Grey's Anatomy Review: Not a Game Anymore

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After last week’s emotional premiere, Grey’s Anatomy aired its second episode of the season, focusing on MerDer adjusting to life at home with a newborn while the show went on at the hospital.

In "Everybody's Crying Mercy," our favorite couple found it difficult being away from work. The two were exhausted and sleep-deprived, but that didn’t stop Meredith from finding ways to check up on Webber by getting updates from Cristina and Shane. Webber didn’t want a feeding tube but clearly needed one.

Derek and the Baby

I know Mer felt like she was the only family Webber had left, but I couldn’t believe that she’d bring her newborn to the hospital. Even crazier was how the installment ended with Webber telling Mer he chose her as his proxy because he thought she would have been able to put her emotions aside and make the right choice. He was upset she let them operate on him when he was all but dead. That was so very cold and harsh.   

So, what else happened while the Shepherds were out?

Well, it’s safe to say that Calzona’s marriage has hit rock bottom. Arizona tried to fix their broken relationship by scheduling a couple’s therapy session. Callie made it clear that she wasn’t going to see the therapist and thought that Arizona needed to fix herself first.

Side note: I don’t remember seeing or hearing Arizona apologize to Callie for her huge mistake. I am really glad the writers aren’t rushing to a quick resolution for these two. What Arizona did was totally wrong and Calzona just hasn’t been all rainbows and sunshine for a very long time. I just don't know if these two are truly meant to be anymore. Actually, I haven't felt that way in a long time.

With numerous surgeries scheduled, Owen clashed with Jackson over financial issues at the hospital. Owen was definitely right when he said the hospital needed the board to make decisions and the doctors to help. I really liked how Owen was able to show Jackson that the board had to meet and am stoked to see the upcoming benefit for the hospital.

Meanwhile, there was lots of tension with both Crowen and Jolex. For the former, Crowen decided that they were going to try to date other people even if they knew it was going to suck and feel forced. Jolex, on the other hand, finally found the time and an empty house as Alex carried Jo up the stairs to likely relieve some of their tensions. I absolutely love these two together!

Other thoughts:

  • As April nervously awaited the results of her boards, I found myself not caring in the least bit whether she passed or failed. She passed, though, so I guess that means she's sticking around. By the way, how does her hair stay so bouncy with all that running around in the hospital? She must have some amazing products.
  • Like it or not, the interns are becoming more prevalent. Shane stepped up in a big way this week when he helped Webber. However, I couldn't help but wonder if and when others will eventually find out what really happened with him and Heather last week.
  • There were two scenes in particular that had me missing Cristina already. The first was when she didn’t exactly give Arizona the “nice haircut” comment she wanted. Then, I cracked up when Cristina was torturing Alex over his love life. Check out the Grey’s Anatomy quotes for Cristina’s funny lines.

Overall, I thought this installment was strong and feel like we’re off to a great start already for yet another long and memorable season. Don’t forget to return early next week to chime in on our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table.


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The best part of the episode was when they played the Kendrick Lamar song. ;)


Meredith did not make Adele sick or do anything to Adele to cause her death. Adele had Alzeihmer's Disease. AD is not an infectious or contagious disease. Meredith did put her career and relationship on the line when she made sure Adele received the experimental treatment for AD. Regardless, I don't believe Richard meant what he said to Meredith. He is angry and frustrated and striking out at those closest to him...human nature at it's "best."


So if the hospital is in this back of a shape would't the city come in and shut them down?


@Grey fan just wanted to correct you she didn't put her career on the line she ended her hunsband the man she supposly love career so she didn't have to deal with the fact that she got Adele sick and what would led to her death


Yes. I did think about all that backstory as well but this feels right to me somehow. Something in Richard - probably from having that feeding tube down his nose and throat, not being able to feed himself - broke and it has made him really angry. And he does have several reasons to be a bitter old man. Bailey calling him a drunk, Adele dying etc etc. I think the moment was honest. I don't think he was burning a bridge so much as venting on the little girl he once let down.


I agree with Grey fan. Disappointing episode.


I respectfully disagree Greysanatomyfan. How can they write something like that after the reconciliation between The chief and Meredith in the last couple of seasons. I mean, she puts her career in the line by tempering with Adele's Alzheimer's study samples and he was totally greatful for that. Or the moment when he reveals Adele's death at Bailey's wedding. This isn't like season 5 where we had the famous I'm so sorry scene. These two have made peace and now all of a sudden there's a burned bridge? Just not consistent in my view. Would of been better if they just let him die. Seems harsh but that's more realistic based on the story the last couple of seasons.


Why oh why was Richard so heartless about it? Feeling really sad for Meredith. That was some good, solid writing right there. Love it!


Background music is too loud at times to hear actors voices. Happens often!

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Cristina: Haircut.
Arizona: Yes, you can't just say haircut. You have to say nice haircut. Otherwise, I'll think it's a bad haircut and I'm wearing a dress and I got a haircut because I want to look nice. Do I like nice?
Cristina: You look tense.

He's hungry. My nipples are of no use to him.


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