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I really, really want to like this show. It has a great cast, good characters, and a good setting. But it is just not as good as I want it to be. The writing is so uneven and downright stupid at times. Sometimes they have great, dramatic scenes. But other times (and too frequently lately) they have ridiculous daytime soap-opera level crap. I mean really, look at these storylines:

* Casey has to take care of Heather's kids because neither she or her late husband had any relatives anywhere who could care for them? And, even if there were none, the state approved Casey who has no relation to the kids and works lengthy shifts as a firefighter to care for them? Come on, that's just stupid

* And my favorite current stupid plot: the state bean-counter who seems to have complete and total authority over the city-run Chicago Fire Dept including being able to magically make a RETIRED firefighter a battalion chief. Because, yeah, that would really happen. This may be an even worse plot than last season when they had the trainee paramedic who accused Severide of sexual harassment get insta-promoted to senior officer. That was just lol stupid.


Chief Boden is one of my favorite characters. I like Treat Williams, but I've just seen him as a Dad on White Collar.

I don't understand that they don't have 'enough' to put the thug in Prison. How much does Arthur have to do to get nailed? He's guilty of extortion, doing physical damage to the place. In the real world if a person did that 911 would be called and the guy would be arrested. But then we are dealing with a hard core thug.

I'm with Christopher. Get a shotgun and the next time the thug comes in and causes a problem ------- shoot the Bastard!

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