Drop Dead Diva Review: A Hot Mess

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Wild, crazy chocolate sex can be dangerous... but so was Jane’s look of betrayal on "The Kiss."

The Wife Swap Incident

It’s understandable that Jane would be shaken up over Stacy and Owen finding comfort and passion in each other’s arms and perhaps the former should have confided in Jane earlier about her feelings and desire to pursue them. However, Jane has no right to be selfish and invoke the girl code on Stacy (I’m sure Leigh will be upset with me).

Stacy has done a lot for Jane: keeping her secret; constantly lending a ear and a shoulder; and trying to mend things up with Grayson. Frankly, Stacy has earned every right to follow her feelings with Owen and Jane just needs to take a step back and examine why she’s so upset over it. Jane’s been nursing a broken heart and trying to cool down her hot mess of a life and it’s probable that a lot of her anger at Stacy and Owen is Jane just wanting to find love again.

Grayson – a man who ran after Jane and got summarily rejected – has moved on and now Owen – a man nursing his own whiplash after a whirlwind engagement to Jane – is starting to move on too. That leaves Jane left out and mostly alone.

I do want to give Drop Dead Diva Season 5 some commendation for having the guts to write this kind of story. Relationships are constantly being tried and tested, but those relationships are typically between Jane and a man. It’s usually Jane and Stacy that are on constantly solid footing and their friendship tends to survive even when their outside lives are not.

If Jane and Paul are willing to make some new rules instead of sticking to the old guardian angel handbook (therefore bending the very rules of life), then surely there’s some wiggle room for rewriting of the girl code amongst best friends.

The cases this week were the typical Drop Dead Diva fare. I found Frank Inc. to be a time sink for Grayson. It completely pulled him out of the main story. However, as much as I love Grayson, tonight wasn’t about him; and with the way things went down, it was probably best he was nowhere in sight.

The crazy chocolate sex couples, however, were pretty interesting. Just taking one look at the couples and you knew the swap was beneficial to all parties. The two headstrong spouses were better suited for each, as were the two quieter, softer-spoken couples. These pairing also brought along Old Jane’s therapist bearing new information about Old Jane’s five-year plan and I’m confident Jane can do Old Jane justice with the plan.

Finally, there's Paul. It's about time that he's given a little bit more to do aside from taking his shirt off (not that that's not enjoyable). He's trying his best to help Jane move on and the guy he sets her up with certainly looked good on paper until he stole Jane's car.

What are your thoughts on Jane and Stacy? Should girl code be enforced?


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I just couldn't help but chime in.. What a pair of selfish and mean-spirited twits. Granted Jane made a mistake by kissing Grayson but, she has owned her mistake and tried to make amends. But these two, Owen is completely vengeful and clueless. Does anyone remember how he left Jane at the alter? She forgave him. His anger was way overstated. His tormenting Jane by becoming a partner in the firm where she works, who does that? Stacy is a complete brat, always has been. Who would insist on using her heart-broken friends ex- fiance's sperm and then pursue a relationship with him. Unbelievable!!


The show is totally going in the wrong direction. I don't even want to watch it anymore. It is WRONG on all kinds of levels. Stacey should have never asked for Owen's sperm.. Now she's dating him? Just puts a bad taste in my mouth. There is a code.. You don't date your Best Friends ex fiancé, it wasn't a fling. And it's really annoying that Stacey ALWAYS gets what she wants. She plays the "kind" role and then they make Jane to be the bad person. Jane always has to give her what she wants. Stacey is annoying and is a horrible ditsy best friend. She should be supporting Jane, who's having a difficult time right now.. The code is "chicks before d*cks."


Girl code? Jane split up her own engagement by not being over her ex. Stacey taking Owen out of the picture is a favor. Jane is just being a baby. Jane did Owen dirty. It would be different if Stacey went for Grayson. This is nothing but ego. Jane just needs to get over it.


I look forward to seeing drop dead diva,I love it. That is a writers dream to come up with the story lines.


With Owen and Staci hooking up I may have to sop watching. I can't believe they would take it there. Staci has always been selfish, especially when she was with Fred. There is a "girl code" I don't care how you look at this, it's just plain wrong for Staci and Owen to be together. For Staci to even ask Owen for his sperm and give it to her, obviously was a clue he really wants to hurt Jane.


Yes, there is a code. As another poster said, it's called decency. If Stacey was a good friend, she would never have used Owen's sperm to get pregnant. Can you imagine Jane's daily nightmare of helping raise her ex-fiance's child in her own home?! And you know Owen would not stay away, which would double the agony of seeing the two of them raising their child together in Jane's home, until they decided to be a couple for real, and Jane loses them anyway, plus the child. Jane should leave the firm. The way she's been treated by Owen, Grayson, and Kim, they deserve to lose Jane's brilliance. She should go to Rome, practice law in maybe an American embassy, and find a hot Italian guy who appreciates her.


This episode was a bit "too much" for me..may quit watching. YES, there IS
a "Code", called human decency, having a conscience, and caring for your closest friend, who is reeling from more hurts than she can handle,and is,
as Stacy knows, on the edge at this point. Owen is set on doing everything
in his power to make Jane's life a living hell..Grayson is beyond dense...
and now her dearest "friend"? stabs her in the back as well? Jane should leave
the company* (that she "saved" by the way)..and the company of these so-called "friends" and start over. Owen
and Stacy deserve each other, neither has a heart. Stacy as a "Mom"? The mind boggles.


Stacy has ALWAYS been selfish. Remember what she turned into when she became famous? And how she cheated on Fred? Then again, I'm kind of OK with Jane not being with Owen now... He's a bit of a douche these days. I'd really like Jane to have a happy ending. I'm tired of seeing her suffer. I say get her together with Grayson and let them walk off into the sunset. It's obvious this is the last season anyway.


There totally is a girl code and a guy code! I cannot believe they even said that on the show...and Stacy! OMG! Witch for hell,,,


If Stacy's a best friend-give me an enemy. One does not pursue a girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. The only acceptable condition is that the girlfriend ask permission. On the other side of the coin, Jane expected too much of Owen to put aside that she kissed Grayson at their wedding. Somebody in this scenario needs to find a new place of employment and Stacy did the smart thing by moving out. Some of Paul's antics are funny and some of them are just stoopid. I can't tell if he's here to help Jane or make her life more miserable.
Color me naive - I did not see the whole chocolate shower scene coming. I found the case to be different and interesting.

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