How I Met Your Mother Review: Family Pot

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It has been a week since How I Met Your Mother fans watched Barney and Ted measure each other up against the Bro Code's standards of friendship.  

At the onset of this week's episode, we were still 48 hours away from the wedding. If I'm not mistaken, that would mean only three hours elapsed from the start of last week's installment to this one. In terms of the show's timeline, it hasn't been too long since Lily met the mother on the train, but "The Poker Game" marked the second episode in a row in which we were denied any further glimpses of Ted's future bride.

Barney's Dilemma

Sadly, what we got was a piecemeal flashback story involving Ted and Marshall and yet another crisis of confidence between Barney and Robin just days before their big ceremony.

Are we really supposed to believe both Ted and Marshall have harbored resentment toward each other for something which dates back to Marshall's wedding and neither of them knew about it? Marshall needs to jump in Doc Brown's DeLorean and get to this wedding yesterday because the whole road trip scenario is played out. 

At the poker table, Lily made her stink face at Ted, but my brow was furrowed as I wondered where Linus had gone to with Lily's never ending supply of drinks. Was it his day off? Marshall's road trip still has gas in the tank, but Lily can't get a drink? Come on. 

I did like how Robin finally put her foot down and called out James for crapping all over the wedding. The all-in push with the ring kicker was a nice move. Her point to Barney about him having her back was legit, but what didn't gel was Barney's sudden loyalty to his family. For most of the show's run, we rarely see much of either James or Loretta, but now on his wedding weekend, Barney is conflicted about choosing sides? If Barney was THAT close with James, he would have had some clue that his marriage was on the rocks. 

I did like how Robin didn't back down one bit in the final scene, when she tried to return Loretta's blouse.

Loretta Stinson: You won the battle, but I'll win the war.
Robin: Game on bitch! | permalink

The conflict between the two, though, could have easily been avoided had Barney not gone so overboard when showing Robin just how much he had her back. Although I did love how he punctuated the scene by smashing the vase on the floor in front of James and his mother. 

Hopefully the show can sweep up the pieces from this week and put together a strong follow up episode.


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Marshall on the road is played out weeks ago.. Enough already!!!
Week storyline for all the characters... Couldn't find one bit funny in this episode.
I guess we need to expect useless episodes like this when the whole season is about a wedding weekend.


i hope we seen the last of the flash backs. where is the mother!!!!!!! we seen her only 3 thimes last summer they an big deal of casting her and said the others would seen before ted. the one that saw her so far is lily come on now she her more. i want her flash forwards and marshall with the rest of them

Drea xoxo

another episode and no mother?? do the writers know what they are doing? this is meant to be the end game, the last season not lets waste our loyal viewers time!!!


Did you guys see that they even added the pumpkin girl Ted was always trying to find on Halloween?


I'm surprised the recapper gave this episode only 3 stars. It was the first time in aaaages that I laughed this much watching HYMYM! I thought it was a great episode. Loved the wedding gift story, it was hilarious.


It seems to me, that Jason isn't available on set most of the time... Like the last episode, that he literaly (video)-phoned in


im getting tired of this flashback.. it doesnt really feel like this is the last season.
when are ted and the mother going to meet? in the midseason finale?!?


This was a really good episode. I like Marshall on the road trip it's funny but I really want him at the hotel with the rest of the gang. Lilly was funny this episode. When are we going to see her tackle more people like she did in the first episode with Ted they said it wasn't the only time she had to do it so when will these other times happen. It was nice to see how loyal Barney is to Robin even if he went a little over board. I really want to see the mother again and I want her to meet the other characters like she did with Lilly. Can't wait till the next episode it looks funny.

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