Person of Interest Review: Revolution

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Person of Interest really has the unique capability of turning a simple case of the week into something more integral to the overall series.

It could easily be the find and save the person format, cut and dry. And yet it finds ways to open up the larger possibilities, themes, characters and stories at the same time.

“Mors Praematura” was another example of the show’s ability to execute that fine line plan of serialized and procedural, allowing the characters to get involved (although, Fusco has felt more noticeably absent) and propelling multiple plots forward.

Root and Shaw

It is odd/interesting that the Machine would ultimately send two teams (Reese and Finch, Shaw and Root) into the same battle with different goals. Where Reese and Finch followed the regular task of saving the specific number, in this case, Tim Sloan, Root and Shaw were sent to rescue Tim’s brother and send him off to safety.

What is the Machine’s end game? The mysteriousness that surrounds this powerful technology combined with its “freedom” make it equally dangerous as it is helpful.

It is great to see Root as a character that follows the Machine’s will so obediently, rather than question it. I wasn’t quite prepared for her to team up with Shaw, but it was fun seeing Root provide all the info and watch Shaw use it to her advantage. But I’m still glad Shaw got to punch Root. That computer hacker is one crazy chick.

Root does think there’s some bigger plan, but what if her faith in the Machine were shattered? Finch’s remarks about Root perhaps being in the place where the Machine wanted her all along is an intriguing theory. But there’s no way she’ll stay in the cage reading books for long.

I’m glad that the privacy centered group, Vigilance, returned. They are like the anti-Wikileaks, and I’m curious as to how much damage they could do in starting their “revolution.” Clearly, with someone like Collier, kidnapping and murder are only just part of their master plan.

And with real life so focused on a digital age where information can be collected by the government and there is spying and watching, it makes it the perfect group to rise up on this type of show.

It also makes me wonder about where and what the enigmatic international group, Decima (the one’s trying to get to the Machine in “God Mode”) are up to.

Additionally, Elias has to be up to something, right?

And that’s the brilliant thing about this show, it’s ability to create these variety of forces, enemies, etc., but at the same time hasn’t allowed the series to get too muddled with everything.

While, I find the HR storyline to be a little tiring, it has created an interesting plot in Carter using her rookie partner Laskey as her inside man. It does remind me a bit of when Fusco used to work for HR and then for Reese. But with Laskey having to kill for HR, and at such an early start, I still have a bad feeling for his character.

But giving Carter something to do that doesn’t have to be saving the person of interest is great evolution not only for her character but another story still connected to the series’ universe.

Like usual, there was some entertaining action sequences, gun play, suspense and a little humor. The episode just gets on a roll and sucks you in.

Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 6 was a great follow up to last week’s Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 5 and another positive sign that the season is continuing its upswing rise.


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That was the best episode of the year. Shaw and Root are a great pairing the nonbeliever with the disconnected true believer. This notion plays as well with Finch and Root- faith in machinery vs. Faith. Finch's question to Root of why she is where she is , could be easily view as the great question of the religious who have a crisis. The flip side is that "She" is talking to Root, and in some ways giving better advice and intel than a mere number to Finch. I have no idea if this was meant to be a Philosophy 101 or not, but it does make the show quite enjoyable.

@ abpf

"The flip side is that "She" is talking to Root, and in some ways giving better advice and intel than a mere number to Finch." You have to remember that the info being supplied to Finch is restricted by his original cinstructions which said to only release the subject's SSN and no other info on why they were selected. The information being supplied to Root is based on the Machine selecting her as its asset and is aimed at it protecting its existence and independence. Two separate purposes/missions and thus two different types of data. While Root seems to be getting better intel/advice she is also unaware of its significance - Only that following the advice/intel will allow her to help protect the Machine (which as been her goal from day one).


I know what you mean. Although the forums I go on tend to hate on Shaw a lot more than Root. Some fans are just incredibly immature :(


I know what you mean. Although the forums I go on tend to hate on Shaw a lot more than Root. Some fans are just incredibly immature :(


Fusco is such a good character that I hope the producers use him. Fusco could do a lot, if Reese just ask for help.
For some reason, Reese seems to be indifferent to Fusco. In the last episode Reese tried to do it all alone. Fusco would be easy to take along one of the major arc
and they probably have something planned, otherwise Fusco had already been killed.


Fusco barely being around much anymore doesn't bother me much, there isn't really much that he can do at this point that the others can't do themselves. There isn't really much room for him in the storylines these days.


shaw and root in each others face after shaw woke up cuffed to the steering wheel - that was so dead sexy and threatening at the same time; excellent acting by the two ladies - they carried this scene so beautifully.
And the finale of shaw punching root made me stand and cheer - kudos to the Nolan brothers and the writers. And this was just one loop of the story.
I'm gonna go look for a building and open the Phoenix branch of the Church of the Holy Machine.


Fusco is back! 31 second!


Excellent writers, great episode - My favorite show on Network TV. Loved the convergence of kick butt skills on the Team's part.
Carter may have a new collaborator. That wasn't a good idea on HR's part to kill Lasky's family friend. HR has no heart.
I don't believe the machine is going to be too happy about not communicating with Root.


I don't think Laskey murdered the shop owner. I think he was already dead and in the trunk. Laskey's job was to bury him.

Sarah silva

You can count on the show to change it up and I always enjoy when they do. I liked Finch and Reese and then Root and Shaw working separately but in the end it was for the same Person of Interest.
Now that Finch has Root, I wonder how long she will be held captive (for lack of a better term) before she escapes, I would like to think that Finch is smart enough to make it impossible for her to leave but time will tell.
We got a couple minutes of Fusco and Carter was not involved with the gang this week but we did get to find out more about her partner, I really hope that now that his family friend was murdered by HR that he will finally be on Carter's side and take down HR with her!

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Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Energy and persistence conquer all things -- Benjamin Franklin.


Ms. Shaw may be violent and uncommunicative, but she is never tardy.