is going to marry? He offers them a couch for FREE and Pi talks about colours. Why, when and how did Alexis change please Mr Marlowe. do no squib on this like you did with Beckett in the final arc!

@ I+used+to+be+Not+Trampis

Hi NotTrampis (formerly), I'm still trying to figure out what the problem is with your login in the system. If you can send me a private message so I can get more info maybe we can work it out. And I had the same thoughts as you about the sofa. Castle offered them a sofa that's probably worth several thousand and Alexis give him a disapproving look while Pi isn't sure the color will work with their dumpster diving style. Huh? I just don't get it.

Sue ann

Alexis has been treating her father disrespectfully since at least last season, far over the line. I am elderly, my parents are dead, and I still respect their views and do not cross the lines they set out for me by which to live my life. I am tired of this child, and I would like to see her gone for a while. This is not to say anything about the actress. She is a lovely young woman, and listening to her contributions in the commentaries on the DVD's is lovely. This is the fault of the writers and the show runner. A really nice child should not be turning into a poisonous little bitch. Not without a trauma unlike any she has suffered.


i feel if like castle doesn't back off a little he's going to push her closer to pi. alexis needs a chance to make her own mistakes.


Christine, Thanks for caring about my problems and answering me back. I really enjoy everyones posts and your reviews. Im just a 71 year old lady(had a birthday yesterday) who so enjoys this web site! I encourage anyone who has had the same problems as me to keep trying!!! More later as long as i can get in!!!


Castle has allowed the lines of who is the parent and who is the child to be blurred in his relationship with Alexis. He has let her talk down to him on more than one occasion. It's time for him to apply some tough love. Until you are a parent, you have no idea of my concerns for my child's well being. If you wish to play house with your boy friend, so be it. But don't expect me to give you my blessing. I think you're making a mistake. If you don't like my opinion that's fine too. Just remember who is paying your tuition and giving you a generous stipend to live on every month. I am due more than a little respect as a concerned parent.


Hey Grey,to quote you from Oct.23rd "Looks like the planets are lines up right today" Time for you to post again without trouble,come join us!!!!

@ karkar

Glad to hear it karkar! If you have any more problems please let me know.


Looks like the next episode will bring some sense to Alexis. Could Alexis feel left out in the cold and jealous of Becketts relationship with Dad???? Hope this comment goes through!!!! Christine Orlando,please let me be able to post!!!!

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