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I do not always watch glee but I tuned in his time o see what they would do. They did a great job in giving him a legacy and making that dash what was mos important not the end. My grandma died recently and he pastor even made that same point about the dash being the most important thing. Its not how you got there or that you are there at the end but that that dash is all you lived and Finn and Cory were very important to a lot of people


@Renee, those rumours were exactly that, rumours. It's long been debunked.
@Karen, it was a scheduling conflict, yes.



apparently there are rumors that Ryan Murphy and Lea do not like Dianna Agron...


From the first song, I was in tears. Knowing that the actors weren't just playing a part, that they were really feeling the sorrow of Corey's death was heartbreaking. I really liked that they didn't touch on what caused Finn's death. It was about his life.
But a question I have, that I would love answered, if anyone knows, is: where was Quinn? She was his girlfriend for so long. Was it just scheduling conflict for Dianna?


It felt so real, it was just like being with them. I couldn't control myself throughout the episode & I dont even want to think what the people close to Cory went through. A really good and heartbreaking episode. A great way to move forward and leave behind Cory's and Finn's legacy !

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