Pretty Little Liars Review: Ravenswood,The Prequel

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After the amazing Pretty Little Liars summer finale, viewers were expecting a lot from this year's Halloween special.

So don't you feel a bit cheated after that installment?

Hanna Marin for Halloween

"Grave New World" was a disappointing follow-up, spending more time setting up the mysterious new show Ravenswood than advancing the plot of Pretty Little Liars. Not to be rude, but if I wanted to watch Ravenswood, I'd tune in an hour later.

There's nothing wrong with a little exposition, but more than half the show was devoted to Miranda: her backstory, befriending Caleb and finding out that somehow dead people (like she and Caleb) are still walking around. Nice to meet you, Miranda, and good luck on Ravenswood. I'm sure there will be some crossover between the shows, especially with all that coming Haleb drama, but there was plenty we wanted to see and know in the Liars universe.

Compare this year's Halloween special to the last two and you'll definitely understand my frustration. "The First Secret" gave us some great background information coupled with a spooky story, while the Halloween train was definitely a wild ride with an shocking final surprise (which definitely needs to be re-examined).

What did we get this year?

The girls follow a secret passage and end up in a scary mansion chasing a recording of Ali's screams. Until the final act reveal of Alison, the night was shaping up to the biggest disappointment in Pretty Little Liars history.

Even still, Alison shows up and says very little. I'm assuming she doesn't know who was stalking and attempting to murder her; otherwise, it wouldn't make sense for her to not tell Aria that her boyfriend is bad news. Unless they are really going to string us along with this reveal. Instead of useful information, Alison only tells Hanna to remember what she said in the hospital.

Way back in season one, Ali told Hanna that all four girls knew what happened to her, they just didn't realize it. So... each girl either has some buried memories or they have small snippets of the whole that will tell them the truth. In any case, this information is pretty much useless, cryptic filler to entice us to tune for the winter premiere on January 7.

And, of course, I will.

Were you as disappointed by the Halloween special? Or did you find it just spooky enough for the holiday?


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Yes I agree this episode had nothing really happen except for the Ali reveal..which was the BEST. But it just had a bunch of running around that didn't really make sense. To those saying there are 2 Ezra's, if you watch it again..when he's on the phone with Aria he has the costume on..he's just in the dark, maybe a shadow. You can tell by the sleeves. It's hard to see but he isn't in a different outfit. We were also supposed to get Spencer's secret..but I guess that will wait til Jan. We know she didn't have anything to do with hurting Ali..but maybe she's known that she was out there somewhere??


When Ezra called Aria he was in black, then two seconds later he was in a tan suit. Am i the only one who thinks he has a twin? It seemed as if there were definiely two of him.


totally failure
this was the worst episode ever i thought it will be very good you know wht i mean. but it had nothing special except ailson is alive. this episode was more liking for ranveswood introduction.
old Halloween episodes were good then this.
and Im hoping Ali/Sasha Pieterse will have a more prominent role now. It's about time!


Such a disappointment. Basically nothing happened until the final couple of minutes, and even then we pretty much already knew Alison was alive, and why did it end with Caleb and Miranda? We didn't even get an A tag! Before I watched the episode I was a bit skeptical about Ravenswood. I thought the premise was a bit ridiculous, but I decided I would watch the pilot and then make up my mind, but the PLL episode honestly put me off. It seemed so ridiculous and I was so annoyed that bloody Miranda took up at least half the episode, so I'm not even going to bother watching it now. That being said, I am really excited for the reason of season 4 because now that Ravenswood has its own show, I don't think it will need to be shown on PLL again, and we can focus on more important things like Alison, EzrA and hopefully Toby's dead mama storyline will be over. There are good times ahead!


I thought it was a really good episode but it spent way much time introducing us to ravenswood. When Spencer disappeared and came face to face with the masked guy and she fought him and cut his hand with the clippers I noticed that Ezra kept the same hand the masked guy was cut on hidden in his pocket the whole time like he was trying to hide a cut maybe. I think Ezra is A just because it would make the most since but I don't think the girls will find out for awhile because it gives us answers but still leaves some mystery and a lot of questions. I'm glad we finally got actually really see Ali. Caleb and Hannah made friends with Miranda really fast which felt weird to me because they just met and they were basically sharing their life story with each other acted sorta like they've know each other for years. Those 2 twins in the red coats were creepy I was with Hannah on that one. Can't wait till the show comes back again in January I want to know what's going to happen next.


I was annoyed about how much they were playing up Ravenswood. They focused on the wrong show. I understand that they were trying to make it creepy, but running around a spooky mansion seemed like I was watching a child's show. It wasn't eerie, it just didn't make any sense.
The main reason I watch this show is for Ezra. I was very excited about he being involved with A, even though I don't think he'll really be A. The hints were evasive enough where the writers could go either way with the storyline.
I don't know how I feel about Ali being alive. I liked the idea of she being part of the A team.


This episode was really boring too me just seemed like a lame plot device to promote ravenswood than anything i honestly cared more about hannah's breast falling out of her dress than anything else.


Im hoping Ali/Sasha Pieterse will have a more prominent role now. It's about time!


oh and why was janel parrish in the names of cast but never in the episode?


this ep sucked !!!! what a waste of half a hour watching the girls run around a hallways what a waste this was supposed to be the best halloween episode yet and it was crap sorry to say it said it had clues what one ?! it was a let down now i have to wait until january for the next part of season 4 marlene king what are you thinking!

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