Haven Review: A Brilliant Twist!

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Finally. Haven brought an end to the "Audrey's in the Bar(n)" saga with a nifty little twist. While we waited for that, we were treated to a truly spine tingling Trouble, making "Lost and Found" the best episode of Haven Season 4 so far.

While none of my theories or wishes of what might occur when Sarah/Lucy/Audrey/Lexie made her way back to Haven was used as the end results, it still changes everything and makes what comes next pretty exciting.

Working With Jennifer

First let's chat about The Trouble of the week. Anything with kids is always extra scary, but put black blunt cut wigs, spiked teeth and blue eye shadow on them and make them giggle like little freaks and you can count me out of playing ring around the rosy with them. 

I had never heard of a Douen before, but if I know my friends well enough, somebody will tell me they've already been examined by Joss Whedon and I'm late to the party. I did a little research on the creatures, and in folklore one of their characteristics is that their feet are on backward, with their heels facing the front. I'm glad they didn't add that little detail, because they were nightmare inducing without it.

It seemed an odd Trouble for a husband to bring to his wife after realizing he couldn't give her children, but I guess that's what made them mystical - their ability to make her happy even while scaring the crap out of everyone else. Nonetheless, great Trouble and one I was happy to see cured.

On to the good stuff! William was using his mojo in the Bar(n) with Lexie to get her open her mind to see things as they really were on her side, and Duke was doing the same thing with Jennifer in Haven. I'm still really digging Jennifer and Duke and it was a perfect touch that the thing that opened Jennifer up was playing quarters and swilling beer. I like her more all the time!

Jennifer and Lexie had some sort of actual connection and through that realized that they both had to open a door and by doing so Lexie will be able to cross the divides between the Bar(n) and the real world to get back. William told her she had to take a leap of faith and that part of who she is is someone who has friends looking for her - always. 

William was very cryptic and in being so essentially spoke to the fact that our favorite blonde isn't any one person. We also learned he wouldn't be making the trip with her (that bummed me out), but they will likely meet again (in bursts like Agent Howard?). 

Audrey: You know, you kept saying that I'm not who I think I am. If I make it to the other side, who will I be?
William: Whoever you most want to be. | permalink

There was a big ripple and the doors disappeared and the girl was back on the ground. Nathan spoke with her, told her she had to kill him to end the troubles. But guess who she most wanted to be - Lexie. It would appear that Audrey Parker is gone. Is that a cool twist? Yes, yes it is. 

It takes care of our problem of killing Nathan, because Lexie doesn't know any of the people in Haven. It also gives me hope that she might like Jordan, because of her imaginary roommate and friend in the Bar(n). Given what Kate Kelton said in her recent interview on the site, I'm wondering if Lexie might not fall for Jordan. There's nothing that says Lexie can't fall for a woman, is there? Only two people can touch Jordan, right? Nathan and Lexie. It could happen.

Oooh - I'm excited. I can't wait. I liked Lexie, and apparently Lexie liked Lexie, too! We will get to find out about her and get to see Emily Rose go all Tatiana Maslany with a fourth incarnation of her character with all the regulars and maybe she'll end up friends with unlikely suspects. 

What do you think of this new development and are you as glad as I am that she's finally out of that darn Bar(n)?! Welcome to Haven Lexie!


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I think she chose to be Lexie because William had grown on her as her new "Loved One ". I say this because I don't think Nathan is the default. I think, though Nathan fathered her son, he wasn't Sarah's Loved One - Dave was/or possibly Vincent depending on whatever is more significant - the photo or the ring. For Lucy it was James and for Audrey it was Nathan and now it has to be someone new.


That ending scene with Nathan and Audrey (Lexie) was really touching. I was so pleasantly surprised by their kiss! I wasn't expecting it at this time! As a huge Nathan/Audrey fan, I'm SO HAPPY that they are finally sharing scenes together. I think Audrey chose to be Lexie right before walking through the door so that she wouldn't have to kill Nathan. I don't think she "most" wanted to be Lexie. I just she knew that if she came back as Audrey, she'd have to kill Nathan. And she's not capable of doing that. As for Jordan, I still find her unlikable. She is now stalking Nathan 24/7 and being creepy. Also, Lexie clearly likes men. In the bar scenes, she expressed her desire to find a GOOD MAN. She talked about that with her female bar friend. How it's difficult to find good guys. She also mentioned an ex boyfriend to William. So how can she be a lesbian? Makes no sense to me. I'm also LOVING Jennifer and Duke. How I wish she'd say. She is the perfect girl for Duke. I love how she is petite and cute. And he is tall and strong. Nice contrast with this pairing. I'm hoping Lexie will fall for Nathan. I think it would be amazing to see EVERY single version of Audrey falling for Nathan. Sarah did. :) And I think Lucy would have if she had met him. I'd also like to see their son come back. I think he is still alive. Anyway, this was my favorite episode. I'm loving Nathan/Audrey together. And I'm liking Jennifer/Duke. So this shipper fan is happy!


@ Capt M agree with you on the repetitiveness and slow pacing. I guess it was necessitated by Emily Rose's pregnancy and maternity leave. The whole Audrey/Lexie coming back could have been done effectively in 2 episodes not 4. It seems a waste for a series with only a maximum of 13 episodes. At least it seems the plot will finally move forward now. Jennifer being connected to the barn, being able to open the door is interesting. Is she somehow related to Audrey or is she a similar being to Audrey?


I'm still wondering if Vince is the one that Audrey must kill?


This was a pretty good episode, and it sets-up quite a bit of story to come. What is this "great evil" that was unleashed by opening the barn door? What is "the room" that Dave went to and got that book (which Vince wanted him to hide)? What secrets are Vince & Dave still hiding? Did Sarah/Nathan's son really die? When will we see William again?


My guess is that Lexie is there so that Audrey doesn’t have to kill Nathan. OK. So maybe this was the best episode of S4. But so far S4 has been bogged down in extremely slow and very repetitive story telling. The first 20 minutes of this episode, we’d already lived in each of the 3 previous ones. The show is suffering from taking itself too seriously (remember S1, it’s still the best), and has forgotten how to service its characters. Probably because there are too many of them. I swear every time Jordan speaks I just want to backhand whoever gave her a line. And the interaction / dialogue between Nathan & Jordan is laughable it’s so bad. William & Lexie – not much better. Listen, the fans watching this are intelligent people, please write intelligent characters. CORRECTION – intelligent, likeable characters. The bright spot so far is Duke & Jennifer. Thank you to them for providing some of the lighter moments which reminds me how good this show can be.


So I assume Lexie is here to stay, since the barn imploded. Which means... no more being gone for 27 years. It was clever to have her be Lexie, which gave an out to Nathan in not having to give the ultimate sacrifice. That introduces an interesting dynamic of dealing with the troubles and keeping Lexie around permanently. Season 3 was my favorite, but I'm enjoying 4. Can't wait until next week. :)


Don't like this 'twist' at all, Audrey was a great character, Lexie is so average. It feel like they have rebooted a series that was doing fine, I'm really disappointed. Now they're going have explain EVERYTHING all over AGAIN. Not cool at all!


Good episode! I like how Nathan and Duke seem to be swapping places. Nathan's blind need to be with Audrey caused all the current problems. His need to play out this "great love" sacrifice scenario was preventing Jennifer from doing her thing, g. Meanwile, Ol' Duke is trying to calmly "fix" everything and take care of everyone...including Nathan. I'd love to see Lexie fall for Duke...would he sacrifice himself for the greater good? I'll pass on any possibility of the show jumping on the lipstick lesbian bandwagon, thanks.


But any way it goes, I am so thrilled to see how it turns out and it feels this season just got started. The more it goes, the better a show Haven gets!

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Haven Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Audrey: What if I can't find this door?
William: You will cease to exist.

Dwight: A Troubled four-year-old?
Nathan: Yeah, I know. We need Audrey back now.