Revenge Review: Mercy Is For The Weak

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Is it just me or was tonight a really good night for Revenge? There were secrets and seductions and lovers quarreling. And those snakes Conrad and Victoria managed to weasel their way to the top of the Hamptons piles again.

How did they get there? Well, it certainly wasn't by playing nice. After all, "Mercy" is for the weak.

Victoria's Bold Move

When a takedown goes wrong on Revenge it goes really, really wrong. Emily went from being a confession away from having everything finished to Victoria and Conrad coming out on top again. In a matter of days, nearly all the work she's done has been undone. And now Aiden's gone rogue (again) and she only has a few weeks left to carry out her plan before Jack exposes her true identity to the world.

Let's start with the worst of the episode.

Way back in Revenge season 1, there was something about Daniel that made him seem like a plausible love interest for Emily. Now there's nothing about Emily and Daniel that makes me want them to end up together. 

He's so, so horrible. As Victoria and Conrad's only child together, the slick, conniving, rotten apple didn't fall far from the Grayson family tree. And he's turning into a bit of a mysogynist to boot!

He paid off and lied to the police to cover up Conrad's accident and he gave them Emily's story for Emily after she confirmed Conrad's version of events in the hospital because he couldn't trust her? Didn't think she'd tell the same story? She was a woman?

There's nothing at all redeeming about him anymore. 

Instead of letting his father take the fall and distancing himself from his parents, he decided to cover up the real reason for Father Paul's death in order to protect himself. He's just not smart enough for Emily. If he were smarter, he would've done something like she did to him. He would've used the accident to make himself relatable in order to sell more magazines.

Ugh. Daniel.

And now for all the best things about tonight.

Conrad knows he doesn't have Huntington's because shock of all shocks, the doctors did more tests after his accident. Finally, and thankfully, we can put that story to bed. Watching him crush the pills and reclaim his place at the head of the Grayson family was so classic Conrad. The man is a cock roach who will survive anything life throws at him.

Victoria's ascension to the art gallery ownership throne and using Patrick to do it was classic Victoria genius. Of course she had an end game. Victoria always has an end game. For a split second I thought she was going off the cuff in her demands that Sheila hand over the gallery, but then it clicked that Patrick's "grapevine" had been Victoria herself and the two were in cahoots to help Victoria break away from Conrad.

The misdirect at the art gallery was made possible by Nolan's solo trip to Florida to talk to Patrick's ex-wife.

After seeing Patrick shirtless at the club, Nolan decided to give computers a go again and gave us one of the best Revenge quotes of the night in the process. He discovered that Patrick was hiding a secret life, which left us to wonder if Patrick was a con man of some sort. As it turns out, well, he might be a con man. We don't know that yet.

What we do know is that Patrick is Nolan's new love interest.

And speaking of love interests, Emily's got a problem on her hands. Two problems. One for each hand.

Jack wants in on the revengenda. He wants to be part of the takedowns. He has every right as someone who has lost just as much as Emily, if not more, at the hands of the Graysons. But Emily wants to protect him from further loss. He needs to have deniability in the event this all goes south.

Aiden, however, out of jealousy after finding out that Jack knows Emily is Amanda, has gone rogue (again) and thrown Jack under the Grayson bus as the one who cut the brake lines on Conrad's car. Thanks, Aiden. Thanks a lot.

With moves like that, the writers are clearly painting Jack as the "love rhombus" victor by ruining Aiden as a possible love interest for Emily. Why would she want to be with someone who continually sabotages her plans because he thinks he knows better and/or is too jealous to think clearly? 

The answer? She wouldn't. And I can't blame her.

What did you think of "Mercy?" Are you shocked that Conrad seems to have gotten away with Father Paul's death? What did you think of Victoria and Patrick's scheme? Let's discuss Nolan and Patrick!


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Emily and Jack was always endgame so I don't know why people complaining. Aiden always did things for what he thinks is right. He never truly care for Emily. If this was season 1 then I would not like Jack but he has gotten better. I just love Nolan this episode.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Aiden keeps giving us new reasons to hate him every week. Writers certainly did their homework on how the fandom perceived him through S2 and are writing him exactly that way.


oh my, I didn't see coming Aiden's behaviour...come on dude, you'll loose Emily...what an idiot!!! I agree with you, Miranda, the writers are doing everything possible to get Aiden out of the race...what a poor job, though!


And let's not forget Jack's incoherent behavior... one minute, he threatens Emily to reveal her secret unless she ends her plan by the end of the summer, and the next, he decides he wants to be part of the plan. Then suddenly, he goes from being the most gullible man on Earth to being the smartest, and knows exactly where to take photos of the destroyed car in the junkyard. Seriously? Last but not least, this ridiculous turn of events where Emily, even though she gets on the scene first (and presumably calls 911 to report the accident, which would lead 911 to send ambulances, firefighters AND POLICE CARS) does not get interviewed by the police, and that her fiancé, who obviously has an interest in this story, gets to make a statement for her. Huh? More broadly, this garbage about randomly added characters who last a few episodes before disappearing shows the laziness of the writing team, who are incapable of writing a complex story and have absolutely no idea about where this series is headed. BARF.


Victoria's "ascension" to the art gallery ownership was not "classic Victoria"; it was a low-quality narrative shortcut, like there have been so many in this series. "Give me your art gallery or I will call the police because you sold a piece of art that my son placed in your possession." "Okay, okay, please don't call the police! Here is my gallery!" LOL And what is up with Nolan going all the way down to Florida to find out whether his love interest is gay??? And he simply locates the person he is looking for on a bench in the middle of a park, by using her photo? And offers her $20,000 in cash just so she can tell him her ex is gay? And let's not talk about Jack's incoherent behavior... one minute, he threatens Emily to reveal her secret unless she ends her plan by the end of the summer, and the next, he decides he wants to be part of the plan. Then suddenly, he goes from being the most gullible man on Earth to being the smartest, and knows exactly where to take photos of the destroyed car in the junkyard. Seriously?


Daniel may be cute, but he is too stupid to have ever been a love possibility for Emily. One of the only entertaining things about his presence has been watching the host of pathetic looks that she's given him over the seasons. lol In addition, he's an ingrate, an arrogant a-hole, is no better than his parents and is STILL living off his parents or their connections... even in his new job. A woman like Emily would never be with this loser seriously.


I don't know. Sometimes a traumatic event can be so severe that the only thing you have to cling on is childhood memories. I understand her feelings for Jack. Remember when she got out, he was the first person she went for? I think Emily is painfully messed up and her love for Jack makes a lot of sense to me.


I can't stand this show anymore and it's truly gone south Season 1 Daniel was a plausible option for Emily, they worked! Jack did not!
Now they've ruined him to make emo Jack look better Season 2 Aiden was a plausible option for Emily, they worked! Jack STILL did not!
Now they're trying to ruin him to make aggro Jack look better! Feelings you had when you were 8 years old =/= True Epic Love! This is getting beyond ridiculous!

Ronald simkins

Yess!!!! Nolan and Patrick. What more is there?

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