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Grey's Anatomy Sneak Preview: Meredith vs. Cristina

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Tension between Cristina and Meredith is running high on this week's Grey's Anatomy, "I Bet It Stung." They may be each other's person, but at this moment, they're not fans of that person.

"I'm here," Meredith says as she hurriedly bursts into the scrub room in the sneak preview clip below, only to see Bailey scrubbing in to help Yang with a simultaneous heart-liver transplant.

"She's doing the liver," Cristina replies matter-of-factly when Mer inquires about Miranda. "I'm doing the liver," Meredith then asserts, explaining that Zola had to be treated for an injury."

"I don't care about Zola!" Yang states bluntly. "I'm thinking about the patient."

"Whoa," Meredith responds, clearly taken aback. "Dial it back for a second."

Does she? "Dr. Bailey knows the procedure. Dr. Bailey is scrubbing in on my patient," Cristina says, leaving Meredith stunned. Check out that and another scene from tomorrow night below ...

Once again, we see how hard it is for Meredith to have it all. She explains that Zola didn't get a concussion and is fine now, but Cristina is concerned that Mer isn't, with all she's juggling.

"Are you?" Cristina asks. "You're going to be worried about that and a hundred other things." What's Dr. Grey's reply to that in the short-term, and in the broader context of her future?

We'll find out as Grey's Anatomy Season 10 continues Thursday night.

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She is right in a way all Meredith has done is sleep with Derek or try to get him fire she never does doctor stuff


Christina's dad and ex boyfriend?
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Meredith's dad?