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Once upon a time
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Once Upon a Time Spoilers: Contained Magic, A Mystery Man for Regina and More!

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After last week's epic premiere of Once Upon a Time Season 3, this ABC favorite takes viewers back to Neverland tonight. What's in store there for Snow, Charming, Emma, Gold, Regina and Hook as they try to rescue Henry from the evil Peter Pan?

TV Fanatic got a sneak peek at tonight's episode and - combined with being on the Vancouver set with cast members last week - thought we'd give you a few reason (11, to be exact) on why this installment is a must-watch. Consider yourself spoiler warned and scroll down for some major scoop...

Battle in Neverland
  1. Hook is somewhere in the middle of good and bad for the time being... but look for some interesting relationships to form, according to Colin O'Donaghue. "You've got the three bad guys and the three good guys and they're all sort of thrown in and they have to work together, so there's bound to be conflict and then sort of unlikely friendships. They'll be a couple of surprises in there, which I think people will be surprised with." Will his character back off from flirting with Emma? "I guess you'll just have to see, won't you?" he said with a Hook-like grin.
  2. Speaking of Emma, where is her heart since she's grieving Neal, who we know is very much alive? "She's extremely vulnerable this season," Morrison explained. "She IS human. She's definitely been through a lot." Does that mean she may say yes if Hook persists? Morrison didn't necessarily agree with that but did add: "I just know that she does not have her guard up the same way, partially because of Neverland and partially because of how much she's been through at this point. And also because she's desperately in love with her son and will do anything to get him back and to take care of him and protect him.
  3. We'll see that magic is not what we're used to now that we're in Neverland. "It's different than in Storybrooke in the second season," said Lana Parrilla. "It was just a little bit wonky and nothing quite worked the way she had hoped. In Neverland, it's more like she's being contained. Like her magic's being contained and she's been forbidden to use it. That's because when we use magic, it alerts Pan and the Lost Boys where we are."
  4. But good news for those wanting Regina to get a little love in her life. Parrilla teased there is romance coming and while she wouldn't give up too many details, she did reveal "there is something coming up...I will say, Regina has not met him. But maybe the audience has." (Who do you think this mystery love could be?!?)
  5. Watch for Henry to be even more independent as he's separated from his family while held captive by the Lost Boys. Will his usual undying belief hold up? "His belief will change," Jared Gilmore teased. "He believed in Emma and her being the savior. And then the second season, he believed about Fairytales and in his family and friends. Now, he doesn't have anyone to believe in." Perhaps he'll find some unlikely alliances in Neverland?
  6. A Neal/Mulan coupling? Don't count on it, but James does get why the two might get along. "I think they're similar," he said. "They're a bit of kindred spirits in terms of being on the outside a little bit, you know? So yeah, I certainly think there's a bond." And while Neal has some skills of his own in defending himself, he may get some help. "[Mulan's] got impressive skills as a warrior that can come in handy," he added with a smile.
  7. Snow may be getting shut down by Emma in terms of being a mom, but Ginnifer Goodwin said Snow isn't about to give up gaining her grown daughter's affection. "She's having to learn to compromise in that way this season," the actress told us. "And not give Emma her space necessarily and let it be but reconfigure in Snow's mind what it is that she needs to do to earn Emma's love because it's not going to be nearly as easy as apologizing profusely."
  8. Neverland is going to messy with everyone, says Josh Dallas. The actor said the island is "about belief and it's about believing in who you are and who you are at the core." While Pan is an obstacle, he said, so is each of our Storyland characters. "It's about believing in who you are and then keeping who you are and compromising as a group in order to get this done. I guess you can say Pan does prey on that, but in Neverland, Neverland is Pan." Also watch for Snow and Charming to go through some challenges that are too spoilery to talk about at the moment. (Check here Monday for a post-episode interview with Dallas.)
  9. Parrilla explained that the Regina/Emma dynamic is definitely different this season and [gasp] there may be signs of a truce in one major regard. "They start to talk about themselves as the mothers of Henry," Parrilla said. "I found that to be quite refreshing. Especially for the first two seasons, all I kept saying was, 'He's my son. He's my son. He's my son.' And this year, 'he's our son and we have to save our son.' I like that. I like that they're coming together."
  10. Nobody is happier about the Rumpbelle pairing than Emilie de Ravin. When asked why she thinks it works, the actress said: "I think the dynamic just clicked. It’s not about age or looks or the situation being so weird. Basically, he’s awful to her at times and she’s such a strong person that she can see through that, as well." And while it may be awhile before we're back in Storybrooke, [SPOILER ALERT] don't be surprised if you get a little dose of Rumpbelle sooner rather than later.
  11. Back to the Future?! Not exactly but Goodwin shared her excitement in getting dynamics with the core characters that harken back to the Once pilot. "We're back to that story, really," she gushed. "Having all these characters stuck in a place together where they have to check their egos...they're all realizing they have to check their egos." She said the common goal of saving Henry drives much of this as "they're going to have to put all the conflict between them on the backburner, and it's really exciting to explore their new relationships that involve team work."

Jim Halterman is the West Coast Editor of TV Fanatic and the owner of JimHalterman.com. Follow him on Twitter.

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Kitanishi h mcdonald

Snowing troubles are quite obvious. Both of them have VERY big secrets hidden from each other - charming still does not know about the truth of his mother's death and its quite clear that Charming also has secrets that will come out in FTL flashbacks. Add to that Snow's own doubts about morality and all that good and evil stuff and Charming almost "filleting the mermaid" in front of her and you have a recipe for disaster.


I'm guessing what is too spoilery for Snowing spoilers challenge wise for them is going to deal with fairytale land and him being injured(assuming he's the one that gets the injury), and maybe his secret which would be more of a challenge for him at the moments since he's the only one is going to know it at moment.


Snowing & CaptainSwan


And I think Emma might give in to Hook's charms soon =)


I think it might be Robin Hood for Regina. I'm a little sad Neal and Mulan won't be a thing but here's hoping. I feel so bad for Snow and Charming wanting to be parents. Breaks my heart when I remember they never got that chance


I agree with Lana so much about being happy that the Regina and Emma relationship is moving forward and they're finally getting to the point where Henry is "our son" and it's no longer one of them screaming "my son" at the other. It'll be good for them as seperate characters and for the show in the long-run if the writers let them move past that and reach a new understanding, maybe start working on something like a friendship between them. I'm so curious how Neverland is going to affect Henry. It's like he's been forced into one of the adventures he always dreamt about, but as always with dreams and fantasies really is often quite different often also a lot less pleasant... I think Regina's love interest will be Robin Hood and from what little we have seen of him so far I think it'll be a good fit. I'm super excited for this story!


Are we ever going to find out Mulan is really from OUR world? There's been quite a few things hidden that are leading to this-
*The Dragon ending up in our China. Tamera said the portals have been opened many times before and this is the only way I figure he got here...and that someone must've taken her place.
*Claiming to not go through a portal, yet she doesn't think that an ordinary stick has magic...if she was REALLY from FTL, she'd know magic exists. If Neal remembered her movie, the only out of the ordinary things were the ancestral spirits and the dragon...because magic isn't commonplace in the real world.
*There has been ongoing debate about her real existence in the early AD centuries. It's hard to find solid evidence from so long ago. But there's a few provinces fighting claim to her. So yes, I do believe that there is basis to her existence, ergo, she is NOT from FTL and I hope this will be uncovered soon. Heck, it didn't take "Grimm" this long to explain why Ryan the intern was being focused on last season.


I think Robin Hood could be Regina's love interest I can understand Snow wanting be called Mum and be the Mum to Emma, but its hard for Emma to be daughter like, coz they both the same age and their relationship isnt like that


I love you Hook, and Colin is so fab I love the depth to his character so much is there, and the heartbreak he had and the loss that formed Hook, and now seeing him more now, there is so much there. I am all for Emma-Hook - Captain Swan

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