Haven Review: The Same Old Girl We Used to Know

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"The New Girl" is a sham after all. My friend called it last week, but I didn't want to believe it, because I can't imagine how the show can continue on much longer with the return of Audrey Parker.

And yet, here we are. Haven Season 4 is a game changer. Everyone wanted Audrey back, but it feels a bit like the air has been let out of the balloon. Instead of a show about a quirky town and the citizens within it, it's going to be a game of cat and mouse. 

A few things have changed, and some of them were dead giveaways to the Lexie on Land not being the same one we met in the Bar(n).

Lexie vs Audrey

Emily Rose adopted a completely different stance, tone of voice and behavioral pattern for Lexie on Land than the one who didn't know who she was while trying to figure things out with William. So she did think on her feet and put on the mask to keep from killing Nathan upon arrival. 

I'm surprised Nathan couldn't see it. Perhaps he is just too hurt and defeated to recognize the woman he loves right now. Duke, however, knew it was Audrey when she supposedly put his life in danger to release the hold the Troubled guy, Tyler, had over him. I knew because she was talking too slow and wasn't as sharp as she was when she was with William. She also piled on the back story (complete with cuffs and bondage) just a little too thick in her attempt to throw people off her scent.

It may not work in her favor, however, as Jordan finally asked the one question I've been asking all along: What if Audrey's Trouble is The Troubles and, as Jordan suggested, Duke killing her would absorb that Trouble and end them all. Of course I don't think it would be any easier for Duke to kill Audrey than it would for Audrey to kill Nathan. However....

It appears that Jordan's plan is going to be to see if she can whip up that Trouble in Wade and, perhaps, get him to kill Audrey and release the town of their Troubles. Is that what you took away from their little meet-n-greet at the end? There is the added difference in Audrey's return that she remembers being in the Bar(n), and that could be an added layer of mystery, but I can't quite figure out how it (or William) might play into it all.

So Duke and Audrey are going to be in on the secret, but I don't think they're going to be able to keep it from Jennifer. Whether her connection was just to the Bar(n) or to Audrey, we don't know for sure, but she's going to be living with Duke so their close proximity will mean her intuitive nature will likely kick in.

I'm happy that we aren't going to revisit the potential of Duke as a love interest, as he is clearly into Jennifer. Duke and Audrey were always better as friends, and Duke and Jennifer just feel right together. There is a natural feel to their chemistry that doesn't make the connection feel forced to keep Duke away from Audrey.

I am wondering what happens from here, however. Audrey is back and she can't go back and be rejuvenated. If they don't find another way to end The Troubles, then it's always going to be about this forbidden love and Audrey masquerading as Lexie. If Nathan falls in love with her fake persona, Jordan will still expect Lexie to kill Nathan. Meanwhile Jordan will be working on Wade to kill Lexie/Audrey.

Additionally, if The Troubles DO end, there is no more Haven and who wants that? I would have preferred Audrey was missing. I get why they chose this route, but it seems like the options going forward are limited. What do you think? Where can they go from here? Are we at the beginning of the end of Haven?


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Best episode of the season


But I feel that eventually he'll find out and I hope that in time they'll have figured a way to end the Troubles some other way, but I doubt it. The show wouldn't exist without the Troubles. I feel like we're reaching an impasse. But I trust the writers it seems they always find a way to surprise us and come out with something we haven't seen coming. The only decpetion I have is we seem to get stuck in that forbidden love pattern. It feels like Audrey and Nathan will never be able to find a way to be together. And finally I agree with you Choann,I also like Duke and Audrey as friends, I always rooted for Audrey and Nathan. And now, I am happy that he found Jennifer. And it seems fitting that Duke is he one who unmasks Audrey since Nathan is blinded by his hurting and sadness over losing Audrey.


I don't agree with the reviewer, I loved this episode. But as a huge Haven fan, I always like any storyline they throw at us. They always find a way to surprise us. I couldn't tell until thend that Lexie was Audrey, but I did find that she seemed to subconsciously remember things that Audrey could do. But it happened it the barn too, so I didn't make a big deal out of it. What I found weird is she really seemed to do everything to prevent Nathan from falling for her. She was rude to him and told him about her history with drugs and wild sexual experiences just to repulse him. Then at the end I figured it was all planned. She wants to make sure he won't recognize Audrey underneath this rough exterior. And the reviewer is right Nathan is to hurt and defeated to see clearly right now.


I think the way they are going to hint at it may be the fact that the troubles can't end. Whatever was released when the door that dave didn't want opened, opened... well that could be a way right? I too like audrey and duke as friends, always have -even when they kissed. the epic/starcrossed romance thing always fit better with audrey and nathan. Im just glad it isnt crytpic mumbo jumbo any more though.

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