Pretty Little Liars Review: Ravenswood,The Prequel

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After the amazing Pretty Little Liars summer finale, viewers were expecting a lot from this year's Halloween special.

So don't you feel a bit cheated after that installment?

Hanna Marin for Halloween

"Grave New World" was a disappointing follow-up, spending more time setting up the mysterious new show Ravenswood than advancing the plot of Pretty Little Liars. Not to be rude, but if I wanted to watch Ravenswood, I'd tune in an hour later.

There's nothing wrong with a little exposition, but more than half the show was devoted to Miranda: her backstory, befriending Caleb and finding out that somehow dead people (like she and Caleb) are still walking around. Nice to meet you, Miranda, and good luck on Ravenswood. I'm sure there will be some crossover between the shows, especially with all that coming Haleb drama, but there was plenty we wanted to see and know in the Liars universe.

Compare this year's Halloween special to the last two and you'll definitely understand my frustration. "The First Secret" gave us some great background information coupled with a spooky story, while the Halloween train was definitely a wild ride with an shocking final surprise (which definitely needs to be re-examined).

What did we get this year?

The girls follow a secret passage and end up in a scary mansion chasing a recording of Ali's screams. Until the final act reveal of Alison, the night was shaping up to the biggest disappointment in Pretty Little Liars history.

Even still, Alison shows up and says very little. I'm assuming she doesn't know who was stalking and attempting to murder her; otherwise, it wouldn't make sense for her to not tell Aria that her boyfriend is bad news. Unless they are really going to string us along with this reveal. Instead of useful information, Alison only tells Hanna to remember what she said in the hospital.

Way back in season one, Ali told Hanna that all four girls knew what happened to her, they just didn't realize it. So... each girl either has some buried memories or they have small snippets of the whole that will tell them the truth. In any case, this information is pretty much useless, cryptic filler to entice us to tune for the winter premiere on January 7.

And, of course, I will.

Were you as disappointed by the Halloween special? Or did you find it just spooky enough for the holiday?


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pointless, shitty, badly written, bitching, clueless "review" finally caught up on the show and can finally start reading much more intelligently written reviews that actually make the slightest bit of sense later, moron ; )


beyond dumb review as usual


Also, what about A's secret HQ? Did everyone take a forget-me-not? Caleb took the bus just to go check it out, and then promptly forgot it.


I loved it. I had always known Ezra was A from the time that Jasons money was in the drawer and he made up that car sale story. When he showed up on the train last Halloween I was completely sure, so I am not surprised, but I love it now that everyone knows he is evil.


Bleh! Except for the set design, there was little to hold my interest. Ezra did not look like his teacher-self. The liars looked under-scared at some times and over-confident at others. Miranda's outfit did not match her personality; it was too Rosewoody. Ali's line, "Did you miss me?" was too playful, even for her, if the audience is supposed to believe that she has been in mortal peril all this time.


Ezra DEFINITELY is a twin! I think this whole time they were trying to throw us off with the twin story line for Allison and Courtney...they are making Ezra way too creepy way too fast. No way nice guy Ezra has turned into this psycho A that is so hell bent on finding Ali. When they find out Ezra's A it'll be a whole big betrayal thing, but then they'll realize he's the one with the twin who's been after Ali this whole time


TWO EZRA´S!!!!!!

@ annie

Oh shut up. Ezra is A. Enough said.


EZRA is so dangerous of course! if you see well, you will realize that ezra never showed the hand that spencer hurt before... ezra Ezra does not have a twin,Ezra is so evil,*sad*. and alison is so scare to him :)


I agree with most of the comments. It felt like I was watching an episode of Ravenswood featuring the cast of Pretty Little Liars as opposed to the other way around. I expected more from a Halloween episode because they've been pretty good in the past. The Ali reveal was even lackluster because we were pretty much told wait for the last five minutes, I would've been more shocked if she hadn't been alive at this point. For me, this was probably the worst episode in all four seasons. Just disappointed all around, especially after all the hype.

@ T

that's because you're a complete idiot X )


I can't really say the episode disappointed me because I had really low expectations going into it - that it would be all about Ravenswood and very little about PLL. I did watch Ravenswood too and it's nothing special.

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