Scandal for Scandal? Fan Blogger Outed as ABC Staff Member

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There's a scandal for Scandal. The hit ABC drama boasts one of the most rabid fan bases around and it seems the onscreen drama might be spilling over into real life.

Scandal boasts an active and involved Twitter community and was the seventh most tweeted show in the first half of 2013. The series has long credited its success to this social media community.

One such member of that community was @Scandal411 and its corresponding fan blog, an account and site which both turn out to have been manned by ABC staff member Courtney Pajor.

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TheWrap reported that it has not one but two sources confirming Courtney Pajor's identity as the brains behind Scandal411, arguably one of the most trusted source for news and commentary about the series with 26,000 followers. 

Pajor, who is ABC's New York director of special sales, declined comment. The Twitter account, whose name changed to @GrantForPrez just as this story began to break, has since been deactivated. The blog associated with the account,, has been made private by its owner.

Many fans have felt that Pajor crossed the line with her tweets on more than one occasion, with comments ranging from calling fans "crazy" to going so far as to attack journalists who disagreed with her. When Kerry Washington was passed over for an Emmy for Best Actress in September, she tweeted "If cursing offends you I apologize in advance...block me if you'd like...F*** YOU ATAS!"

ABC appears to have had no knowledge regarding Pajor's actions and identity as the voice of Scandal411. The network has issued a statement saying that they "take these allegations very seriously" and are "investigating the situation and will handle accordingly."

While ABC investigates and handles the situation, the skeptics among us wonder if Pajor was a plant in the fandom designed to engage viewers and drum up Scandal's social media reputation by engaging with the show's stars and production members. 

So now it's your turn to sound off, TV Fanatics.

What do you think about the revelation that a network employee was responsible for what appeared to be one of Scandal's most dedicated fan sites? If ABC did know Pajor was behind the accounts, does it change your opinion about Scandal's social media reputation?

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Sounds like she had a personal axe to grind against Shonda Rhimes. Or maybe it's a race thing.


I became addicted to Scandal before it became a social media darling. Sooo...


At the beginning I thought scandal411 was affliated with ABC but since I a follower of her blog last season, her post etc indicated she did not work for ABC etc. I find it very odd that ABC did not know about this since the blogger posted some gifts she got from ABC (she must have given them a name and address to mail this out)and also she indicated she was invited to be part of the show when ABC featured some fans during an episode of scandal last season. She noted that she had declined invitation to appear on the show. Can't say one way or another but it would be disappointing if ABC knew about this from day one.


This was life imitating art last night's episode was someone jeopardizing their job and family by tweeting. This girl did the same thing she and even escalated to having a podcast where her voice could be recognized. She even bragged on her podcast people she worked with didn't know she was scandal411


I'm not shocked at all and it doesn't bother me. I loved her site.


It doesn't really bother me at all, in fact I am not at all shocked. I usually have the assumptions that successful fandom sites are usually a plant by the network or show itself. Sure, maybe she crossed a line in how she talked to people. But if ABC/Scandal knew about it, who knows what kind of freedom she was given.

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