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NCIS: Los Angeles took the team on a punishing journey this spring when Sam and Deeks were both tortured. Instead of moving on and pretending it didn't happen, the series showed both men continuing to deal with the psychological damage in "Impact."

Sam and Deeks came out of the situation in extremely different outlooks. Sam had a strong support structure to help him get through the trauma with both his wife and Callen, while Deeks suffered all alone. 

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The reactions of both men felt authentic to their characters given their background, the torture they suffered, and their current emotional support structures. Sam was trained to withstand torture which helped him both during the pain and with his recovery. It didn't stop the pain, but gave him the skills and mental fortitude to comprehend what happened. 

Sam had two people by his side that if anything were too supportive. Sam was irritated by their overbearing willingness to protect and help him. Whether it was getting out of doing the dishes or special Lakers' tickets, Sam didn't want the special treatment. It helped him to be back at work and moving on with normal activities.

Deeks was handling the situation in almost the exact opposite way due to the circumstances surrounding him and what happened. He was never trained to withstand torture. He was a cop and an investigator and wasn't ever supposed to be in a situation to be tortured. He was at home in Los Angeles, not in a war zone.

They were both put through painful situations, but the torture that Deeks withstood was much more invasive and physical. He had bodily damage that continued to cause him pain even after the torture ended. And, perhaps more important, he allowed himself to recognize and verbalize his feelings for Kensi. All of those events combined to leave him with an inability to heal.

Deeks didn't have a wife waiting for him at home or kids to watch play. He couldn't even lean on his partner because that would have shown weakness in front of the woman he loves. He had no way out and without sleep he was gradually deteriorating instead of getting better.

One way in which they are similar is that work could be a release. Once Deeks returns to work and returns to normalcy, he will begin to heal. Though, that requires that he get sleep. After the conversation with Nate, Deeks was finally in a position to let someone in to help him. Kensi showed up, brought his favorite foods and acted like a friend. Her presence provided Deeks with the security that he needed. And, he slept.

Kensi: What happens next?
Deeks: It's a love story. | permalink

What happens now is an intriguing question.... 

Will they be able to continue to work together? Or, will they be forced apart due to their newly admitted emotional connection? It would be odd to see the partnerships switched around, but it could provide new opportunities for banter, as well as, challenges. Sam went from being disrespectful to Deeks to owing him everything. I'd love to see them be partners and learn to better work together.

And, during the investigation into the plane crash, Callen and Kensi worked well together. It would make for a different dynamic on the show, but change can allow miraculous things to happen too. 

The highlight of the episode was watching the two men struggle with what happened to them. The case of the week involving the retired Admiral and the journalist wasn't all that interesting. It did provide for what could become a longer term investigation that could be intriguing.

Lastly, Eric and the pants thing?!? It was funny for a second and then was annoying. If it's never mentioned again, I'd be perfectly fine with it.

Do you want to see Deeks and Kensi back together as partners? Or should they be split up due to their emotional connection?


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We need more of deeks and kensi. Offcourse they are partners but they can love each other too. I mean whats the problem in that. I think they will work more effectively when they tell each other that they love each other. I am definately sure that it'll work 101%. And they will work husband and wife as well as best parnters. Moral of the story is we need more of densi. Shane must return them back in business. Yeah offcourse we wanna see densi with lost more comic situations. With lot more passion towards their love. And yeah with lot more effective ness in their work.


I loved the episode. It was so nice that it was Kensi who brought the food to Deeks - like the time he brought the food to her when she was slugged in the jaw. Partner relationships can work. We've had them on TV before in McMillan and Wife and Hart to Hart - both detective series where the partners were husband and wife. I also have a friend who is a nurse and who is married to a doctor. They work in the same hospital and on some of the same patients. They have been married over 20 years so it can and does work. We need more Densi and I really hope Shane Brennan gets them back together after Daniela's pregnancy. I understand that for the remaining time of her pregnancy she can't be there, hence I think she is the one who will be sent to Afghanistan, but after she has her baby and returns to work, I really hope Kensi and Deeks will be together.


Can someone explain the ending of the case to me?


When Deeks says "It's a love story," it has to be the answer to Nate's question when he asked what made their partnership special!


Wow, what a great review. I loved all the Deeks/Sam stuff in this episode, and in all honesty the case was the least interesting aspect. Your observations of how Sam and Deeks deal with and ultimately heal from their mutual traumas, was spot on. Great insight.


This was a really good episode. It makes since how Sam was pretty much fine after the torture and deeks wasn't because Sam was a Seal and there trained for that kind of stuff and deeks he's just a cop he wasnt trained for anything like that. Eric and the pants was funny I like him better with his shorts. I loved the ending with kenzi going to deeks as a friend it was really nice and just what he needed I can't wait to see what's going to happen with them I think they'll make a great couple. Can't wait till the next episode.


i think they are great together


i think they are together as partners and lovers. i think there chemistry. makes the show


I agree with other commenters here that the closing scene between Kensi and Deeks was exceptional on a number of levels. Nothing physical happened yet their relationship took a quantum leap forward. The fact that he was finally able to fall asleep because he felt safe and secure with the person he is closest to was very telling. The "love story" utterance was also kind of cool. Incredibly well-done scene between two actors with a ton of chemistry together.


I'm glad Sam finally got over himself and realized Deeks is just as reliable and capable as Callen. Yeah, Sam, you're a former SEAL. Fine, but that doesn't mean Deeks is a poorer law enforcement officer because he wasn't.
I don't think that Deeks and Kensi should get into any more of a romantic relationship than they have now. It just doesn't work. Ask any soldier who marries a soldier: when you're with someone 24/7, the relationship goes bad. THe torture scenes were just too graphic and disturbing. I almost didn't tune in for this season, but I couldn't NOT. I hope there's no more of this. I don't mind shootemups and bad guys going down, but the torture-especially the stuff Deeks went through-was just too disturbingly real. There's a lot of folks out there who refuse to go to a dentist because of fear...and this just exacerbates. By the way, I, too, thought the Eric and the pants thing ridiculous. Oh, and if the producers are reading this, please get rid of that asshole, Granger. Send his stupid, bloodhound face back to DC. He's nothing but a regulations spouting seagull manager who is more interested in getting a promotion than he is in making sure his subordinates are properly supplied and not put into situations...such as the last season's ending-that were unneeded.

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