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The episode creeped me out. Creepier than normal. Now that we know Ezra is A he just gets creepier and creepier. Hoping for a good season in January. They have to reveal Ezra is A, if they keep tip toeing around it and keep doing to A thing it's gonna get old really fast, if it hasn't already. I mean they can reveal it there's still a crap to of questions, why? How? Is Aria a part too? Etc.

By far best part was the quote
Spencer: I'm sure one of us knows how to change a tire
Emily: and you're both looking at me because I'm gay.


I definitely agree with you that this episode was such a tease. Like you, if I wanted to watch Ravenswood I would watch it I didn't need this episode to be wasted on shameless plugging of it. Also am I the only one who couldn't help but think "doesn't caleb have school he will need to go to.....?" Also feel like Hanna would never would tell Caleb to stay and help some random pretty girl. Not gonna lie though I got chills when Allison turned around lol. I knew it was coming but didn't matter I still loved that it was finally 100% revealed. Also loved that they haven't back pedaled on the Ezra reveal. Its about time the writers commit to something! I disagree though about whether or not Ali knows who is after her. I think that she knows but it is probably safer for both her and Aria if Aria doesn't know until Ali figures out what to do about it. Still made me super excited for the winter season though and to see how everything with Ezra and Ali unfolds.


I won't watch it this year.


I actually quite like this episode. I think Hanna outfit was the best. This episode had the right amount of creepiness to it. I am also liking the idea that Ezra is A but he do not look like the type that Alison will go for.

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