Castle Round Table: "Need to Know"

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This week's Castle was all about who had the biggest "Need to Know" and what they did with the information once they got it.

Below, our Round Table team of TV Fanatics Chandel Charles, Jim Garner, and Christine Orlando are joined by Jennifer from the Castle fan forum The 12th as we find out who was surprised by how Beckett and the FBI parted ways and how difficult they think it should be for her to head back to the 12th.


What was your favorite scene from the episode?

Chandel: Probably the opening sequence with Beckett and Castle FaceTime-ing. It reminded me of my boyfriend and I Skyping when I was still in college, so I identified with the sentiment and the feeling that it just wasn't enough!

Jim: I loved Rick finally stating that he could write from anywhere and got an apartment in DC. The look on Kate's face was priceless!

Jennifer: It’s hard to pick just one because each scene is special in its own right. But, because I love to laugh, I’ll narrow it down to any of the scenes in which Ryan and Esposito gave Castle a hard time. Oh, and the latte bribing scene.

Christine: I'm with Jim. I loved how Kate's expression ranged from panic and confusion to pure joy when Castle gave her the key.  I think for a moment she may have thought he was ending their engagement she looked so scared. The way she jumped into his arms completely made the moment.

Castle RT - depreciated -

Were you surprised Beckett got fired?

Chandel: No, it was either she left or got fired, and getting fired was definitely a lot more dramatic. You could see what amounted to a lack of justice inside her Fed job mounting quickly, something had to happen eventually.

Jim: I'm more surprised they found out so quickly that she had tipped off the press. I would have expected it to take at least a few weeks to come out. Guess they were done with the "Agent" storyline.

Jennifer: I was surprised actually. I was of the honest opinion that she would choose to return to NY after everything that has transpired. The idea she would be fired didn’t even cross my mind.

Christine: Like Jennifer, I didn't see it coming. I really thought she'd decide to quit but depending where this goes, I might like her getting fired even better. It could be fun watching Kate flounder a bit as she tries to get back into the 12th…and of course Castle will be there to help her through it.

Is Martha right in believing Pi is just a phase Alexis is going through?

Chandel: I am not sure. They could be soulmates and just not know it yet. You really never know.

Jim: Having three nieces and watching them grow up, I would pretty much assume all boys met before 30 might be a phase.

Jennifer:  I do agree with Martha on that one.

Christine: Yes, but my guess is that it's also Alexis (perhaps subconscious) way of acting out over her father's engagement. We have to assume he never spoke to Alexis before popping the question and as she's been the most important person in his life for 19 years, she might not handle that so well.

What was your favorite TV show growing up?

Chandel: I had so many it's really hard to choose. Boy Meets World was always a favorite on TGIF on ABC. Psych would be another one, except it's actually still running on USA Network. Explains why I still have growing up to do!

Jim: There were so many, so I will go with my first favorite show: The Six Million Dollar Man. I was allowed to stay up an hour late on Weds to watch the show.

Jennifer: I really didn’t have an overall favorite except for maybe Tom and Jerry re-runs. I do, however, have fond memories of watching shows like Walker: Texas Ranger and Diagnose, Murder with my mother and grandmother, so I suppose those can count as favorites, too.

Christine: The Monkees (reruns age 3), Super Friends (age 5), The Dukes of Hazzard (age 7), M*A*S*H (age 9), The A-Team (age 11), Scarecrow & Mrs. King (age 13), Moonlighting (age 15). And I still enjoy every one of them.  Is it any wonder how I ended up reviewing TV shows?

Should Detective Sullivan stick around the 12th?

Chandel: I definitely think so. Then again, do we really have enough screen time for that many leading characters? Maybe he should drop in ocassionally. Really liked him, though.

Jim: Only if he can find a trash can. Talk about disgusting, his desk was horrible.

Jennifer: I would say he would be an interesting character to have pop into the picture every once and awhile. But, if he does stay he better be getting himself a new desk and possibly, a bigger trash can. A few organizers wouldn’t hurt either.

Christine: I liked him well enough but not enough to take screen time from all of my favorites so in that case, I'm okay with Sully moving along.

How difficult should it be for Beckett to get her job back at the 12th?

Chandel:  I wouldn't expect it to be too difficult. Then again, a little extra obstacle never hurt any drama

Jim: In reality, she would go to which ever precinct needed her and it would take months. Thankfully this is a TV show and I suspect she will be welcomed with open arms onto the very first case she can help with.

Jennifer: As far as difficulty goes, I would say however difficult it needs to be in a TV world. In real life I can imagine it would not be easy to get her old job after all, it can be assumed she had to fully resign in order to take up the position with the Feds; from that I would think it would mean in real life she would have to re-apply for the NYPD completely but, I could be wrong.

Christine: I hope they don't make it too easy. I'd like to see Kate have to struggle a bit to get back what she left, at least for an episode or two. Then we can get back to our regularly scheduled Castle.

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As a big fan of this show for the last 5 years I was really taken back on the first two shows, so let me start on how disappointed I was. First off there has to be new writers, why does a successful show have a complete idiot in it (Castle daughter‘s new boyfriend ) what does he add to the show.
The new cop who took over Beckett’s job, you must be kidding me. There was no holding my interest in the first two shows, they are going to loose viewers soon if they do not go back to the successful writing. They should have had show opener that wanted me to see the second show. The fist show should have had a lot of excitement in it. Castle’s Father should have been in it. Here we have Castle going to die and Beckett shows hardly no emotion. We waited for months to see if Beckett accepts the ring, and when the show open and she says yes,its over and it moves on to another scene. There should have been a love scene at the swing set, it was to short.
If I was their writer I would have viewers at the edge of there chairs. I would have the Senator play a key role.
Well I could go on but I am taking up to space.


opening scene and key scene are sad as neither appear in touch with reality. does Marlowe realise he is showing both of them as being so stupid! BUt we have Caskett back and so with the 12th. Beckett should have resigned. I find it incredible she was even thinking of going back to DC. If Beckett was offered a Job in National Security when it was clearly absurd then it going back to the 12th is easy! Good to see Castle almost Castle again. too much Beckett without Castle is plain boring but Castle without Beckett is not. That is the interesting thing I got from comparing episode 1 with 3.


Wow! Maria just nailed every one of my answers so I won't bother repeating. I'll just add that I'm reserving judgement on the firing until I see how they handle the fallout in the next episode. I hope that Kate owns up to the fact that the job wasn't really a good fit for her.


Cutting my comment in 2, so I won´t be "cutted":) 5 - Yes, but not in every episode; I can think of him as the new Karpowski (but hope he shows up more than we saw her).
6 - Not that difficult, but I sure hope it takes at least one episode; but I think it won´t take more than that, after all the show is about Beckett and Castle solving murders:).


1 - Can´t choose between the opening scene (so diffferent from what it looked like at first) and the key (for the reasons Jim and Christine said).
2 - I also tought she would resign, but can´t say that I´m surprised (considering the rules she broke, it was obvious the AG wouldn´t risk keeping her).
3 - I´m sure she thinks that, but I´m not so sure she´s right:)
4 - I don´t think I had one, there were a few I watched.

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