NBC Cancels Ironside and Welcome to the Family, Sets Premiere Dates for Community and Chicago PD

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NBC has announced the cancelation of two new shows, the return of a long-time favorite and the premiere of a spinoff.

First, the network has brought the axe down on Ironside and Welcome to the Family. Both freshman programs struggled from the outset.

NBC will replace the Blair Underwood-anchored drama in November and December with new episodes of Dateline, SNL holiday-themed specials and other original programming.

Then, Chicago P.D. will debut in this Wednesday-at-10 p.m. time slot on January 8 at 10 p.m. The series will star Jason Beghe, Jon Seda and Sophia Bush and others as police officers in The Windy City.

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New Parks and Recreation episodes, meanwhile, will run from 8-9 p.m. on Thursdays, along with other holiday-themed specials.

On Thursday, January 2, Community Season 5 will kick off with back-to-back installments.

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Wow, that was a quick cancellation. The original series should have never been used as the template for an updated rerun


Come up with same new ideas! Why remake old shows? Have any of them done good? I could have cared less about Ironside being black. I am sick of cop shows with the I can do what I want because I am cop theme. But if you looked at the orgianal Ironside Raymond Burr's Ironside was a jerk. This Ironside was a jerk who had sex. I also agree with others that networks cancel shows way to fast. They don't give you time to watch and show before the cancel it. Most shows only have 22 shows now. Do at least 10 to see how it does before you cancel it. I am looking forward to the Chicago PD because I like Chicago fire.


It wasn't the color of his skin that was the problem, but the fact that the show was named Ironside, but diverged SO FAR from the original.
It wasn't a bad show for a procedural cop drama, but they didn't need the chair to write one of those. Once you do a remake of an original, or even a re-imagining of the original, you should stick to at least SOME of the original's premise.
I'm sorry to see it go, for all it's flaws it was fairly enjoyable.


You got it Miranda! Damn I went against my normal routine and watched Ironside, and really liked it! In fact this year scrolled through On Demand and watched all the new show's to the first commercial. Didn't think much of any movie star's return to TV show's except Back in the Game. But tape Michael J Fox just to help him out, but find it hard to watch! Welcome to the family was just plain stupid what a waste of great acting! The best new sitcom in my opinion is MOM, they almost lost me but flipped by the second ep and they got me!


WTF does the new Ironside being Black have to do with anything? I'm not old enough to be familiar with the original but unless his being White was essential to his character and backstory then he could be Asian for all I give a crap as long as the writing and acting was good. The show just wasn't all that great period and the flashbacks to the days when he could walk were just misplaced. I highly doubt it had anything to do with him being Black.


Another cop show??? Dont we have enough of them already in ALL NETWORKS? I hope it flops. Ironside and Welcome to the family were bad sicne the beginning and I think the premise of a black Ironside may have not been fans favorites.


NBC. Bring back Deception!!!


Maybe people would watch the new shows if they knew it wouldn't be cancelled after one season. Every show I get hooked on gets cancelled and I am sick of it! I don't even watch the new ones any more. Why? So I can get hooked then pissed when they cancel it?!? Too many good shows gone and too many news ones to count! Im sticking to the voice, parenthood and biggest loser and if any of those get cancelled I will never watch NBC again!

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