Covert Affairs Review: A Monster or Two?

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Has Annie become a monster like Henry?

Sana was definitely justified in making that declaration ,given Annie's actions and single-minded focus without any regard of the cost. When Annie died in that elevator, she resurrected without the humanity that made her uniquely Annie. She's now Jessica Matthews. A dark-haired individual with a dark soul and only hints of her former self.

Joan Confronts Auggie

In "Something Against You," Annie's mission to stop Henry set her on a course of action that she couldn't stop. She pushed Sana around and stopped listening. Annie thought she knew what was best without any regard or consideration of Sana. And, then Annie crossed the line. It wasn't when she killed Andrew Goodman since that really was self-defense.

Annie took the turn down the wrong path when she set up David. In that moment, Annie took Goodman's place and did Henry's bidding. Now, it could end up working out, but at this point she sacrificed David for little return. Henry would have come to see Sana no matter what. He has a weakness for her. 

Annie's plan to use Goodman's death to her advantage was a good one. It would have worked if Goodman's death had remained a secret for a few more hours. Henry was willing to pay the ransom to keep Sana safe and if the transfer went through Annie could have used it to her advantage. Though, time worked against her and now Henry knows that a "Jessica Matthews" is out to get him.

Henry would have done anything for Sana, but that's unlikely now. He knows that she betrayed him, which will put David at an even greater threat. If Henry can hurt his ex-wiife through her fiance, he'll do it without hesitation. Though, his time will be better spent searching for Jessica and handling the situation back at the CIA.

Annie's now back on her own and has a monster on her trail. Though, it may not be for long. When she was leaving the building she was spotted by Helen. Will Helen follow her and try to assist Annie? Since Helen's been deep undercover for so long, she would probably keep Annie's existence a secret at least until she figures out what's going on.

Though, she is working for the Campbells now and if revealing Annie's mission would help them, she'd rat out Annie in a second. Plus, after putting herself out there for Auggie, she has to be wondering if her husband knows the truth and if that's why he pushed her away. How uncomfortable will that meet be? Very, I imagine.

While Annie was working on Henry in Geneva, Auggie and Calder continued their plan back in DC. The lie about the blue file on Henry spread throughout the CIA. Whether Henry will believe it or not is still questionable. After Calder revealed the existence of the blue file, Henry confronted Braithwaite about it. Of course, he denied it since there isn't really a blue file. Now, it's unclear whether Henry believes Calder or Braithwaite.

The rumors will help support Calder, but Henry's not stupid. He called a meeting with Calder after he returns from Geneva and that should be quite revealing about Henry's thoughts on what's going on and whether he still trusts Calder or not. Will he tell him about Jessica? Or, will he handle that with his own people?

Auggie and Calder's rogue mission in DC is also threatened by Joan's curiosity. She's not likely to give up the pressure on Auggie about his conversation with Calder. If she continues to make a stink about it, will Auggie bring her in on what's going on? That would threaten her and Arthur, but he may not have a choice. Of course, that only matters if Helen doesn't reveal the truth first.

At this point, Henry hasn't been detracted from his plan at all. David's in Interpol's custody for questioning about the helicopter explosion leaving Henry free to continue with his plans for power and dominance. He's a monster. Will Annie have to become one too in order to have even a chance to stop him?


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I agree with others here, this storyline has outlived itself. They really need to tie this up and move on.


I'm starting to get tired of this show. This story arc with Henry is getting too drawn out. I'm tired of him always being able to stop Annie's plans, just like in the latest episode. He figured out that his ex-wife was plotting against him with Annie's alter ego? Come on. No one is that good.


I am just going to echo what others have said. Annie aka Jessica should have changed her appearance more, if she really wanted to pretend to be someone else. I have enjoyed the Henry storyline, but am ready for it to end already, and have Annie go back to Washington. I do not like Helen, and hope that she doesn't complicate things for "Jessica".


Not impressed with the Jessica Matthew's cover. If Henry happened to spot her, he would recognize her immediately. (I like some of @Christine's suggestions for a disguise) Andrew Goodman was able to recognize her almost right away.
Tired of the Henry story-line and I'm not to crazy about his ex-wife either. Jessica aka Annie was trying to help her and all the negativity from her wasn't helpful.
The nerve of Helen to try and recapture a relationship w/Auggie. Isn't she the one that told him how difficult relationships with another spy are?!


I still think that "Jessica Matthews" isnt enough of a cover. just has to leave a finger print somewhere to be discovered by Henry. and you know that he is going to use a very strong magnifying glass to uncover who she is...
She needs to wear gloves always, cut her hair butch, and look more boyish , maybe add some fake piercings and dark shadows like the girl with the dragon tatoo More than just a dark haired version of Annie to make this transformation believable.

Josie leeds

OK--I've pretty much had it with this story line. I do not like the resurrected Annie, I do not like the empty, soul-less caricatures the writers have turned ALL of the characters(even Auggie) into and I am REALLY tired of Henry and his ugliness. It's bad enough knowing there are MANY "Henrys" in our govt...I just don't need one in my face in what WAS one of my few guilty pleasures. Maybe I'll check back in at the season finale to see if it's still the same grim garbage....then again, maybe I won't.


This continues to be a terrific action/thriller... One of the nice things about this show being on USA rather than a premium network is they can't waste time in the 40 minutes they have for story.. 4 more episodes this season.. I presume they'll wrap up the Henry story...


agreed these shows drag on these storylines making it boring. get rid of henry and bring annie back to dc


I know operations such as the one Annie is on takes time, but I am growing tired of this getting drug out.......I suspect next week things will reach a pivotal point and hopefully be the beginning of the end for Henry.

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