Scandal Review: Red, Red Wine

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Scandal doesn't really ever disappoint, does it? Even in episodes that are a little slower than others and meant to deliver tons of background, the energy is high and the revelations are jaw-dropping. 

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" gave us a glimpse into the history between Eli and Olivia Pope and left Huck dangling over the edge of the cliff.

Repairing the Damage

Can you imagine finding out your father, whom you believe to be a curator for a museum - an academic - is really the head of a super top secret super-assassin training school? Putting the pieces of that together on your own after the ramblings of a maybe mentally ill homeless man you befriended in the subway rattles on about Wonderland and a paper company?

I guess we know where Olivia's gut comes into play. She knew something was off about what she was hearing and she pushed until she got the truth. That truth?

Eli Pope is a scary, scary dude.

The way he went from cheery to eerie at the dinner table with his "you don't ask me questions" bit was enough to make me feel like saying "yes, sir!" right here in my living room. The man just does not play around and will do whatever it takes to protect B613, no matter who he has to kill or what he has to do. 

Seeing Olivia's history with her dad was great because so much about Olivia Pope was explained tonight. 

He taught her to love red wine! Did he teach her to pair it with popcorn? 

Her dad has probably ruined every relationship she's ever had because no one is good enough for his daughter. He created a situation where Edison would have a car crash so that Olivia would break off their engagement. An engagement she only accepted in order to use Edison's position as leverage for getting Huck back from B613, but still. She could have been happy with him. Maybe. At the very least he current predicament might not be so...predicament-y.

Eli Pope loves his daughter. He released Jake for her in part because Fitz declared he'd had an affair with Jeannine but mostly because Olivia agreed to have dinner with him again. The little moment when Eli and Olivia were playing hardball on the phone and she offered dinners and he took it "under advisement"? The subtle change on Joe Morton's face was just enough to show that underneath that super-spy-assassin exterior, Eli Pope might be a human after all. 

It's not the first time he's traded with his daughter, and the revelation of their first trade will have repercussions for the foreseeable future. 

Huck knows that Olivia's father is "Command." Huck and Olivia's relationship has been one of the most honest and comfortable of the series so far. How does this revelation change things for the two of them? It'll be interesting to watch, that's for sure.

As will Quinn's continued downward spiral. 

She's sort of high on her own power right now. She knows she can do all of these things and so she wants to do them. She's like a toddler, really. And Huck is trying to corral her as best he can.

Huck: Quinn, I know I've taught you lots of things but you should try to be less like me. You should be less like me. And more like Liv. | permalink

But if Huck goes off the rails and Quinn goes off the rails, who will reign them both back in? Olivia?

She's got her hands a little bit full with Jake right now. And Fitz. And here's where things get super fun. 

Now we've got a definite love triangle on our hands. A bonafide love triangle. 

She loves Fitz. But she asked for Fitz' help securing Jake's return because she obviously cares for Jake, too.

She asked her lover for help retrieving her other lover from her super-spy father. The look on her face when she saw Jake outside her doorway was not the same look she's had when she's looked at Huck after a similar incident.

There was a different kind of love in her eyes when she looked at Jake. A lover's-love. And Fitz knows she slept with Jake and she asked Fitz for help with Jake and he lied TO THE WORLD for her to make it happen. But he loves her and she loves him. But Jake loves her and she obviously feels something for him.

So no, this isn't awkward at all. Nope. Not one bit. 

What did you think of "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?" Are you glad Jake's back? What do you think will happen now that Huck knows Command's identity? Check out our Scandal quotes page and add your own to the collection! 


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Daddy Pope kind of reminded me of Annie Walker from Covert Affairs, actually - Smithsonian cover job.


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Great episode. Wow. I didn't realize that Huck was unaware of Liv's dad. Definitely glad Jake's back.


Hoe come Flashback Olivia knows more about B-613 than Current Olivia?


Have to say that I keep getting blown off my seat every time I watch an episode. I love & hate that Fitz lied to get Jake back. He seems to be on his way to becoming as manipulative & cunning as Nellie & Cyrus if not more, and further away from the man Olivia fell in love with. With Jake back in the picture, I see her gravitating towards him and leaving Fitz behind. This lie is the first in the series of him 'loosing' his way/soul. Huck and Olivia's relationship will not recover for a long time and I expect a life-threatening super serious scandal to repair the damage. Olivia was the only person Huck trusted and let in his life and that trust is gone...and its a real shame because this spells the final unravelling of Huck sanity and mental health. I dislike the new Quinn. She didn't have to do what she did and she is becoming more evil by the day. this is more by choice than by circumstances. For others, its by circumstances so I see her going towards the dark side maybe even working for Olivia's dad. Eli Pope shares the devils bed chamber. By the time he is through showing his love to Olivia, she will wish he had thrown her into the hole. She will loose or just about loose everything and everyone before the bond is broken by one of them passing on.....Cant wait for the next episode!! Why do we have to wait?????

Drea xoxo

no problem with characters tbh just OMG moments!!!! liv knew the whole time!!! and never told huck!! i always wondered why eli never came after him.......
just want huck to understand what liv did for him to survive and hope to make it up to him she finds his family..... there was a reason we was showed them,.....
jake being back im here for it, hi scott long time honey =] ahh scandal forever consistent i love it! now for harrison story to be revealed and all happy here from a humble uk sofa


Blackmail should've been the title of the show. It was the constant theme of this episode. C'mon Janine I know Mellie is a hard ball but 2 million? You'd have asked for more. I don't like Quinn's character she was meek and now she is too bold. She needs to find a happy medium btwn meek & bold then maybe her character will be more likeable. I am L-o-v-i-n-g the new ballzy Fitz!!! Jake coming back will provide for a good love triangle but I more excited about revealing of operation ?Remington and how it will play out. I got teary eyed when Huck lost it and attacked Olivia. This is one of the relationship that is pure and now this!! I will say it again Jeff should have won and has to win was emmy for Cyrus character. It looooong overdue.


I love the new Quinn, she's great, I want to see her do more super-spy-assassin stuff even if she's still on the learning curve. I'm over ecstatic to see Jack back, he 's the man, I love him...I mean it, I really do...He's gorgeous, strong and also, well... gorgeaous!!! Love the relationship between Olivia and Eli and I really hope this will be developped further during the season, and I want to see these Sunday dinners Shonda!!! The more I see this show, the more I love it!!! And Mellie, thank you for being your usual bitchself and for never gving up on your dark agendas, that's what makes this show so exciting and so fun to watch, everybody is so determined to have it thier own way!!! Love u Scandal!!!!


I don't like the new Quinn. When Huck told her to be more like Liv - she still missed the mark. Liv's life is messy, however she attempts to assist others - Quinn was just being overly curious about the relationship between Liv & her dad. Now, I dread to think what Huck is going to do with his newfound information about Eli Pope.
Yes, sirree - we do have a love triangle - Life is going to get more interesting on Scandal.
And, Mellie gets her way. The President claimed a false affair with Janine and not Olivia Pope.

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Fitz: Somewhere, in another life, another reality, we are married and we have four kids, and we live in Vermont, and I'm the mayor--
Olivia: And I make jam.
Fitz: And you make jam.

Fitz: Something happens and you're the one I want to talk to.
Olivia: You don't want to talk to me.
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